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Frankie, by Bruce Deitrick Price, is the story of how one AI changed the lives of all those who reside in a small New Jersey town. Raymond Mason brings home his creation, Frankie, and by morning the entire town is in a tailspin.

The story begins with a simple dinner. Ray shows Frankie to his wife, Julia, who is intrigued and jealous of the gorgeous AI in her home. After showing Julia what his invention has learned, he races upstairs and, in his haste, to come back down he falls. Julia tells Frankie to “go to hell” and then passes out from too much wine.

After waking, Mrs. Mason sees her husband limp at the foot of the stairs and Frankie is nowhere to be found. This tragedy causes Mrs. Mason to go crazy and begin a search for Frankie. The same morning, the Chief of Police is getting reports of strange deaths. As Mrs. Mason searches for Frankie the death toll rises, Mr. Mason is reported missing and a person of interest, and the town discovers what Frankie really is. As the story progresses readers learn that Frankie is a different kind of robot, one that is harmless.

The writing style and tone of this book are blended perfectly to create a thrill. Every character introduced has development and puts together a piece of the puzzle that the other characters have yet to discover. Everything in this story is connected in a strange way and there is some comedy in how the plot unfolds. I enjoyed reading this book, however, some character plots were more interesting to read than others. The way each character had a part to play in how the entire picture comes together was great, but some of the scenes felt like filler material.

Frankie, by Bruce Deitrick Price is like a comedic puzzle that keeps you entertained and wanting more. I would recommend this story to anyone who loves future technology, comedy, and a thrill.

Pages: 285 | ASIN : B0B18V1GB9

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  1. Your review says many insightful things. I hesitate to quibble but the phrase “the town discovers what Frankie really is” prompts, “well, what is she really?”

    Historically, robots are some sort of killer. If in doubt, readers tend to assume the robot did it. If characters in the story are dying, blame it on Frankie.

    So let me say there’s not a sentence in the book where Frankie wants to hurt anyone. The mystery here is subtle and deep. The story is not about what Frankie does but about how humans respond to Frankie.


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