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Fallen Snow

Athena Jackson has found herself in a predicament—she is twenty years old, pregnant, and stuck in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, Silas. When Silas finds out about the pregnancy, he demands Athena end it and forces her to a woman’s clinic. Before the procedure can be completed, Athena reaches out to an old friend from high school, Lily Rhodes Marx. Lily comes to Athena’s rescue, spiriting her away from the abusive Silas. Lily and her husband Rowen graciously welcome Athena into their home, where she finds out that family isn’t always blood, and that faeries and magic are real.

Fallen Snow, by Abby Farnsworth, is the third book in the EverGreen series. Taking place after the events of Moonlit Skies, Fallen Snow picks up with Athena and her journey to accept her own pregnancy and save herself from Silas. With several twists and turns that will keep readers on edge, Fallen Snow explores relationships, how someone could continue to love their abuser, and how new love can bloom even without the help of faerie magic.

The author has a knack for developing interesting character personalities and giving them believable physical descriptions along with faerie powers. These traits allow each character to shine on their own. There are several twists and turns throughout this alluring young adult romance novel, making this an unpredictable but enjoyable read.

I always enjoy the quick pace of the EverGreen books. I think the story moves a lot quicker here because, this being the third book in the trilogy, the author doesn’t need to spend time developing the character’s background. The characters are already established and their relationships feel genuine and the reader can feel their love for one another. Farnsworth’s writing style has developed and grown just like her characters in the story.

Fallen Snow is a seductive paranormal romance story that fans of emotionally-resonant teen fiction will enjoy. I loved the way fantasy and reality are blended throughout this story and I think readers will too.

Pages: 170 | ISBN: 1956788468

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Moonlit Skies

Jack is of fae blood and desperate to escape his past. When he stumbles upon fellow fae, LeAnne and Maggie, they graciously invite him back to their home. Jack soon discovers his new friends are Watchers (of the extreme variety) who oppose marriage between fae and humans. At the same time, Giselle, another fae, is going to visit Lily and Rowan who are pregnant with twins. Her trip is thrown into chaos when she meets a handsome man with whom she has an instant connection. Their lives soon become intertwined in a way no one could have expected.

Moonlit Skies, by Abby Farnsworth, is the second book in the EverGreen Trilogy and tells the fascinating story of Jack and Giselle, two faes connected through a shared fondness towards Lily. They must face the threat from the Watchers who are determined to put an end to intermarriage with humans and Lily, unfortunately, is on their radar.

Farnsworth has effortlessly blended the fantasy and contemporary genre to create a fascinating modern fantasy experience. The author seamlessly shifts the point of view between characters allowing the reader to fully immerse themselves in the characters’ thoughts. The dual points of view allowed me to become emotionally invested in the characters. Readers will be on the edge of their seats as they try to solve the mystery of exactly how Giselle and Jack are connected and how the two storylines will intertwine.

The author’s descriptions are so vivid that readers will feel as though they are in the story alongside Giselle and Jack. The author touches upon serious issues that are prevalent in society today, showing readers that we are not alone. Readers will find Farnsworth’s characters are both captivating and relatable.

Moonlit Skies is a charming romance novel that will enchant readers as they fall in love with the characters and travel to a breathtaking fantasy world.

Pages: 118 | ASIN: ‎ B09BLP5VV1

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The Mortal Vampire in The Mystic Desire Anthology

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The Mortal Vampire by author Suzanne Smith is a short paranormal romance story from The Mystic Desire Anthology that will immerse you in the world of vampires.

Remy has been a vampire for three hundred years, he doesn’t even remember his past life as a human anymore. He spends his nights searching for his next victim, hungry for their blood. But, at his core, he might be a little different than the average vampire. Remy still has his own rules and limits that he dares not cross, avoiding causing too much pain to innocent people. While he creeps the streets behaving as a wild beast, he suddenly and unexpectedly is charmed by a mysterious young woman that he senses might change the course of his life forever. As he immediately starts to feel physical and psychological sensations that he didn’t think he could feel, he’ll have to figure out what’s going on with him and why his cold cruelty seems to be evaporating by the minute.

