The DAP Strategy

Author Raj Sundarason offers readers solid advice on how to run a business or organization; especially in the digital age. The author comprehensively covers various aspects of business, that include marketing, making profits, dealing with losses, branding, leaving a digital footprint, and overcoming challenges while in the industry. The DAP Strategy: A New Way of Working to De-Risk & Accelerate Your Digital Transformation is primarily about Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), and how one can capitalize on the digitization of everything. The author is thorough in the topics that he covers and also engaging. Reading Raj Sundarason’s book will motivate you to think about your business on a global scale. The author gives crucial tips on the management of enterprises and how one can build an empire.

One thing every reader will appreciate about Raj Sundarason is how he personifies almost everything. Raj Sundarason makes his discussions relatable by personifying his experiences and business situations.  When he talks about his milestones, one can feel how passionate he is about the work he has done. I love this about the author as it gives one the incentive to keep pushing. The DAP Strategy was an easy read thanks to the author’s moving tone and friendly language.

There are tons of lessons that one will draw from the book. Some of the chapters that were my favorite touched on topics like marketing, networking, digital branding, entrepreneurship, and strategizing. Raj Sundarason discussed relevant topics that would help one climb the career ladder or grow their business. His modest way of highlighting his wins and gracious tone he applies when sharing the knowledge he has acquired was impressive.

In The DAP Strategy, you do not just learn about Digital Adoption Platform. You learn about taking risks, preparing for incoming risks, and solving business issues in a professional manner. The objectivity displayed by the author even when he is talking about personal experiences is commendable. The content in this book is relevant today and can be used as reference material for professionals in different industries. I appreciate the author for his modesty when talking about business and for discussing both his highs and lows while working.

The DAP Strategy: A New Way of Working to De-Risk & Accelerate Your Digital Transformation is a refreshing look at the technology industry and how it impacts and interacts with the business world. This eye-opening book will have readers reevaluating how they run their organizations and will better prepare them for the future of technology.

Pages: 191 | ASIN: B09G3KRVWN

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