Ashes in Venice

Detective Sergeant Frank Savic is getting ready to retire from the Las Vegas Metro Police, so he can help out his wife Maria and settle some debt. Until Captain Paul Monaghan asks him to stay on for at least another 30 days. A murderer was murdered. A man named Carlo Cavilleri. This leads to an investigation that uncovers more murderers being murdered. They are all somehow connected, but Detective Savic isn’t sure how. Finally, detective Sergeant Savic finds clues to see how they are all related and who this mysterious serial killer is. Follow along as Detective Savic tries to uncover this enigmatic serial killer.

Author Gojan Nikolich’s Ashes in Venice is an unforgettable book. The descriptive language used for the murder scenes is reminiscent of Dan Brown’s books. The details of the murders are plentiful and leave readers with no doubts as to what happened to the victim. What was amazing was how seamlessly the author fit these detailed scenes into the whole novel. Everything about the novel’s setting is told with the same quality of detail, allowing the reader to feel like they are on the streets of Las Vegas. Readers will feel like a detective following along with Frank as he investigates each new case.

Detective Sergeant Frank Savic is a well-rounded and dynamic character. He comes across as a genuine person despite his troubles with money. The only thing I didn’t like about his character was when he would calculate what percentage of clothing a woman was wearing. It seemed like an odd thing to do. But, that aside, his dedication to his work and his wife Maria makes him a likable character.

When it comes to the killer, he is well-developed. Readers will question why he’s doing what he’s doing and, as the book unfolds, will get clues about his reasons. There is one scene where the killer uses spiders in his devious plans, those with arachnophobia may find this part disturbing, but the killer gets extra points for creativity.

Ashes in Venice is an unpredictable psychological thriller with multiple murders. Readers will find this crime thriller has been well researched for police procedures, and the details really give the novel an authentic feel while adding the suspense they are looking for.

Pages: 339 | ASIN : B09KV7WXVV

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