Suzanne Smith’s story is concise and it grips you straight away. From the beginning Remy acts as you would expect any vampire to act. He thinks coldly and sees humans as tempting meals to be devoured. However, we get to see different dimensions of him. As his life is engulfed by a passionate romance, he has to debate whether he’s been on the right path all along. We get to see his internal conflict and his moral compass, setting him apart and transforming him into a monster that one can pity and empathize with. With the progression of the plot the world expands a little and gives us an idea of the extent of this strange paranormal world.

This short story moves at a good pace, keeping readers consistently engaged throughout. The appearance of this mysterious woman, Angela, will keep both Remy and the reader intrigued, trying to figure out what’s different about her and what makes her so special. This creates an atmosphere of mystery that brings some tension into the story, making the pages fly by. Throughout the book the author lets you savor the special romance between Remy and Angela, making you wish by the end that you could see more of their relationship and their development as characters.

The Mortal Vampire is a short yet compelling paranormal romance story with some emotionally tense scenes that I devoured quickly.

Pages: 30 (Page 157-187 in the paperback anthology) | ASIN: B07WPQX7HQ

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INVITED: Initium – Book Trailer

In 1631 Sebastian Barbaneagra and Bianca Lupei were in love and planning their wedding day. That is until an Emperor Vampire named Lord Lucian Dascălu appeared one night and informed Bianca that she was his heir. To ensure that his bloodline would continue, Lucian bites Bianca, thus transferring the curse to her. But Sebastian refuses to go through life without Bianca and voluntarily chooses to be damned with her. The lovers find a witch’s book that holds the key to ending the curse, but they must run from an army of Jesuit Priests who are bent on sending them to hell.

Blood Thinners 

Blood Thinners starts with a great first line that immediately hooks readers and throws them right into the storyline. Detective Mina Summers, the daughter of the leader of the organization known as SHAP (Supernatural Human Accountability Partnership), is just one assignment away from becoming Regional Director for the agency. Should she obtain this position, she will be the youngest one in the agency’s history. There is nothing and no one that will stand in her way. That is at least until she receives her one last assignment.

Detective Summers’s final assignment is to look into a celebrity-endorsed retreat that guarantees weight loss permanently. SHAP finds this claim suspicious, especially in light of the increased number of cases involving rogue vampires randomly making attacks. Mina and her partner Jake are anxious to wrap up this case and move on. However, the Vice President and daughter of Thinner CEO, Carma, might have other ideas.

Mina is the leading lady in this story, and even though she is a bit standoffish, you cannot help but love her character and the character she becomes. Novak does an excellent job of character development, not just with Mina but with all the characters in the book. Sebastian is Mina’s ghost roommate who is obsessed with the movie Titanic. Jake is Mina’s SHAP partner and best friend. He is the level-headed one of the two and tries to keep Mina grounded.

While reading Blood Thinners, I was reminded of the writing style of Lauren Weisberger, i.e., The Devil Wears Prada, and shortly into the book, there is a comparison of the CEO to Miranda. This familiar writing style is engaging, draws readers into the action, and builds attachment to the characters.

Blood Thinners is a fast-paced romantic mystery with LGBTIA+ characters. With excellent and robust world-building, readers will be able to escape into the world created and experience a love story that is heartwarming and heartbreaking.

Pages: 303 | ASIN : B09CK8GHTH

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Wrath of Justice

Wrath of Justice by author Denna Holm dives into a bleak future where many people sacrifice nearly everything they have just to survive. It’s a world where food is limited, and raising a family isn’t an option for most people in a global wasteland. As a result, many parents make the difficult decision to sell one or more children, or make a deal with demons, to secure a better chance in life. For some, an adventurous, dangerous path is the ticket to salvation.

