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The Mysterious Language of Numerology & Angel Numbers

Readers who are looking for a comprehensive start to numerology or are ready to step into spiritual discovery and consciousness will love The Mysterious Language of Numerology & Angel Numbers by Charlie Emerson. This essential numerology guide provides a deeper understanding of number sequences by looking past perceived coincidences to build meaningful connections with one’s self and the divine.

Emerson goes on to myth-bust common societal misconceptions about many esoteric practices that can still not be explained by means of scientific methods; like manifestation, the law of attraction and the law of inspired action. She does this by directing the reader to have faith in their own opinions and learn to accept and acknowledge the signs when they appear.

This illuminating book provides information and insight across seven chapters. The author effectively explains what angel numbers are, their source, meaning and how they appear. Each chapter begins with a brief history of the chapter topic and accompanying purpose. This helps set the stage for a deeper dive into the subject.

Beyond the education of angel numbers are individual numerology exercises that show readers how they can calculate love compatibility as well as understand their life path numbers which are used spiritually to indicate success, money and luck. These make the book more engaging and I think readers will have fun with this book as well as gain new information. The book extensively explains number combinations, virtues and sequences and goes on to teach techniques to combine these various elements of universal energies to tunnel them into the highest of vibrations – improving life overall.

The Mysterious Language of Numerology & Angel Numbers will help individuals who are seeking to engage in deep self-reflection with the intention of living a holistic and fuller life through greater self-awareness and attentiveness of divine energy. This is an enlightening book with the potential to change the lives of readers. The author’s knowledge and passion for the subject is evident throughout and coalesces to help readers become aware of the energetic universe, connect with the divine energy, and navigate their personal journey.

Pages: 145 | ASIN: B0B5JXKYYZ

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The Left Turn

The Left Turn by Becky Parker Geist is the first book in the Split Universe Series. The book is a blend of genres, part science fiction, part romance, part self-help book, and part beginners guide to quantum physics. That may sound like a strange mix but rest assured, Geist nails it.

The book follows Hannah and James, a couple who have been together forever. Both characters are haunted by their pasts. Hannah is a mess of anxiety and neuroses, whilst James is unable to settle, determined to forever keep pushing forward. Both unhappy with their lives, a sudden decision made by Hannah during a seemingly ordinary bike ride throws both of them into a parallel universe.

In this new universe, they are seemingly separated, both left with few memories of their former lives. Yet, both set out on a journey of self-discovery to discover their authentic selves as they attempt to fill the shoes of their alt-universe counterparts.

The book is excellently written, and Geist proves adept at blending genres. The characters and the story itself are both deeply engaging. Geist sprinkles mysteries throughout the book as the reader is left trying to work out the differences between universes. At times these mysteries can feel like plot holes. For example, who is Bob? But it seems that the loose threads Geist leaves here are picked up in the next book.

The book deals heavily with quantum physics and the idea of self-actualization. These are clearly things Geist is passionate about, and for the most part, she weaves them into the book naturally. No prior knowledge of quantum physics is required to enjoy the book, but a little might help. Geist seems to know this as she name-drops several beginner guides to quantum physics.

There are many minor characters Hannah and James meet through this journey. The people they encounter come across as walking, talking self-help books at times. These characters have a tendency to dive into deep conversations with complete strangers in a way that can feel a little unnatural. Still, it is a great way to get information and help the main characters figure out themselves.

The Left Turn is an excellent book that I thoroughly enjoyed. It has left me with several questions I can’t wait to answer in the sequel.

Pages: 238 | ASIN : B0B54B3HSL

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I Was Always Seeing Numbers

Dawn Hazel Author Interview

Angel Numbers 1-9 Meaning helps readers understand the significance behind numbers and the divine message that angels are showing them. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I wanted to write this book as I was always seeing numbers where I went and I found other books on the subject only gave you a brief sentence as to what was the meaning. I wanted to dive deeper into the meanings as to what you are seeing with different aspects of your life.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about Numerology?

I believe the misconception is that it is very scientific and mathematical. The universe does play a hand and the angels guide us.

What is a crucial first step in mastering the skill of numerology?

Mastering the double numbers and learning the positive and Negatives, and their supposed interest in human affairs. The single numbers are given way too much credit.

What is one thing that surprised you when learning about numerology?

What surprised me was the fact that I learnt another degree of understanding of all issues of life. I can also impress my friends.

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Are you an open-minded and spiritual woman who has been seeing a sequence of recurring numbers?
Do you believe in angels and that numbers have special meaning but just don’t know how to interpret them?
Have you always wanted to find out the significant meaning behind numbers 1 through 9 but could just not get your hands on the right book?

Well, this one’s for you!

Numerology is the critical study of the mystical significance that numbers have over life. For as long as humans have been in existence, they’ve always been aware of numbers, just not the power they have to fulfill their destinies.

