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Mallory M. O’Connor Author Interview

Epiphany’s Gift follows a woman with psychic abilities, that gets entangled in a mystery involving corporate corruption and supernatural phenomena. Where did the inspiration for this mystery come from?

I’ve been doing research at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Community for over 30 years and have become friends with an especially adept medium. I’ve learned so much about psychic phenomena and I wanted to write about it as a “serious” topic without the usual hype. Also, as an art historian (Professor Emerita of Art History, Santa Fe College), I am very concerned about art theft and the international black market in art and antiquities. AND as an environmental activist I am eager to alert my readers to environmental issues and their consequences. This all came together in Epiphany’s Gift.

Epiphany has to hide and ignore her natural psychic abilities for most of her life only embracing them later in life. What do you think were some of the defining moments in Epiphany’s development?

Many people are very skeptical or even hostile to psychic phenomena. I wanted my protagonist to experience these problems and have to struggle to work through them. I hope this provides a model for others who have encountered the same obstacles. I think that visiting Lilly Dale and becoming friends with Albert and “finding her tribe” really allowed Epiphany to embrace her psychic gifts.

What were some goals you set for yourself as a writer in this book?

In all my books, I try to educate my readers about issues that I think are important while also telling them a great story. I used this same concept in teaching art history courses for 30 years!

What is a significant way your book has changed since the first draft of Epiphany’s Gift?

Revisions are always the most challenging part of writing. I write out my complete concept and then go back and refine, add, subtract et. Until I’m satisfied with the package. But there is always room for a few more tweaks.

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Psychic medium Epiphany Mayall lives and works in the spiritualist community of Watoolahatchee, Florida. When she schedules a trip to her childhood home in Ohio to visit her aging mother, Epiphany has no idea she will soon be swept into a maelstrom of natural disasters, theft, and murder.

Dr. John Bernhardt, Epiphany’s former art history professor and mentor, believes regional fracking operations are responsible for the recent earthquakes. After identifying a secretive petroleum company as the perpetrator, he wonders if the environmental disasters are somehow connected with the disappearance of a drawing from a local museum. Twenty-four hours after he writes an article about his theory, he is found dead of an apparent heart attack.

When John’s ghost appears to tell Epiphany he was murdered, she becomes determined to find his killer. Aided by a former FBI art-crimes investigator and an eccentric artist, Epiphany must use her psychic skills to locate the missing art and identify the killer. Unfortunately her efforts to bring the guilty parties to justice are thwarted. Even a state senator cannot help. As the earthquakes escalate, Epiphany must decide whether to continue her battle for justice or suspend her investigation to protect her family.

Set against a backdrop of psychic phenomena, corporate corruption, and global climate change, Epiphany’s Gift illustrates the perennial battle between good and evil.
-Andrew Nichols, PhD, Director, American Institute of Parapsychology

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