If Only I Could Read

If Only I Could Read by Robert Cox is an extremely insightful autobiography of a man that spent almost all his adult life without the ability to read. Life is already pretty hard for most of us, but imagine how things would be if you couldn’t read. From small things to big and important ones, reading is essential to get by in life: to remain in school, get into a competitive job, and even get groceries or reading directions. So the ability to read is necessary. Robert’s book fantastically describes how much of a difference being able to read can impact someone’s life and how this can become a huge setback.

Regardless of his problems with reading, what I enjoyed most about Robert’s description of his life were his perseverance and resilience. He never gave up, and he made the most of his life despite not being able to read. In his story, we get to see the multiple jobs and projects he worked on and the effort he put in to support his family. It wasn’t easy, but he always had a positive attitude. From his childhood, we see the difficulties he encountered that could have negatively disrupted his life; however, he got through it with determination.

The book is fast-paced and is written engagingly. Reading this story was an inspiring journey that allowed me to get a new perspective that I had never considered before. There are many people out there that can’t read for whatever reason or that possess learning disabilities. This book does an excellent job of portraying what it’s like to navigate life with this problem, letting readers worldwide understand the struggle.

Robert felt that there might be something wrong with him throughout his life, feeling unintelligent at times. Nevertheless, he experienced a lot of exciting situations from which he was able to learn. However, his reading problems constantly haunted him and even kept him away from taking advantage of some incredible opportunities that came his way. With time, he had to find a route to overcome his problem and understand it in the first place.

The author perfectly illustrates the journey that a person has to make when they simply can’t read. Through this book, people will gain a better perspective and insight on learning disabilities, maintaining a compassionate and understanding look of those out there that may have some disadvantages in life.

If Only I Could Read is an uplifting autobiography of a man that made it well into adulthood before learning how to read. His remarkable story of getting through school despite his inability to read and eventually uncovering why he could not learn in school is eye-opening. In addition, his struggle is a view into the world of people with learning disabilities and the challenges they face.

Pages: 126 | ASIN : B083HMJT32

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  1. Patricia Cox

    Will you please post this review Amazon? Thank you ! Robert Cox


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