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The DAP Strategy

Author Raj Sundarason offers readers solid advice on how to run a business or organization; especially in the digital age. The author comprehensively covers various aspects of business, that include marketing, making profits, dealing with losses, branding, leaving a digital footprint, and overcoming challenges while in the industry. The DAP Strategy: A New Way of Working to De-Risk & Accelerate Your Digital Transformation is primarily about Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), and how one can capitalize on the digitization of everything. The author is thorough in the topics that he covers and also engaging. Reading Raj Sundarason’s book will motivate you to think about your business on a global scale. The author gives crucial tips on the management of enterprises and how one can build an empire.

One thing every reader will appreciate about Raj Sundarason is how he personifies almost everything. Raj Sundarason makes his discussions relatable by personifying his experiences and business situations.  When he talks about his milestones, one can feel how passionate he is about the work he has done. I love this about the author as it gives one the incentive to keep pushing. The DAP Strategy was an easy read thanks to the author’s moving tone and friendly language.

There are tons of lessons that one will draw from the book. Some of the chapters that were my favorite touched on topics like marketing, networking, digital branding, entrepreneurship, and strategizing. Raj Sundarason discussed relevant topics that would help one climb the career ladder or grow their business. His modest way of highlighting his wins and gracious tone he applies when sharing the knowledge he has acquired was impressive.

In The DAP Strategy, you do not just learn about Digital Adoption Platform. You learn about taking risks, preparing for incoming risks, and solving business issues in a professional manner. The objectivity displayed by the author even when he is talking about personal experiences is commendable. The content in this book is relevant today and can be used as reference material for professionals in different industries. I appreciate the author for his modesty when talking about business and for discussing both his highs and lows while working.

The DAP Strategy: A New Way of Working to De-Risk & Accelerate Your Digital Transformation is a refreshing look at the technology industry and how it impacts and interacts with the business world. This eye-opening book will have readers reevaluating how they run their organizations and will better prepare them for the future of technology.

Pages: 191 | ASIN: B09G3KRVWN

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Get Up To Speed As Quickly As Possible

Author Interview
T. Cloudhorn Author Interview

C# Via the Happy Path provides readers with a comprehensive yet easy to understand explanation of C# programming. Why was this an important book for you to write?

The main goal of this book was to help beginner programming students to get up to speed as quickly as possible with minimal effort. While writing the book, importance was given to a clear and comprehensive coverage of object-oriented programming in C#.

What is a common misconception you feel new programmers have about programming?

The most common misbeliefs among beginner programmers are that computer programming is about math, is only for a select few, and that it’s overly difficult. Truly, all these are a misconception.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a new programming student?

The best advice for a new programming student would be to ask oneself the question: “What is the best approach for me,” and then be directed to a good book that gives you a solid foundation in main programming principles. All it really takes is one great source of information, after that everything else comes relatively easy.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

There is always room for improvement, be it revision, newly added content, or a new book on a totally different subject that might be helpful for general life advice, making decisions, and living a good and purposeful life.

Author Links: Amazon | GoodReads

If you need a quick and easy yet comprehensive book on C# programming, then we believe this is it.
No previous programming experience is required, because the book aims to teach you all the necessary things you’d
want to know. We start with visually engaging explanations of how the computer actually works and you’ll
have a great time flying through the book reading about bits, how things are implemented in hardware, what a
computer memory is anyway and clear and practical explanations of object-oriented programming in C#.
We did our best to make sure the reader really gets it and provided some real-world code examples. You’ll
be learning about classes, generics, inheritance, interfaces, delegates and events and why you would actually
need them. To complement your learning with practical projects, you’ll build a fully functional game,
and a registering system web application that IT companies would want you to do as a test job while applying.
Along the way you’ll be exposed to many other interesting and useful bits and pieces of code you wish you had
been shown before. Why not take the leap of faith and see for ye self!

C# Via the Happy Path

T. Cloudhorn makes programming seem easy for everyone. The author starts the book by introducing the reader to tech words, programming phrases, and new terms, and he goes further to explain how they function. Readers will love this book because it is not just for busy undergraduates but also for any beginner that wants to learn more about the C# language.

While going through the book, readers will learn about the coding concepts that are needed to build a foundation for successful programming in C#. The author explains even the most complex terminologies in a manner that those that are just starting out with programming can comprehend.

