Author David Soh Poh Huat teaches us that caregiving is a gracious gift. It is notable, a calling, and a gift that is sometimes overlooked. In his book Caregiving Gift of Unconditional Love, David Soh Poh Huat extensively writes about caregiving. However, he primarily focuses on the qualities of a good caregiver and the impact caregivers have on families and the larger community.

Readers will learn through this book why it is important to spread love and positive energy to those who offer caregiving services and the elders and sick in need of caregiving. This book discusses the different angles of caregiving on an intimate level. Gently, the author invites the reader into his world, a world that will make the reader appreciate caregivers more.

David Soh Poh Huat warmly talks about his family, especially his father, Thomas, and sister, Susan. In his book, readers learn about having a close-knit family. Through the author’s story, the reader is shown the raw and explicit facts about caregiving. The author explains that sometimes it can be overwhelming, but it is a fulfilling experience. This well-thought-out book is a guidebook on how to take care of loved ones.

The book takes one on a rollercoaster of emotions. Readers can resonate with what he discusses and even bond with him through his text. For example, when talking about his sister, one can feel his words’ love, tenderness, and empathy. I enjoyed reading about David and his relationship with his sister, as one gets to learn that sibling love conquers everything.

Reading about Thomas was amazing too. Through David and his father, readers get enlightened about the essence of having a patriarch and the rewards of being part of a loving family. The primary lesson in this book is to be kind and accommodating to all. If you can offer caregiving services, do so without expecting anything. There is something beautiful about giving back to others through caregiving.

The cordial language applied by the author, his truthfulness, and how to open David Soh Poh Huat when showing his vulnerable side is appealing. I love how short the chapters are and how easy it is to complete the book in one sitting. Every page has some wisdom to appreciate.

Caregiving Gift of Unconditional Love is an educational book about caregiving, and what makes this book a great read is the author’s display of compassion. David is genuine with his readers and writes his reality. His story is uplifting, and his writing style reassuring.

Pages: 62 | ASIN : B09CTQYWKS

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