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What Care Giving Is All About

Author Interview
POH HUAT DAVID SOH Author Interview

Care Giving Gift of Unconditional Love shares your personal story of care giving to educate and inform readers on how to care for others. What inspired you to write this book?

Based on personal and friends experience, have discovered that majority are unaware what Care Giving is all about and this prompted me to write this book to give the hard truths of Care Giving.

I appreciated the candid nature with which you told your story. What was the hardest thing for you to share in the book?

Sharing personal experience from the heart which may offend people but I strongly feel this need to be done like unconditional love, telling truths whether it hurts or not.

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

Basic definition of Care Giving and going the extra mile to really care for the person from the heart

What is one piece of advice you wish someone had given you when you first started to care for others?

Are you prepared to give your precious time and unconditional love, intangible values.

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This book shares the ‘hard truths’ and experience of what it entails to be a Care Giver.

Many thought Care Giving is a simple task just employing a person to look after the elderly or sick which is just the beginning to this vocation.

Care Giving is a vocation of giving one self to to elderly or sick the Unconditional Love which this book hope to highlight.

Be it an ‘eyeopener’ to all..



Caregiving Gift of Unconditional Love is an emotional book for me not just because of the content in the book, but also how the author shared the stories. While reading this book, you readers learn that caregiving is a calling and you have to put your heart and soul into it. One of the most crucial elements that one needs to be a caregiver is patience. Taking care of someone, especially an adult, is not easy. The experience can take a toll on you especially if you are not aware of what proper caregiving entails. This is why families often opt to seek professional caregivers even when there are other members in the family that can do the work. A good caregiver requires patience and understanding of the person that you are taking care of.

David Soh Poh Huat starts the book on a personal note. He gives tales of his family, the struggles people he was close with have gone through, happy memories, and how he managed to overcome everything. As a reader, you appreciate David Soh Poh Huat’s journey because in the process, you learn the diverse dynamics of life and how different people navigate eccentric and sometimes difficult situations. As a reader, you enjoy following the tales in the book. Reading this book will have you relate with him and even connect with his experiences. The author writes candidly and is excellent with storytelling and amazing when passing lessons.

The book is a great read and will make you teary at some points. Reading about cancer and how it affected the author was distressing. David Huat writes about his sister’s Ovarian Cancer diagnosis, how she lived with the deadly disease and how the author cared for her. The author also writes about his father and how he took care of him after he had a fall. Reading about the stories of David’s father and sister, plus other people that he has taken care of is inspiring. You get encouraged to do good and better your skills as a caregiver. The personal touch to the stories shared by David Huat were everything. The author brings the reader to his world, a world where despite being challenged, real love is displayed through taking care of those close to you.

Caregiving Gift of Unconditional Love is a short but enlightening book. Through the author, we learn how to coexist with others and get lessons on how to give care with unconditional love. The author also talked of siblings that are not open to caregiving, a difficult conversation that not many are ready to talk about. I like how open minded the author is and how firm he is when talking about family members. This book is a great read for individuals that are looking for inspiration on caregiving.

Pages: 60 | ASIN: B09CTQYWKS

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