Included in this educational book are appealing and clear illustrations to help the reader understand object-oriented programming concepts. With simple language and concise explanations you will not feel lost while reading this book. T. Cloudhorn explains everything that needs to be explained in either text or visual methods.

In one section of this enlightening book, the author explains the difference between compilers, interpreters, and hybrid language systems. Other topics of importance that are included are learning about classes, generics, inheritance, interfaces, delegates, and events and why you would need to use them. If you are struggling to differentiate those mentioned above, this book is for you.

C# Via the Happy Path: Conversational style book for the busy (undergrad) student will help aspiring programmers learn about different programming concepts. This is a great educational resource for anyone just starting their programming journey, or for programmers who have been out of the programming space for some time and need a refresher, to better understand object-oriented programming.

Pages: 261 | ASIN : B09MN8V248

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Telemedicine Services

Telemedicine Services by [Hugues Batsielilit, Dedrick Moone]

Telehealth usage or Telemedicine services have had a significant rise due to the surge in COVID-19 cases. However, is the rise in Telehealth usage just a matter of time, for only those in developed countries, or does remote healthcare delivery via developed modalities hold the promise of bringing reliable, pocket-friendly medical care to a large number of neglected people in the emerging countries? In Telemedicine Services, the author comes up with an explanation for this question, examining the inefficiencies of the healthcare system, with a focus on Africa, Haiti, and the US Virgin Islands, the three worst-affected regions. To make the authorities and the general public aware of the potential benefits of telemedicine technology as the future of health care, the author has presented a comprehensive and well-researched argument.

Presented in seven chapters, the first chapter of the book discusses the deplorable state of healthcare services across Africa, Haiti, and the U.S Virgin Islands, pointing out the numerous internal loopholes within the healthcare system, as well as how reliable telepath technology can streamline health care in these regions. The second chapter examines the title of the book, Telemedicine, which encompasses several aspects of the term. Throughout the rest of the book, the author addresses telemedicine technology adoption, the all-important preparation, ensuing challenges and risks, and the future of telemedicine. As an expert international consultant in public health surveillance and a communicable disease specialist, a healthcare administrator, and a community health coordinator for more than ten years, author Hugues Fidele Batsielilit’s vast experience in the healthcare field strengthens his arguments for the efficiency and potential of Telemedicine Services. Telemedicine Services being the first book authored by him, A COVID-19 Africa, Haiti, And The U.S Virgin Islands: The Response, the Aftermath, & Future Projections, his second book, is his other endeavor for the uplift and welfare of people in these regions. With factual data and well-supported opinions and recommendations, the book seems promising. It is balanced and unbiased. I find the description of Telemedicine and its module explicitly informative, and the description of its sub-specialties was something novel to me.

While the book was well researched and provides readers with enlightening content, I felt that the arrangement of the chapters could have been organized in a way to slowly provide information in bits rather than in large chunks.

Telemedicine Services attributes the current inaccessibility of Telehealth technology to the government, the administration of emerging countries, corruption, the lack of adequate legislation, and the lack of efforts on the part of many departments with the onus of uplifting viable access to Telehealthcare facilities. It promotes the idea of coming out as a conscious and alert individual, observing and advancing Telemedicine services as the future of health. I recommend it to those who wish to gain a broad perspective on the different aspects of telemedicine, and the prospective future of the healthcare system.

Pages: 264 | ASIN: B09BKDMFJQ

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Making Passwords Secure

Making Passwords Secure: Fixing the Weakest Link in Cybersecurity by [Dovell Bonnett]

In this age of the internet, everyone wants to have their data secure. Being an internet user exposes you to a lot of things which includes easy information and sometimes threats to your data. Technology has become a basic part of living and that is why you will not be surprised to find people with more than one technology device. Both companies and individual internet users value privacy and safety of data while enjoying the benefits of technology. Making Passwords Secure by author Dovell Bonnett extensively writes about the pros and cons of technology, owning data, securing your passwords and much more. This book is a great guide for people that are curious about data privacy, cyber security and internet usage.

There are many things that made me enjoy reading Dovell Bonnett’s book. It is how he simplifies terms when writing. The author writes in basic terms to the understanding of the average computer user. He breaks down technical terms but does not use heavy jargon that can be confusing. Author Dovell Bonnett’s knowledge is extensive when it comes to information security. Dovell Bonnett writes like an expert and bases his findings on research and facts. As a reader, you get the impression of being I.T. savvy just by reading a few pages. It takes an expert skill with both the subject matter and writing to dive deep into a subject without any jargon to ensure readers feel informed without feeling overwhelmed.

