The Whole Dollar

When two brothers are also best friends, they share everything. From sharing a room to toys, and even food, Big Brother and Little Brother shared all they had with each other. One day Big Brother wants to do a chore to earn a dollar, his mom asked him to rake the leaves, and he did. When he was done, she gave him a dollar bill. Wanting to share like always, Big Brother ripped the bill in two and gave half to Little Brother. Mom said she would put the two halves somewhere safe for the boys. Years later, as the boys grew older, they stayed just as close and shared everything still. Till one day, Little Brother must head off alone to join the Army. Mom has a surprise for the boys before they say their goodbyes.

The Whole Dollar is a beautiful children’s story about brotherly love, compassion, friendship, and mostly about sharing. Lori Croy has written this picture book using her own sons as the inspiration for the story. You can’t help but smile as you read through this heartwarming story because the love these two brothers share is immeasurable.

The language is geared to lower elementary level children and the illustrations are animated and colorful. Illustrator Katelynn Hoefelman has deftly captured the emotions of the brothers. Their personalities shine through in the images as they grow in the story. This creative story shows that even as they grow older, the things they share change, but the love they have for each other does not. Children will be able to understand the message that Croy is presenting while being entertained as well.

The Whole Dollar is a memorable picture book for younger children. The playful storyline and the message of sharing make this phenomenal children’s book ideal for use in the classroom. Showing the bond between brothers and the importance of family values will delight parents and caregivers of all children.

Pages: 28 | ISBN : 1667826190

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