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David Earl Williams III
David Earl Williams III Author Interview

Valor Tale continues to follow the Aurora Blade as they face a crime syndicate and mutant byproducts while they try to prevent the collection of SKT virus vials. What were some new ideas you wanted to explore in this book that was difference from book one?

I found In the first book, a lot of people liked the two minor protagonists of the Aurora Blade gang, Lynch and Paca who are inspired from FF7s Jessie and a combination of Wedge and Biggs.

Their love for one another was captivating and was purposely given a little more detail than the relationship between Dew and Rena who have this student mentor relationship but that evolves in book 2 fleshing it out. I was even considering having one of the main characters killed off at the end of the book, but that’s been overdone in media and been used as motivation for the heroes to take down the big bad. So I decided to go with another ending leaving a cliff hanger which many did not see coming.

The themes of war, friendship, diversity, and spirituality is pretty prevalent throughout the book as well.

What I have never seen done in LITRPG or most video games was having an Atheist leaning character in a party questioning respectfully the faith of another party member. Usually this doesn’t happen. They usually all believe in some higher power or the conversation ever comes up.

And how I was able to handle the LGBTQ characters in my story. They exist in real life, and are people like you and I. People really loved how I handle that. It all felt organic- not rushed or thrown together.

I particularly gave a lot of attention to detail when it came to building the religious and political lore of the series. When you take your time with a story it really shows.

What were some obstacles in the story that you felt were important to defining Dew Wilder’s character?

Since that character is based off of me, it just flowed flawlessly when writing his dialogue, thoughts and actions.

What has been the most surprising reader reaction you’ve received for your Valor Tale series?

How genuine each of the main protagonists interactions with one another felt. Their strong backstories and personalities equally shined, even for the main villain who doesn’t appear much in the story but he left an impressionable mark. I’m glad that the main villain wasn’t perceived as typical archetype bad guy or plain in the readers eyes.

What can readers expect in book three of your Valor Tale series?

To make it a epic finale for the series. A lot of loose ends will be taken care of story wise. Maybe I’ll write another one when book 3 is done. 🙂 But I’m definitely proud of the second book. It’s my favorite out of the two so far.

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The adventure continues! With the liberation of the Helix capital, Dew Wilder and friends begin pursuing the enigmatic Thornton across the countryside of Mesovilla, trying to prevent him from acquiring the remaining three SKT virus vials and uncovering his other motives. Many more challenges await the heroes as they face opposition from an unyielding crime syndicate and various hostile mutant byproducts. Along the journey, they learn more about the SKT viruses’ origins and the history of Mesovilla.

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