However, there are people who’ve testified that angel numbers have had positive effects on their lives. So, why not become one of them?

Whether you’re trying to heal, receive support during your twin flame journey, or simply understand the power of core numbers, this book is going to take you on a spiritual journey you’ll never forget!

Inside Angel Numbers 1-9, Meaning, you’ll:
Immediately connect with angels by recognizing and understanding recurring numbers in your life.
Receive answers to questions that have been bothering you.
Learn unique core numbers that will give you important information about various aspects of your life.
Master the skill of using your numerology knowledge to receive gentle messages and guidance from your angels.
Visualize yourself living a meaningful life that is connected to your guardian angels—guardian angels that want you to live the life you’re destined for! No more guessing, misinterpreting messages or being fearful of what the future has for you.

Are you ready to unlock the world of mystical numbers and their powerful effects on your life?

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Angel Numbers 1-9 Meaning

Dawn Hazel will make you fall in love with numbers, and have you pay attention to some occurrences you may have previously disregarded. In her book Angel Numbers 1-9 Meaning Dawn Hazel writes about Angel Numbers and the relationship we have with numerals. Her book is a short encyclopedia on numerology, as the author defines numerology and comprehensively writes about the significance of numbers. One gets to connect with the numbers the author writes about, and even bind with digits that may previously have little meaning to the reader.

Angel Numbers 1-9 Meaning starts by introducing the reader to Angel Numbers. The author explains that Angel Numbers are numbers that recur and appear throughout the day or over a prolonged period. These are not random numbers, but eerily similar numbers, appear related, and keep recurring. The author dives deep into detail and gives readers the characteristics of these numbers and explains their significance in our daily life. Readers are given examples of Angel Numbers and are shown how they can pick an Angel Number from the rest. These numbers are like coded messages, or communications from your guardian angel or spiritual advisor.

Reading this book was a enlightening experience as readers get to learn about numbers in a fun way. I liked how the author paired some numbers, making the reader feel like they are a part of the conversation. What I enjoyed most about the book was when Dawn Hazel went into specifics. The author links certain numbers to particular moods and feelings. For example, there are angel numbers for love, grief, change, twin flames, partnerships, friendships, loved ones, and much more. Readers also get exposed to angel numbers with recurring ones, twos, threes, fours, fives, sixes, sevens, eights, nines, and zeros. You just have to be aware of your numbers and their timing, and you will get the message your guardian angel is sending to you

Apart from the wealth of numerology knowledge provided in the book I also enjoyed this book because it strengthens one faith. As a reader, you become more spiritual and learn how to find your purpose in life. This book will be an excellent book for readers that enjoy learning about life, cosmic truths, and divine messages.

Pages: 153 | ASIN: B09RTRKTHV

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For the Love of Self

For the Love of Self: The Proven Tools and Strategies for Healing My Life by [Hay, Kaylene]

For the Love of Self: The Proven Tools and Strategies for Healing My Life is exactly what the title implies: a story of how the author, Kaylene Hay, healed herself with her thoughts and practices. Hay describes herself as an intuitive healer. She claims to have healed many of her own illnesses and works on healing the illnesses of others without surgeries or drugs. In this book she describes many incidents where she says she healed herself.

In the book, the author sums up her beliefs by saying, “I believe that, with the help of my Angels, guides, and spirit family, I chose the perfect set of circumstances for my soul’s growth before coming into this life.” She continues on to say that everything that happens to a person is meant to be and that the way we experience life is how we were meant to experience it. She does not believe that the environment we are raised in has anything to do with what happens to us. She also believes heavily in the power of numbers and discusses at length the significance of dates in her stories.

This book, and the methods described within, rely heavily on positive thinking and how our thoughts impact our health. The author reiterates time and again that one must think it for it to happen. I see no drawbacks to thinking positively in life. While I would not rely solely on positive thoughts to cure my cancer, I believe that thinking positively cannot hurt as an addition to medically treating the disease.

Throughout the book the author presented her methods as ‘proven’ but there were no references to outside sources that corroborated her finding. All methods that were ‘proven’ in the book seemed to have been ratified by the authors own experiences. I would have liked to see more references to other studies done by other groups of researchers that substantiate her findings. I am willing to admit that, while I see no proof it is true, I also cannot prove it is not true.

The book could be a great read for someone who believes in the power of positive thinking and is seeking an alternative medicine approach to healing, but I would add caution and suggest you always seek medical treatment in conjunction with the methods provided in this book. I believe that how one receives this story is dependent on one’s belief system when it comes to illness and treatments for those illnesses.

