Wanda’s Tower

Wanda’s Tower is an erotic novel by Robert Beatty. Meticulous and calculated, Wanda has been sure since her teenage years about what she wants to do with her life. As her sexuality suddenly awakens, she makes a detailed plan to follow: to live on the road, chasing the horizon and hopping from bar to bar, sleeping with any man that sparks her interest. With time she gets used to her highly calculated routine, leaving no trace behind her as she mysteriously departs from her lovers, leaving them with the hope of someday seeing her again. She’s determined to live life with no attachments, following her own rules, but might her lifestyle eventually, against all odds, lead her to finding the one person that will change her perspective on love for good?

Robert Beatty’s novel stands out for one main thing, and that is its highly descriptive narrative. He makes sure to give details about everything, be it things that are happening or the characters’ internal monologues: not one detail is left out. This gives a very structured storyline to the book, making it easy for the readers to immediately immerse in the world and the characters’ minds. Lots of interesting themes are explored, and one can clearly see through Wanda’s character the often times present female fantasy of living a sexually liberated life.

The story is gripping and has a good pace; there is always tension present that makes the reader want to keep reading. Though this is an erotica, various dimensions of the characters are explored apart from sex. Wanda is an unusual woman; it’s not only because of her uncharacteristic sexual nature that she lets completely free, but she also has other interests and passions and excels in a profession that’s dominated by men: electronics. A phone company technician during the day and a wanderer temptress during the night, Wanda has carefully organized her life to fully enjoy what she’s attracted to the most.

Going by many names, Wanda’s life will eventually be uprooted by a mysterious man that seems to share lots of similarities with her. She’ll have to make a decision: to accept love and welcome it into her life, or to stick to her plan of forever living on the road, pleasing herself with as many men as she can get.

Wanda’s Tower by Robert Beatty is a fun and playful erotica with intriguing characters and a compelling narrative.

Pages: 516 | ASIN : B097P8SC1L

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