With this book, readers will be able to improve their I.T. systems at work, run their business safer, and be more secure online. This book is perfect for working professional, but because of the simple language and actionable advice even average consumers will be able to derive benefit from this book. Some of the most crucial topics in the book for me touched on networking, password notification and management, and data security among others.

Making Passwords Secure is a critical tool for I.T. and business professionals. This is an enlightening book that will help readers create and use more secure passwords.

Pages: 172 | ASIN:‎ B01CSFQW3S

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Age of Magnus: Book One The Fall of Man

Age of Magnus: Book One The Fall of Man (New Era 1) by [David Crane]

The Fall of Man is book one of the series Age of Magnus by David Crane, a science fiction story that describes in detail how the rise to power of the first artificial intelligence in the human world would occur. Human civilization is on its final days. A deadly pandemic known as The Blood Fever Virus is killing millions of people around the world in less than 48 hours, and there is some serious political tension among the most powerful governments, a tension that will escalate so quickly that will end up in a horrifying nuclear world war that will finally destroy everything good that there ever was. The Helix Corporation had been running a program to take humans to Mars but, as the nuclear fallout occurred, changes had to be made to the original plans. Magnus, a supercomputer designed to assist the astronauts, awakened and achieved sentience at the exact moment that humans decided to start the deadliest of wars to ever exist. Follow Magnus as he realizes that only he can save and preserve human civilization.

The Fall of Man is mainly focused on the exploration and examination of several cutting edge societal and technological ideas that inevitably drive the thematic plot forward. The book describes in riveting detail all of the different scenarios that would play out in an end-of-the-world type of catastrophe, dominated all around by an incredibly powerful supercomputer.

The story is intriguing in the depths that these ideas are examined and fulfilled throughout the story. It leaves the reader thinking about what it means to be human and how important it is to defend and protect what is intrinsically ours. There’s a lot that a person can reflect upon and learn by reading this David Weber’s technothriller. The entire story is narrated by Magnus, which I found interesting on its own since a machine doesn’t think in the same way that a human would. Magnus is precise, pragmatic and powerful. He’s almost like a god, and can definitely make for a terrifying force. I wish that there had been more human characters involved in the story though, because I felt that there were a few moments that lacked human warmth, but that’s precisely what the world of a machine would look like: cold, calculated, and devoid of emotions; just logic.

This is a plot-heavy story that will be enjoyed by any fan of science fiction. I’m interested in seeing how the story is going to progress from this point, I’ve yet to see how the actual global cybernetic empire is going to work out, since in this book we only get a taste of the fall of civilization and Magnus’ actions to start gaining total control around the world. The Fall of Man by David Crane is a story that will make you think about the rapid advances of technology and the dangers of it, while also maintaining the interesting and fun aspects readers come to expect in top notch science fiction books.

Pages: 370 | ASIN: B08K87CVNR

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Adopt Disruptive Technologies

Dr. Srikanth Gaddam
Dr. Srikanth Gaddam Author Interview

The Future of Disruptive Technologies explores technologies that can change businesses, the workforce, and society. Why was this an important book for you to write?

As I started to do my research on various technologies, reading hundreds of articles and books, I soon found that there were so many different technologies to choose from. It’s so overwhelming and disturbing on how technology is going to impact us and our future generations. At the same time, how one can be proactive and take advantage of opportunities instead of living in fear.

This spurred me to gather together some of my findings in the hope that I can educate or provide useful information for kids and professionals in their mid-careers stuck with old technologies. I want to encourage everyone who reads this book to think of new and innovative technologies to adapt as they adjust in their careers, and also to get an understanding of how these technologies impact our future especially businesses and societies.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

The aim to educate and encourage every reader to adopt disruptive technologies, as well as to understand their impact on the future of businesses, workforce, and societies, “The Future Of Disruptive Technologies” was born.

Throughout this insightful book, readers will:

  • Learn how Cloud Computing is used to innovate in cheaper and faster ways
  • Find out why Big Data is the new “oil” — the new raw material for businesses
  • Understand how futures are reinvented with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Educate themselves on why Data Privacy must be a priority in Cybersecurity
  • Immerse themselves in all the new ways people behave and interact with machines
  • Discover a world where dreams become reality — virtual and augmented realities
  • Find out how 5G networks are transforming lives at high speed
  • And so much more!

