The Mortal Vampire in The Mystic Desire Anthology

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The Mortal Vampire by author Suzanne Smith is a short paranormal romance story from The Mystic Desire Anthology that will immerse you in the world of vampires.

Remy has been a vampire for three hundred years, he doesn’t even remember his past life as a human anymore. He spends his nights searching for his next victim, hungry for their blood. But, at his core, he might be a little different than the average vampire. Remy still has his own rules and limits that he dares not cross, avoiding causing too much pain to innocent people. While he creeps the streets behaving as a wild beast, he suddenly and unexpectedly is charmed by a mysterious young woman that he senses might change the course of his life forever. As he immediately starts to feel physical and psychological sensations that he didn’t think he could feel, he’ll have to figure out what’s going on with him and why his cold cruelty seems to be evaporating by the minute.

Suzanne Smith’s story is concise and it grips you straight away. From the beginning Remy acts as you would expect any vampire to act. He thinks coldly and sees humans as tempting meals to be devoured. However, we get to see different dimensions of him. As his life is engulfed by a passionate romance, he has to debate whether he’s been on the right path all along. We get to see his internal conflict and his moral compass, setting him apart and transforming him into a monster that one can pity and empathize with. With the progression of the plot the world expands a little and gives us an idea of the extent of this strange paranormal world.

This short story moves at a good pace, keeping readers consistently engaged throughout. The appearance of this mysterious woman, Angela, will keep both Remy and the reader intrigued, trying to figure out what’s different about her and what makes her so special. This creates an atmosphere of mystery that brings some tension into the story, making the pages fly by. Throughout the book the author lets you savor the special romance between Remy and Angela, making you wish by the end that you could see more of their relationship and their development as characters.

The Mortal Vampire is a short yet compelling paranormal romance story with some emotionally tense scenes that I devoured quickly.

Pages: 30 (Page 157-187 in the paperback anthology) | ASIN: B07WPQX7HQ

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