Symbolic Of My Hope

M.C. Lorbiecke Author Interview

The Infinydon follows a professor who must save humanity from an ancient leviathan who is hungry for blood. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The inspiration for this book was spurred by my passion for protecting this planet. I wish to urgently spread the message that we must begin caring for our world but in an exciting and compelling story. This book and the characters within were symbolic of my hope for the future despite the global situation of climate change, food shortages, poverty, and rampant viruses in which we currently find ourselves, which I believe can be remedied through love, respect, and innovation.

You have a variety of interesting characters in this book. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Some of the driving ideals behind my varied characters’ development were to illustrate some societal issues in which people of minority populations are often poorly represented; however, my desire was to highlight this in an engaging storytelling format. This is why I selected a mixed-race woman to be at the forefront of the group of academics, a young neurodivergent to lead the research team, and several others of varying color from a variety of nationalities and cultures to hold integral roles in the narrative, shedding light on each of their perspectives. Anton, the statistician, is not written as an autistic character; he is instead portrayed as an essential character who happens to be on the neurodivergent spectrum, as many of our world’s greatest minds are now suspected of having been. We rarely hear publications about how these individuals used their unique ways of thinking to excel. Instead, society chooses the perspective of intolerance toward these people while forcing them to conform to a standard. As an educator, I learned long ago that minds and bodies flourish most when each individual is allowed to develop outside of a society’s box of convenience, which is to serve the purpose of working as an interchangeable cog in a larger machine that has been proven to be a broken system. I believe that, instead, our distinctions should be encouraged and celebrated for the purpose of personal fulfillment as well as societal progression. Furthermore, the character of the infinydon was my manifestation of a marriage between Mother Earth and Father Time, ergo, God, or a higher power. I use the term God not to specify the god of Christianity necessarily but because that is the most prevalent term used to represent my meaning in the English language. I believe that our planet is a living organism with which that were preordained to live with in symbiosis; however, due to humankind losing their relationship with the Earth, we have lost touch with nature. This has had negative effects on our species as well as to our environment. My dream is that we fall back into harmony with our world for the betterment of all.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Some of the critical themes of the story were that we, as a species, are currently in a dire predicament; For this reason, we should consider our current trajectory and contemplate whether or not there may be improvements that could be made to the way we use our resources and interact with our fellow person. I strongly suspect that the illnesses, incomprehensible violence, climate change, and the declining mental health of our species directly correlate to directly to our actions. Never in the recorded history of our world has there been a species more violent, hierarchical, or destructive than our own. As an animal of higher intelligence, we should care more for each other and our environment. With all that we have learned and the capability to communicate with like-minded individuals worldwide, I believe that we now have the instruments necessary to transcend our current state of existence.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have a few projects in the works right now. Book Two of the God Slayer trilogy is in the planning stage. My prospective date for publication is Dec 2023. I have just written a delightful children’s book about a farm dog who finds the courage to save the farm from disaster, for which I am currently searching for an illustrator. The other is a science fiction novella which is now my primary focus, titled Hourus: The Metamorphosis of Eonians to Varisovans. It is about the plight of a race of aquatic peoples, essentially mermaids, who have lived on an hourglass-shaped planet in a solar system with two suns. The Hourans have lived in a beautiful harmonious utopia of amethystine waters for as long as their elders can remember when things begin to go awry in their world. This book is an epic mystery of love, discovery, and the ultimate betrayal in which you follow the main characters through the metamorphosis they must endure to prevail. I am very excited about this book; its prospective publication date is November 2022.

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Holding his breath, he gathered the gall to peek out the porthole. Darkness. He moved closer, fogging the window with panicked exhalation. Blinking, he noticed the infantile sensation of soiling his pants, warm and sticky, pressing molding smoothly between his flesh and underwear. As the fog cleared, his eyes focused; he saw the ribbing of a throat. The beast drifted backward. Teeth. She had several rows of teeth that seemed intelligently designed for grabbing, ripping, and tearing. Flexing her muscles, her jaw protruded beyond her broad snout in a horrifying display. She presented rows of gyrating scythes, sawing in opposing motions.
As she repelled further back, he noticed the pulsing of her monstrous gills, fins moving systematically. The monster moved so gracefully, delicately. Looking intently into the vessel, her large, catlike eye narrowed: searching. Fascinated, he forgot to be afraid, secure within the ship’s safety. The tapetum lucidum of her mirroring pupil flashed reflectively through the cabin. He ducked instinctively to avoid the searching of her eyeball, heart palpitating painfully. His eyes squeezed so tight he saw spots. With his back to the wall, he told himself to calm down. In and out, he panted, his heart racing, one hand covering his eyes and the other clutching his chest. Sweat dripped from his brow. With intention, he began to relax. With one subaqueous explosion, his lungs were filled with water as the leviathan drove through the hold of the frigate and entered the cabin. Before he could react, his torso was severed cleanly from his trunk. Satisfied, the man’s trunk held delicately within her jaws. She gave one vigorous flip of her keel and splintered the boat. Task concluded, she swam on, creating a mile-long wake with her powerful tail, poaching weapons disabled, appetite unabated by her meal.

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