Sam Richmond is brilliant. It’s no wonder, with a famous scientist for a mother. In a time when the Doomsday Clock predicts the downfall of humanity, Sam finds himself in a position working for a renowned scientist, working on the Capsule program, building habitable domes for human life. But everything is not as it seems. Sam’s mother becomes one of the Disappeared; despite months spent searching, Sam cannot locate her. Later, disaster strikes, nearly killing Sam’s two closest friends. He learns then that the higher authorities are keeping secrets from him, which could spell disaster for humanity should they ever be released to the public. Sam knows he can trust no one and renews his efforts to find his mother.

Midgard by Jeanne Hull Godfroy is the first book of a science fiction series about the potential downfall of humanity and the efforts to keep themselves alive. Humans are racing against time when the Earth will no longer sustain them. Using technology and his immense brain power, Sam tries to stay ahead, using models to understand the past and predict the future.

As Godfroy’s debut novel, Midgard is a look at the future of humanity if we continue to disregard Earth’s ability to sustain human life. In Sam Richmond’s world, humans can’t even walk outside without special suits to protect them from the elements. Godfroy does an excellent job showing the reader this future, which is unsettling and scary.

I felt that in some places of the story, it tends to move fast, to the point where the reader doesn’t quite have a handle on what is happening in the story. Part of this is the author’s decision to withhold much information from the reader, which we discover after Sam has already figured it out. However, I was impressed by Godfroy’s style and execution for a first novel. It is evident through Sam’s scientific predictions and the worldbuilding that Godfroy spent time researching and crafting a believable story.

Midgard is a captivating, exciting science fiction dystopia novel with suspense and mystery. Readers will be drawn into this frightening reality of the future and will be on edge, waiting to see if humanity can survive.

Pages: 218 | ASIN : B0BCPJFWJ4

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