Slavery 101: Mercer Moments in American History

Slavery has always been a topic that is usually only covered in school, but to understand a piece of American history, slavery is something we cannot look past. Ken Mercer, in his book Slavery 101, does an excellent job of educating his readers about the origin, practice, and various crucial events related to slavery. The author delves into how slavery existed in the old days and how we are impacted by it even today. 

Every chapter begins with a question. It is then followed by the historical origin behind it, where the author debunks myths popularized in American society and the education system. This demystification of history is what makes this book unique. Describing slavery as heinous and evil, Mercer traces its origin back to as early as the time since man first appeared on earth. 

The author has described the key events and the historical facts in a lucid yet intriguing fashion, so that it is easy to comprehend for everyone. While it is definitely not an exhaustive study on the topic, it manages to make the reader aware of events that are often excluded from history lessons. 

From Islamic slave trade practices to white slaves, the author covers all facets of this evil practice. He also talks about modern-day slavery, i.e. human trafficking. As a devout Christian, he urges fellow Christians to raise a voice and battle against this modern form of slavery.

The author sets out on a scholarly pursuit, but the book is not as heavy on bibliography as you would expect it to be. Nevertheless, the thorough research and the to-the-point narrative are commendable. Slavery 101 is an enlightening read for anyone who wishes to understand the past better and look beyond what revisionist history has taught us.

Pages: 224 | ASIN: B095BW51FH

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