The Answers You Seek

The Answers You Seek is an intriguing mystery novel that follows Toby, a man who has just lost his job and starts to feel restless. Just when he is bored of his routine he learns of his father’s death. He must go back to his small hometown, where everyone knows each other and gossip fills the air, to attend his father’s funeral. Toby finds out his father is not exactly who he thought he was. When Toby attends his father’s funeral a mysterious woman shows up and everyone but Toby knows that the woman is his father’s mistress. Seeking answers, Toby begins to follow his father’s mistress, Linda, and gets caught in a web of murder and lies.  

Shannon Yarbrough has written a novel filled with tension that will keep you consistently wondering what could be going on. I quickly donned my detective hat and dived into this mystery because the details that crop up are intriguing. At first I thought it was odd that Toby decided to stalk Linda rather then introduce himself and ask her questions about the nature of her relationship with his father. As time passes Toby begins to uncover secrets about Linda, her neighbors and even his own father that clarify his obsession.

This is a slow-burn thriller that meticulously builds its characters and scenes with lots of details. If you are a reader that enjoys fully realized characters and worlds then this is a novel you will enjoy. Where the author’s writing excels is in the build up of the drama, tension and intrigue. Just when I thought I had solved the mystery behind Linda’s neighbor’s murder, another twist is thrown into the mix.

While this is a riveting murder mystery story I enjoyed the LGBTQ elements that are woven into the story. There are some characters in the story who are gay or transitioned from male to female. This added a unique dimension to a story that I thought was going to be a standard crime fiction story; luckily this is anything but. My favorite character in the story is Toby’s neighbor Maddie, she reminded me of Betty White and gave off a sassy no nonsense vibe.

The Answers You Seek is a provocative crime thriller that will have your mind racing as you work alongside Toby to solve the murder. I highly recommend this book to readers looking for an alluring mystery novel that is driven by a fascinating but obsessed protagonist.

Pages: 340 | ASIN: B09SNF4KBM

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