Pages: 94 | ASIN: B07JJ6LPQN

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Numerology is Undeniable and Reliable

Sara Bachmeier Author Interview

Sara Bachmeier Author Interview

Egyptian Numerology is a guide to living by your soul chakra and helping readers use their highest frequencies. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I know that when we are living our true authentic life, we share a sense of purpose and meaning that inspires the world to do the same. I believe we all agreed to a soul contract that is coded in our DNA, Birth Name and Date. We will continue to struggle in life until we find and follow through with what we came here to do. When we raise our frequencies, we are able to connect to Spirit through our intuition, psychic and healing abilities. Ultimately, these three areas are the strongest abilities that all number frequencies take us to but each number has a unique flavor of bringing this forth into the world. My job is to show you how.

What do you think is one common misconception people have about numerology?

That it is used as a means toward fortune telling. In actuality, we have choices and it depends on how we use our frequencies. For the positive or the negative. Numerology is undeniable and reliable in potential but only the individual can decide how they are going to manifest their gifts in this world. Egyptian Numerology won’t tell you what isn’t already coded in your DNA.

You are a certified instructor in Egyptian Numerology and have been charting Egyptian Numerology since 2016. How has your experience helped you write this book?

I know through my charting that these frequencies are true and valid. If a person does not resonate with their frequencies, it is because they are choosing not to for fear of the unknown. It is my goal to help people see how these frequencies are active in their life and how they can be nurtured and used to become their most powerful allies through demonstration channeled in abilities, qualities and potential.

Do you have other books planned on this subject? If so, when will they be available?

I do. I have my second book coming out in the beginning of next year. It is called the “Path of the Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the asking”. It is a sequel to the first book and covers more advanced features in Egyptian Numerology and a more in-depth study of cycles, patterns and of course Master Numbers and our wounded healer numbers.

Author Links: Website | LinkedIn | Amazon

Egyptian Numerology works with a persons highest qualities and potential. Most people are satisfied with the traditional numerology which uses the frequencies of numbers to dissect the good and bad aspects of their character. I refer to this as the mind reading technique because for some reason people like to be told what they already know about themselves and what can be revealed by just looking into the mirror and being completely honest with oneself. The paradigm for numbers has shifted over the past few decades and it is vital that we acknowledge this change and accept the knowledge available to us during these radical times of change. Egyptian Numerology takes your reflection and enhances the view by using your number frequencies and taking it into the fifth dimension to show you what is possible to achieve in this lifetime. The fifth dimension has been described as the plane of love and of living totally from the heart. It will give you the opportunity to discover areas of your life that have the greatest potential and what they are meant to look like in an elevated frequency rating. It is compatible to giving you a new prescription for lenses in order to see yourself clearly. If you are already using your highest frequencies, than this type of charting can be used as a geographical confirmation that you are on the right track or it can be used as a reference point to what is possible to achieve in a perspective not always revealing. It will give you a description of what your life looks like when you are living through your heart chakra.

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Egyptian Numerology: Emergence into the Fifth Dimension

Egyptian Numerology: Emergence into the Fifth Dimension by [Bachmeier, Sara]

Every soul has a contract. That contract must be fulfilled. This is a guidebook to fulfilling the soul contract. It is a road-map to living according to the soul chakra. It is a sort of manual for Egyptian numerology. With this book, one can derive their own soul’s purpose without using those notoriously inaccurate numerology calculators on the internet. This form of numerology seeks to lay out all the possibilities of life. If one is already on their destined path, they can use this book as a way to find their compass. To find how far along they are on the prescribed journey.

With this book, you will be able to achieve perspective. You will be able to know and remember who you are, where you come from, what paths are before you, your special abilities, and how to use them. You will be able to devise a method for self-empowerment. This is not a shortcut to realizing your potential and destiny. It is a tool to find the path yourself. It is more fulfilling that way.

You are relatively happy but you still feel like something is missing on occasion. You still feel a tad unfulfilled despite seemingly living fully and happily. That could be because you are in breach of your soul’s contract. If you are looking to gain the ability to realize your true path. Or, you are looking for assurance that your are on the right path. Or, maybe you just want to recognize yourself intrinsically. This is the book for you.

Sara Bachmeier has been a student and follower of Egyptian Numerology for years now. Her knowledge and capability in the subject are quite evident from her relay of the book. She has a wonderful writing gift. Her exemplary writing only works to enhance the experience with this book which improves understanding of the subject matter.

This is not a book you read while you wait for your flight. This is a book you read on a quiet day or evening by the fire. This is the book you read when you are completely relaxed. The only way you can grasp the quintessence of Egyptian numerology is by doing it with an open mind and welcoming soul. The author makes sure to do everything else for you. However, her language gets a little too technical in some instances. This may threw me off a little bit but it does not take away from the experience and value.

This book is enlightening. It is educational. It is fresh. It will be life changing if you let it. This book can be the best decision you have made in a while. It is never too late to get on the right path. Never too late to learn something. Never too late to take stock of your life.

Pages: 216 | ASIN: B07B66K5S4

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