The 5-Time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King

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The 5-Time Rejected Gamma and the Lycan King, written by Stina’s Pen, will have you sucked in in no time. Gamma Lucianne Freesia Paw has been rejected 5 times but ends up being bonded once more. This time to the lycan king. Lucianne wants to end the bond as quickly as possible to avoid any heartbreak, but King Xandar does not. He is hurt and confused about why she wants to end things immediately. He manages to convince her to give him a chance. Xandar does everything in his power to show her that he loves her and is afraid of losing her. Lucianne and Xandar get to know each other as the days go on during the collaboration. Lucianne being the top Gamma of her species, helps teach the wolves and lycans how to fight in both of their forms. She quickly wins the hearts of many lycans, but not all. Some are downright murderously jealous.

This novel was long but absolutely phenomenal! I loved that the story took place over the course of 4 weeks and didn’t jump timelines so much. The only time it moved forward in time was at the end, but that helped the book come to a fantastic conclusion. The plot of the story was fantastic, but that plot twist got me! I did not see that coming at all.

Pen has created excellent characters that are fully developed and interesting. At times Xandar did seem a little too possessive, but I reminded myself that he is a fictional character and the lycan king. Of course, he was going to be so possessive of Lucianne because he loved her so much and wanted to protect her and felt like a failure anytime she got hurt. Lucianne was a spectacular character. I loved that the author shows that size doesn’t matter. It is all about your actions and words that can show people who you really are. Christian was a great supporting character, and his back story with his wife, Annie, was so sweet. Greg’s character ended up surprising me in the end. He changed a lot. I would say he had the most personal growth, but I do have some suspicions about him.

I hope this will not be the last I have read about Lucianne and Xandar. The 5-Time Rejected Gamma and the Lycan King quickly became one of my favorite novels. I loved that it was so long and had so much information and details. It made me feel so many emotions. I caught myself feeling angry at the characters, as well as happy and sad. I even laughed out loud quite a few times! I hope to read more by Stina’s Pen.

Pages: 743 | ASIN : B0B9R2JY8W

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