I Was Always Seeing Numbers

Dawn Hazel Author Interview

Angel Numbers 1-9 Meaning helps readers understand the significance behind numbers and the divine message that angels are showing them. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I wanted to write this book as I was always seeing numbers where I went and I found other books on the subject only gave you a brief sentence as to what was the meaning. I wanted to dive deeper into the meanings as to what you are seeing with different aspects of your life.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about Numerology?

I believe the misconception is that it is very scientific and mathematical. The universe does play a hand and the angels guide us.

What is a crucial first step in mastering the skill of numerology?

Mastering the double numbers and learning the positive and Negatives, and their supposed interest in human affairs. The single numbers are given way too much credit.

What is one thing that surprised you when learning about numerology?

What surprised me was the fact that I learnt another degree of understanding of all issues of life. I can also impress my friends.

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Are you an open-minded and spiritual woman who has been seeing a sequence of recurring numbers?
Do you believe in angels and that numbers have special meaning but just don’t know how to interpret them?
Have you always wanted to find out the significant meaning behind numbers 1 through 9 but could just not get your hands on the right book?

Well, this one’s for you!

Numerology is the critical study of the mystical significance that numbers have over life. For as long as humans have been in existence, they’ve always been aware of numbers, just not the power they have to fulfill their destinies.

However, there are people who’ve testified that angel numbers have had positive effects on their lives. So, why not become one of them?

Whether you’re trying to heal, receive support during your twin flame journey, or simply understand the power of core numbers, this book is going to take you on a spiritual journey you’ll never forget!

Inside Angel Numbers 1-9, Meaning, you’ll:
Immediately connect with angels by recognizing and understanding recurring numbers in your life.
Receive answers to questions that have been bothering you.
Learn unique core numbers that will give you important information about various aspects of your life.
Master the skill of using your numerology knowledge to receive gentle messages and guidance from your angels.
Visualize yourself living a meaningful life that is connected to your guardian angels—guardian angels that want you to live the life you’re destined for! No more guessing, misinterpreting messages or being fearful of what the future has for you.

Are you ready to unlock the world of mystical numbers and their powerful effects on your life?

Read Angel Numbers 1-9, Meaning now!

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