Magnificent Mocha Monty

Magnificent Mocha Monty by Holland Jordan is a heartwarming picture book about a little boy that is filled with self-confidence and self-love. He knows he is special and appreciates all his physical attributes without comparing himself to anyone else. Monty’s joy and pride are infectious when telling readers all about his magnificent parts. Children will love seeing another child, especially those with mocha skin, be proud of who they are and tell the whole world how wonderful it is to be yourself.

This emotional children’s book written for preschoolers and young elementary students is filled with positive messages. It is important to ensure all children have representation in literature so they can have someone to relate to. Monty is an amazing role model for young children that may be feeling self-conscious about looking different from friends and classmates.

The illustrations from Mosaku Ogooluwa and Illustrationpal/Sam are bright and engaging. Using the caricature style for Monty gives him a great personality and allows young readers to feel the excitement that he does with each page and declaration. Reading this story to kids will be fun as they look through the bold illustrations and point out each characteristic that Monty is proud of.

In addition to the important story in this picture book, several teaching resources are included. This makes it easy to incorporate the book into a lesson plan activity. There are also several worksheets included in the book that can be used in the classroom. The author even includes permission to copy the activities. It is clear that Holland Jordan has an educational background and knows what children and teachers need.

Magnificent Mocha Monty is an extraordinary picture book that children and teachers will love. Filled with positive thoughts and playful illustrations, this is sure to become a favorite book of children and adults.

Pages: 29 | ASIN : B0BH1DNZ2J

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