The Tempest in Glass

The Tempest In Glass by Dirk Eichhorst begins rather prosaically, Marvin is drinking his morning coffee and taking in his surroundings outside of a coffeehouse before he tackles the day. He then receives a text from an unknown person; which propels the story in unexpected and ethereal directions. Mystified by this text and who it came from, a woman named Ruby asks Marvin to pray for her. Confused, Marvin prays for her but what he does not expect is for her to get into a traffic accident and die. This startling sequence of events sends Marvin on a riveting supernatural quest for answers.  

The author has written a creative and unpredictable story. The book explores a variety of topics from various types of religion, to death, the supernatural and loss. Marvin’s character is one that I disliked at first, because of his seemingly shallow nature, but I grew fond of his character by the end because of the interesting evolution he goes through as a character in this story. He seemed sad, lost, and materialistic in the beginning of this novel, but after his journey, readers can see that he is caring, kind, and has a new outlook on faith.

Amina’s character is one that I was immediately fond of. Her knowledge of almost every religion and her profound mediumship is deeply intriguing. Amina is intelligent, a natural beauty, and her character brought much needed depth to this surreal paranormal story. When she described things, she makes readers feel like they are in the story.

Eichhorst does a fantastic job of showing the reader rather than telling them what is happening. The author does this well with Marvin’s wife who had passed away years ago and Marvin is still grieving from his loss.

While I enjoyed the book, I felt like there is a lot of time spent describing people, places and scenarios. The ideas and scenes are fantastic and I think the story would benefit from being a bit more succinct. But if you are a reader who enjoys being immersed in a fully realized world, then author Dirk Eichhorst has a richly imagined world for you to inhabit. Besides that, there are many thought-provoking connections to religion, much of which I believe makes this book much more enticing and intellectually deeper for me.

The Tempest in Glass is a rare work of supernatural fiction that will entertain readers looking for a thoughtfully constructed story with a provocative character on a compelling journey that will consistently surprise you.

Pages: 478 | ISBN: 9780578351230


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