This Upended The Myth In My Head

Karla K. Morton Author Interview

Politics of the Minotaur seeks to guide readers through the ever-changing landscape of chaos in their lives. What was the inspiration for putting this collection of poetry together?

​The inspiration was a sculpture “Minotaur and Ariadne” by Federico Severino, which is the gorgeous image on the front cover of the book. I was in Positano, Italy and wandered into the Galleria d’Arte Portofino. When I came across this sculpture, I was stopped in my tracks. I knew the mythical story of the Minotaur, how he was fed young girls, but as I studied this sculpture, I could see that the Minotaur was complicated, that his human side made him more than just a beast. And he was in love with the woman in his arms. The woman, also, was snuggled and rested in his arms, feeling safe and loved. This upended the myth in my head. Here was supposedly a horrid creature, but yet he held the greatest capacity of all: the capacity to love. When you understand that and look around you, people suddenly are more than what you see – there are layers of history and​ humanness. Where did they come from? What happened in their life to lead them to this very moment? There is huge chaos in all our lives. There is good. There is bad. While the labyrinth of life is not always of our own making, it is ours to live, to explore, to divine – to create goodness and kindness from it, no matter what.

I enjoyed the poem “The Importance of Coffee” the most in this collection. Do you have a favorite poem from this collection and why?

I’m so glad you enjoyed that poem! We rush and rush in our lives and miss those away moments with God so easily, but these are the moments that can shape us most. One of my favorite poems in this collection is Vintage 2014. I think many readers will relate to this poem especially after what the world has been through the last two years. But this poem is about opening up a bottle of 2014 red wine. 2014 was a terrible year for me – I lost so many friends and I went through my second battle with cancer. But life has a beautiful way of giving us perspective. The greater the love, the greater its grief. Yes, our grief is horrible and consuming, but it is only because the love we experienced was so rich and incredible. How very lucky we are to have known that kind of love. The wine became a symbol of all the goodness that can come of even our most difficult times.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this collection?

​I kept coming back to the life of the Minotaur. There are so many forces out of our control. What have we been dealt? But the most important question becomes What can we control? I believe we can change our stars. There are great lessons in nature on how to live our lives – and most importantly, how to be grateful for each moment of each day. There is chaos and difficulty, and things you have to do in this world that you never expected you would ever have to do…but oh, the beauty of our lives is something we would never trade.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

​My forthcoming poetry book is titled Turbulence & Fluids. It is being published by Madville Publishing. Look for it next Spring: 2023!

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There are moments in this life that change everything—some in our control, some not, but all shape the core of who we are; who we become. Every action, every event, has its own reaction that rearranges the stars, putting the sisters of Fate and Choice in constant question. This collection embraces those changes, opens them up, rolls them into the delicious magic of this unpredictable, glorious world.
A long observer of the natural world, karla k. morton does not believe in coincidences, but believes every word and step and observation has meaning and guides us. Just as the creation of the Minotaur was the gods’ doing, there is beauty in the monster; there is reason and magic in its very existence. How lucky we are to be able to grow old enough to witness such revelations.
Morton’s poetry guides us through the landmarks—the highs, the lows, creating an exquisite world within an ever-changing landscape of chaos.

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