One Side Plot In Our Love Story

Tuula Pere Author Interview

Colin the Crab Falls in Love follows a crab as he decides to find a spouse, and learns that the best way to do that is to just be himself. What was the inspiration for your story?

There are already so many books in the Colin the Crab Series that the characters have become good friends to me – especially Colin. Sometimes I feel like I’m following his real life. This happens deep in my imagination, and I’m just writing down the stories.

In previous books, Colin’s life story has developed to the point where he started feeling very lonely in his big house. It was time to try to find a mate, which became the book’s central theme.

The loneliness begins to trouble Colin’s mind when his circle of friends includes a starfish pair in love, a busy lizard family, and a monkfish widow living in her memories. What would Colin himself remember and miss afterward if he would spend his life alone without a particular companion of his own?

I understood the sensitivity of this matter for my friend Colin. As a shy person, it would be difficult for him to approach his crush and especially difficult to try to impress her. Colin feels he needs some advice from his friends, but on the other hand, he wants to make her own decisions, as always. – Falling in love is ultimately a very personal thing.

Colin and Clara find love by being themselves and not changing. Can you share your love story?

I have been happily married for almost 40 years. At this point, I dare to reveal how it all started because it is quite a funny story. I met a nice young man in a lift – and the rest is history!

I worked in a tall old building on the main street in a law firm. There was another office on the next level, whose people used the same lift. Gradually, the seven floors we shared in the lift with this young man were no longer enough. We started chatting for longer times on the sidewalk in front of the office building.

That’s how our story started, and two years later, we celebrated our wedding. The real love story has been the decades that have followed – all those years we have shared together as a couple and with our children and grandchildren as a family.

I am happy about everything we have been able to experience together – and that’s a lot in both our private life and working in the business. I dare say that we have become each other’s most reliable support.

Even my activities related to children’s books wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t have such a partner by my side who believes in my abilities and helps in so many ways.

That is also one side plot in our love story.

What were the morals you were trying to capture while creating your characters?

This book – Colin the Crab Falls in Love – mainly talks about the same circle of friends that we have already met earlier in the series. These characters are individuals in every sense, and they value different things. That’s why their models of solving problems or making choices differ from each other.

The sensitive topic of finding a partner puts the well-meaning advice of friends in a new light. Colin must be able to decide which of the given advice is suitable for him and which goes too far. Drawing a line for the friends’ influence is not easy. After all, they have succeeded obviously better than Colin in their intimate relationships – at least for now.

All this with partners and spouses and making an impact may sound like an adult topic, but everything is written in a very child-friendly manner. Children will have fun following the surprising twists and turns of the story as Colin tries to please both his friends and his beloved Clara.

The most profound lesson of the story is that everyone must pursue what is most important to them. Of course, our choices must not be utterly selfish or offend others, but still, the solutions must be done by being loyal to one’s innermost self.

I also want to increase readers’ confidence in trusting themselves. The most important thing is to know yourself and stay true to it in your interactions with others, even your friends.

Will Colin and Clara have another story about their life together, if so when will it be available?

Colin and Clara’s life together has already lasted for one more book. The fourth book in the series – “Colin the Crab Gets Married” – has already been published.

New stories about their future life have already emerged in my head. Now that the family is established, it gives opportunities for exciting sequels.

In my mind, I can already see new members of the Carb family. Their adventures are developing in my imagination. Raising children isn’t exactly a simple matter either, and many different views exist.

How did the old Mrs. Monkfish raise her children? What kind of views on quality time with children do technology freak Eddie the Eel and vain Stella the Starfish have?

Now I get all excited to talk about the future of Colin and Clara after the current four books. That shows how much fun I have had writing this series. Right now, I’m working on a big project with another series that is important to me. But as soon as it’s at the right stage, Colin the Crab definitely needs to move forward in his own life story.

I believe something entirely new will happen next year in Colin the Crab’s life. I’ve even heard talk of baby fever!

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Colin the Crab is a hard worker who loves spending his spare time with friends. He has a charming home, but lately it has started to feel a bit empty and lonely. Is it time for Colin to find a spouse? Colin is confused, and none of his friends knows how to advise him.
One day Finley the Frog, the director of the river museum, calls Colin for help when an accident befalls an important exhibition of shells and corals. Among the broken shelves, Colin makes a delightful discovery: a girl crab with the most beautiful eyes along the riverbank.

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