Almagest (A Perfect Order Series Book 2)

Almagest is the second book of the A Perfect Order series by Drew Kientz, and it surely won’t disappoint!

Juniper Minerva Appleblossom is living her dream life: touring with her band and stuck with her drug addiction, she doesn’t seem to want anything else. But amidst her new rock n’ roll lifestyle, friends of the past find her for another dangerous upcoming mission: the Almagest must be retrieved, a mysterious artifact from an old Enlightened civilization. As a Primeval, Juniper can make a difference with her powerful Enlightened abilities, but she’ll have to battle with her own demons as she tries to make sense of herself, what she wants and her purpose in life.

The world that Drew Kientz has built is so rich and dynamic that it’s impossible not to be immersed in it right away. Reading this book can be an escape into a world similar to ours but with magic and fantastical additions that can feel dangerous yet thrilling. It was hard to put the book down, it’s not only the world and the plot that’s riveting, the characters are also so unique and endearing that it’s easy to feel attached to them from the start. We get to explore a new mission with characters that we met in the first book, following them as they show new aspects of themselves and their interactions with one another grow and become more meaningful.

As we advance in the story, this group of Enlightened that Juniper joins for a new mission slowly starts to feel like a family. The relationships between them feels real and has depth. The story has lots of wondrous elements in it, the action and intrigue always present. Drew Kientz’s style of writing helps in creating a story that’s gripping and one can feel very close to very fast. Each chapter revealed a new aspect of the plot, mysteries unfolding every step of the way. The entire story is an adventure worth following, the enjoyment and excitement is definitely a characteristic part of this book!

Masterfully written, this book will become the favorite of many out there, fantastically blending magic, the supernatural and the modern world into a single captivating storyline. The A Perfect Order series has shown growth and is certainly a promising series. And since you’ll want more of this imaginative secret world and its characters once you finish reading the story, Kientz gives us a short excerpt at the end from the third book, allowing us a peek into the next installment of this series.

Pages: 402 | ASIN: B09J55MVCB

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