Dream Big…even when you’re small

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A small little sea star from the Atlantic Sea loves his home but wants to see what else is out in the world. He finds an island to visit, but first, he needs a boat. After building a boat from some wood, he finds he travels to the new island and starts his adventure. He makes new friends, tries new things, and has an adventure. After spending the day in the sun, he realizes he wants to try someplace cold, so he goes off to see an iceberg! Quickly realizing that the cold was not for him, he rides a narwhal back home to the Atlantic Sea.

Dream Big…even when you’re small, written and illustrated by Karen Quigley, is an adorable picture book that will entertain and educate children. When the starfish wants to try out something new, he makes a plan and does not let his small size stop him from doing big things. The rhyming story makes it delightful to read, especially out loud. The lines are short and would be perfect for beginning readers to learn as I noticed many site words in these sentences.

While the story is entertaining, the illustrations really bring this children’s book to life. I loved all the different expressions on the sea creatures, especially the grumpy/nurvous-looking crab. I could easily see a companion coloring book to go with this picture book the illustrations are that fun.

Sprinkled into the amusing story of a starfish traveling, there are lessons about using manners, making friends, being respectful, and appreciating the things you have in life. It is an all-around feel-good story that will remind children that traveling is fun and a great adventure, but to be excited and grateful when they return home.

Dream Big…even when you’re small is a whimsical picture book that children and adults can enjoy reading together. The colorful artwork gives readers lots to talk about and point out, making the reading experience active for even toddlers. This is the perfect book for preschool and kindergarten classrooms.

Pages: 32 | ISBN : 1999397320

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