The desire to achieve integrative success in life is frequently undercut by self-doubt in one’s potential. But what if everyone has a natural talent for success but is unsure how to achieve it? Keeping this in mind, author Nate Thurgood’s REACH system is a comprehensive and organized framework to awaken and actualize potential within.

The writing and inspiration for REACH resulted during the author’s midlife crisis. Surrounded by uncertainty, an ordinary commute to work and a podcast led the author to months of self-reflection, reflective thoughts, and a concept, which resulted in REACH: Maximize Your Potential and Live Your Best Life. The self-help book offers an individualistic and customized approach compatible with where people are in life. It provides the framework for development across a set of ‘five focus areas,’ whose fulfillment is conducive to attaining real-life value. It assists readers in establishing and pursuing their “Core Vision,” or life’s desires, in the five focus areas of life: Relationships, Career & Finances, Health & Fitness, Intellectual & Spiritual, and Service.

The guide first delves into each of the focus areas’ definitions of success regarding how well they attempt to maximize one’s potential. The chapter on clarifying the path to achieving one’s main vision follows. Next, the sections use examples from the author’s experience setting goals and accomplishing the core vision in several areas. Finally, following the idea of maximizing one’s true potential by affiliating with similar individuals, the following section discusses the role of leadership of the REACH group in one’s life. The group or partners serve as a personal advisory board, providing sound advice and mutually supporting one another on their quest.

The layout of the motivational self-help guide is extensive, and the content flows smoothly and clearly throughout. With a framework that speaks to people from all walks of life, the book provides solutions, a road map, and insight into one’s genuine capabilities. Everyone has something to gain in one or more areas of emphasis, whether in personal or professional life.

REACH: Maximize Your Potential and Live Your Best Life is a self-help book that assists one in breaking free from the state of “being in a fog” and gaining a purpose in life. Through introducing various techniques and growth strategies, readers will be able to put the techniques into action in their own lives. The entire concept of REACH urges one to take action since “the failure to act is typically far more damaging than taking an action that leads to failure,” making it a motivational read to reach the road of personal progress.

Pages: 164 | ASIN : B09TRWX6NS

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