Never Give Up

A family of penguins has left their icy home to take their son to a university in England called Ox-fjord. Junior Nerdy-Birdy Pingo-Bongo dreams of becoming a famous ice cream maker. On the way there, their aircraft malfunctions, and they are forced to land in a desert. Here they are distraught and have no idea how to get their plane fixed. Rather than give up all hope, Junior convinces his parents to make their dreams come true there in the desert and bring the ice cream they love to the people there.

Never Give Up by Anna Maledon and illustrated by Wenny Stefanie is an inspiring and creative story with many lessons packed in. Children will learn from this picture book about using their imagination, problem-solving, immigration, entrepreneurship, and different climate and weather conditions. The author uses humor to help teach many of these lessons and show children how even when things look impossible, you should never give up on your goals.

The artwork in this beautifully written picture book brings the characters to life, their personalities jump off the pages, and you feel all the emotions they do as you read through this story. The expression on Junior’s face as he goes through the different stages of the story helps young readers understand the complex emotions he is experiencing. This is a great way to teach emotional empathy and social skills.

Never Give Up would make an amazing gift for a classroom teacher or for someone getting ready to graduate as a reminder to never give up on their dreams. Of course, there will always be setbacks, but learning to adapt and see through the problem is what makes a person successful.

Pages: 47 | ASIN : B0B5FJ2D1R

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