If you’re looking for an exciting indulgence, Wrath of Justice will keep you engaged from the very start. The story centers around Justice, who finds himself sold to a run-down brothel, where he’s destined to exist among the most brutal layer of society. His only chance of escape is an offer from a hunter, where he faces a new level of darkness. However, he finds a glimmer of hope and love throughout his journey between demons and debauchery.

This story weaves through the layers of a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world that offers more beneath the surface, with more significant risks, facing demons, and a thirst for basic survival. Justice learns more than he bargains for, and his life takes unexpected turns when he joins forces with Michael Santos. The characters are well developed and captivating, weaving a thrilling narrative through a dark future with a few plots twists. I enjoyed the pace and vibrant contrast of witches, demons, and brave characters weaving through a dreary landscape with lots of surprises.

Wrath of Justice is a thrilling novel that combines paranormal romance with action and suspense. This engaging book moves along quickly, with lots of steamy tension and unexpected turns, so readers will want to keep going to see what happens next. Overall this is a well-crafted and exciting story.

Pages: 379 | ASIN : B09PWLCMC8

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EverGreen (EverGreen Trilogy Book 1)

Have you ever read a book and wished that you could escape into the pages and experience the adventures you are reading about? This is what Lily Rhodes wants to do, and the universe has a way of making things happen.

Lilly is an introverted smart, brainy girl that always has a book in her hand. She is also fearless, kind-hearted, and cares deeply for those that earn her trust and friendship. When Lily falls in love for the first time in her life her senior year, this love adventure takes her into the realm of magic. Although faced with adversities and dilemmas between friendship and love, Lily never losses her kindness towards the people she cares about the most.

EverGreen, by author Abby Farnsworth, is a well-paced young adult novel with enchanting world-building and a good combination of real-world and fantasy elements. The author expertly establishes characters that set good examples for young adult readers of genuine friendship and true love, especially from optimistically outgoing Giselle and Ginger. These two may be the most incredible friends you will ever meet. Readers will also learn to sympathize and develop a degree of understanding towards people like Delilah. Rowan’s character may be too ideal, but his role will make readers fall in love with his chivalry and mature personality.

The author creates a plot that moves the story along quickly, keeping readers engaged. The language is suitable for older elementary and middle school students and even young adults who are looking for a quick and light read. Readers will learn a lot from the characters as they navigate the challenges and obstacles the author puts forth.

EverGreen is a riveting novel filled with action and adventure, taking place in the real world and slowly drifting into the paranormal fantasy world. While discovering the world of the fae, friendships and romance are built that will extend into the next book in the series.

Pages: 138 | ASIN : B08TVWTW5F

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Damned (The Circle of the Red Scorpion World Book 1) by [Charlene Johnson]

Damned is a captivating romantic fantasy novel written by Charlene Johnson. Follow along as Desiree Black, a soul-stealing demon, hunts for a pure soul before her time is up in the demon world. As she searches a new realm for a pure soul, she ends up finding something unexpected. Love. Forbidden from love, she is in disbelief that she feels love for an angel named Rayven Stone. Rayven, a warrior angel, can hardly contain his feelings for this beautiful red-headed demon. As they go from the new realm back to the present day, they explore their love, and Rayven knows he would do anything for Desiree.

Author Charlene Johnson did a fantastic job of bringing this spellbinding book to life! The beginning is full of information, which readers will find helpful to understand the setup for the intriguing plot. Readers will be drawn into this world and will be able to visualize everything from the beginning because of the authors comprehensive style of writing.

This riveting novel has romance, fantasy, and a bit of erotica. While some of the terminology used to describe the sex scenes were incredible, the mood of the book overall remains consistently alluring. This is a seductive paranormal story that sets up a captivating entanglement between two supernatural beings that is just as provocative as it is entertaining.

Damned by Charlene Johnson is a fast-paced paranormal romance novel with an exciting twist on the demon vs. angel dynamic. This stimulating supernatural love story will appeal to readers that enjoy romance, paranormal fiction, fantasy and adventure. This is a great start to what is sure to be an enthralling new series.

Pages: 284 | ASIN: B09FKLH1RK

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