The Wild Waves

The Wild Waves is a short picture book whose protagonist is Otto, a young boy who goes on a boating trip with his family during rough weather. Otto is taken aback by the loud motor roaring, the boat’s erratic movements, and the sheer size of the sea waves that crash against it. On the other hand, his family is having a terrific time encouraging the father to go faster and faster. Finally, they arrive at the island, and the rest of the family enjoys the peace and quiet of an island picnic after the exciting journey.

Completely scared off by the experience, Otto decides not to sail again. His Grandfather visits the following days, and they talk about the trip. Together they develop a system for Otto to tell him when he wants to go faster or slower on a carousel. Grandpa then suggests that Otto go out on his boat and use the system they just created to make sure Otto is comfortable.

Author Tuula Pere and illustrator Catty Flores’ encouraging book is about overcoming fears and respecting other people’s boundaries. The protagonist, Otto, had a poor experience sailing because his father was steering the boat at high speeds as they sailed through a storm. His fears, disregarded by his parents and sister, continued to grow and prompted him to avoid any future trips sailing. His Grandfather, however, listens to his fears and comes up with a plan to help him come to terms with his fear in a way that he feels safe and heard.

His compromise with his Grandfather, who volunteers to take him on a more tranquil trip, is a prime example of how consent from all involved parties is fundamental in any shared experience. This is a moral that any child should take with them.

The Wild Waves is a heartwarming picture book about overcoming fears, respecting boundaries, and problem-solving. Teachers and caregivers can use this to help younger children learn that it is ok to be afraid and give them steps to learn how to overcome fears.

Pages: 32 | ISBN : 9523573047

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