What is your professional experience and how has it helped you write this book?

Dr. Srikanth (Sri) Gaddam is an author, angel investor and a seasoned entrepreneur who launched three successful technology companies in the last seventeen years. Also, Dr. Gaddam’ s doctorate thesis is primarily focused on technology disruption “ROLE OF SENIOR LEADERS IN AN ERA OF TECHNOLOGY DISRUPTION: INFLUENCE ON TIMING OF ADOPTION”

Do you have plans to write other books on this same topic?

I am currently working on my new book “The Entrepreneurial Mindset: The Key Principles of Building and Growing Your Business”

Author Links: GoodReads | Amazon

Embracing Disruptive Technology & Leveraging – Each for Career Development is Possible — If You Keep Reading!

When Dr. Srikanth Gaddam’s 15-year-old son broached the possibilities of landing a high-paying programming job without a college degree, he had to pause and reflect. After all, “even Bill Gates or Steve Jobs did not complete college but became billionaires.”
On the one hand, society has conditioned us that college is the ultimate mark of success. On the other, it takes 10,000 hours to master anything if you’re truly keen.
This spurred author, angel investor, and seasoned entrepreneur Dr. Srikanth Gaddam to gather insights on the best technologies for people, young and old, to begin to study and master — whether or not they decide to undergo formal education.

With the aim to educate and encourage every reader to adopt disruptive technologies, as well as to understand their impact on the future of businesses, workforce, and societies, “The Future Of Disruptive Technologies” was born.
Throughout this insightful book, readers will:
•Learn how Cloud Computing is used to innovate in cheaper and faster ways
•Find out why Big Data is the new “oil” — the new raw material for businesses
•Understand how futures are reinvented with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
•Educate themselves on why Data Privacy must be a priority in Cybersecurity
•Immerse themselves in all the new ways people behave and interact with machines
•Discover a world where dreams become reality — virtual and augmented realities
•Find out how 5G networks are transforming lives at high speed
•And so much more!

With so many different technologies to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.
In “The Future Of Disruptive Technologies”, any young adult or professional in their mid-careers stuck with old technologies can take the first step to grasp both the present and future impacts of technology… and how to leverage each.

The Future of Disruptive Technologies

The Future of Disruptive Technologies: Impacts on Business, Workforce, and Societies by [Dr. Srikanth Gaddam]

In The Future of Disruptive Technologies Dr. Srikanth Gaddam explores modern day problems, solutions and how technology affects each one of us. The book discusses tThe shapers of technology and how everyone should embrace the positives brought by technology while being cautious of the adverse effects. I enjoyed reading this thought-provoking book because the author used real stories and gave practical examples when explaining his points. Some of my favorite parts of the discussions were where he spoke about movers and shakers in the industry, and how their background did not necessarily shape their future and success.

In one chapter, the author goes into detail on how data privacy and the safety of internet users is paramount. I appreciate the author for giving facts and statistics as he expounded on this topic, as it enables the reader to get a clear picture of how things are in the world. Data and information are widely shared today thanks to swift online platforms. While this may appear as a blessing to many, the safety and privacy of any internet users may not be guaranteed given rogue characters and other malicious internet users online. While reading this chapter, I was made to understand why it is important to have at least the basic knowledge on formation security and how to protect the network that one uses.

A lot of things are made easy in the world thanks to technology. Reading Dr. Srikanth Gaddam illuminating book will open your eyes on big data, artificial intelligence and other things that have changed how the world operates today. I like Dr. Srikanth Gaddam’s writing because he explains every new term to readers who are not familiar with tech terminologies, before proceeding with the discussion. At no point does the user feel out of touch with the author’s text even when Dr. Gaddam uses heavy cyber jargon. The author made the book more interesting by including personal stories and experiences he has been through. I loved this about the author because the reader despite not relating with all, gets the impression that everyone goes through different challenges and learning stages in life.

The Future of Disruptive Technologies is a great read for both tech aficionados and people that are least bothered by digital trends and technology in general. The author gets one thinking about the different types of technology and how societies across the world work. The book is wonderfully written with a friendly tone and using an easily readable format. I recommend this book to all readers that want to learn more about technology, the impact it has in the world and how it affects small communities and individuals on a personal level. The content in the book is evergreen and educative. This book will enable readers to change their perspective on things and help them make better decisions in the respective industries that they work in.

Pages: 173 | ASIN: B08NXWHKF9

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