Kairn (Mates of the Alliance Book 1)

Daria lives in a warzone ravaged by aliens who aim to build an empire and drain the Earth’s resources while enslaving humans. As a medical doctor, she’s focused on survival and helping treat those affected by the siege without wanting to get romantically involved with anyone. Survival is paramount and helping restore what’s left of the planet to a livable state is the only goal on Daria’s mind.

When allies from another world, in the form of the Galactic Alliance, begin to work alongside humans to rebuild Earth with their advanced technology and abilities, Daria becomes keenly aware of Kairn, one of the impressive and skilled aliens, the Luperans, and a member of the Alliance. As Daria focuses on doing her part to make Earth a better place, Kairn becomes an easy distraction, stirring feelings and emotions that she has not experienced in a long time. The connection between these two captivating characters is one of the most unique and intriguing relationships I’ve seen in a science fiction novel in a long time. Author Fionne Foxxe Farraday takes their emotions seriously and the result is a compelling compelling drama that was hard for me to put down.

In a vivid dystopian world, with a looming sense of dread and despair among the people, Daria begins to develop a sense of hope for the future while falling in love with the alluring Kairn. As the planet grapples with the aftermath of a major alien attack, Daria and others must learn to trust the Luperans. As Daria adapts to this new reality and works to rebuild and help others heal, she becomes quickly drawn into Kairn’s world, where she finds many similarities despite their physical differences. I really enjoyed the methodical way this detailed world is laid out for the reader.

The author beautifully narrates a story of an unlikely romance and develops a deeper understanding and trust between individuals from other worlds. It’s a great story that explores hope and love on a planet that is devasted by evil and terror. Kairn and Daria’s romance transcends the horror of this intergalactic war, and their intense connection creates a page-turning read.

Kairn: Mates of the Alliance by Fionne Foxxe Farraday is a refreshing science fiction drama that tells an enthralling story of a blooming romance in a devasted world. This sci-fi book is a wonderful read that engages the reader with wonderfully descriptive narration and an intense and exciting romance.

Pages: 223 | ASIN: B0B16GPS33

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