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There Is A Lot Of Emotion

Shana Congrove
Shana Congrove Author Interview

Unleashed Chaos follows twins Jace and Jem who find their lives changed forever after the Chiang-shih demon is destroyed, freeing their evil half-brother Sebastian. What were some changes you made to this revised edition?

I believe you can always make a story better, no matter how seasoned the author is. And that’s exactly what I did in addition to a new cover, a new editor, and published it myself. Now, as I move into my sixth novel in the series, I have developed more skills as a writer—thanks to helpful tips from talented authors, a real editor, and gracious readers—especially when it comes to the fight scenes and the sizzling romance.

I enjoyed Jace and Jem Chamberlain characters. Who in Hollywood do you see playing them if this were turned into a movie?

Jace and Jem Chamberlain are my dearest characters. They started my story from the very beginning at the tender age of four. Since they are identical twins and all grown up now, their characters are very similar, although somewhat different in personality, like fire and ice. What actor do I see playing their parts in a movie? Well, that’s tough to say. My characters actually came from a “real” person that is not an actor. Sorry, keeping that one a secret. So, I’d have to say, they look a lot like Brad Pitt when he played in the movie “Legends of the Fall.” But since that was years ago, the actor in today’s time would be Charlie Hunnam. His voice would be great for Jace!

Your characters go on a deeply emotional and transformative journey in your novel. Is this intentional or incidental to the story you want to tell?

Yes, there is a lot of emotion in my novels between my characters. Lots of new budding love, new beginnings, revenge, and forgiveness. I definitely wanted to start this story with our everyday human emotions. In my opinion, it makes the characters believable and seem “real” to the readers. Although most of my characters are not human, they still share all the traits of humanity.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

In 2022, I will release my sixth novel of the Breedline series, The Curse, along with revised editions of Sweet Chaos and Total Chaos. In 2023, I plan to release the seventh novel of the Breedline series, Living Nightmares. In 2024, I’m writing a special edition of the Novels of the Breedline series, The Vampires in Manhattan. This book will take readers into the era of the mid-eighteenth century.

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Identical twins Jace and Jem Chamberlain, born of the Breedline species—a secret race of humans with the gift to change into wolf form—find their lives changed forever after the Chiang-shih demon is finally destroyed, freeing their evil half-brother Sebastian Crow of the demon’s possession.

As Sebastian moves on with his new life, evading punishment for his crimes against the Breedline, he uncovers a secret from his past, leading him down a dangerous path he hadn’t bargained for.

Meanwhile, Jace is fiercely determined to protect his beloved Tessa, who is pregnant with his twin sons, from Sebastian Crow and his recurring nightmares. Worried his dreams are visions of her death, Jace battles with the lesser of two evils: to seek revenge against his half-brother, or to surrender his fury before his thirst for vengeance destroys everything he loves.

Now that everyone in the Breedline Covenant looks forward to Jem and Mia’s wedding, a mysterious guest arrives unexpectedly with an extraordinary gift of healing. The question is… are they all prepared to deal with the unforeseen visitor’s dark past of running from a corrupt group of scientists obsessed with his rare abilities, or will they be driven to the brink of madness?

I Wanted to Create A New Villain

Shana Congrove
Shana Congrove Author Interview

Sins of Chaos finds the Breedline species safe from Breedline hybrids but now they face something far more deadly. What were some new ideas you wanted to explore in this book that were different from The Immortal?

For Sins of Chaos, I wanted to create a new villain, or rather a trio of villains, who are far more powerful than the Breedline or any other species in their Covenant. Bringing forth this type of supernatural villains would give me the opportunity to introduce some new “winged” characters to the story who will play a crucial role in my Breedline adventures in the future.

I loved all the new exciting characters included in this story. What were some sources of inspiration that informed their character development?

Everyone wants a hero, especially in a world filled with evil and destruction. That’s when my heroes started to develop. And why not five battle angels. Of course, they are not your typical white winged angels with halos hovering their heads. I wanted my new heroic characters to be larger than life with personalities and special powers to match. Their purpose is vital to the story and will continue on in the future.

How did you come up with the idea for the antagonist in this story and how did it change as you wrote?

Crazy as it sounds, my idea for the antagonist in Sins of Chaos, came from a dream. I knew I needed new exciting villains for my story, but I struggled with the idea. One night I dreamed of three fraternal siblings with supernatural powers. They all had specific characteristics and unique powers. As time passed, they became more vivid and believable in my own mind. Although they are the “bad guys,” their story will shift toward the end.

What can readers expect in the next book in your Breedline Series?

Next in line for my Novels of the Breedline series follows:

  • The Curse
  • Living Nightmares
  • Vampires in Manhattan

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As the Breedline species—a race of humans born with special powers and the gift to change into wolf form—finally destroy Dr. Hubert Crane and his unholy creation of Breedline hybrids, they are faced with something far more dangerous… and deadly. When widespread reports of gruesome attacks on homeless victims sweep across Berkeley California and the San Francisco Bay area, two local human detectives are desperate to catch whoever is responsible for the disturbing and heinous crimes. But… they are not prepared for what they discover when they encounter three malevolent supernatural beings called… the Fury.

Abbey, desperate to keep her she-wolf at bay, has been on the run from ruthless scientists—backed by wealthy and dangerous prospects dealing in drug and human sex trafficking—who will stop at nothing to use her to locate her beloved Steven for his unique abilities of healing.

With the help of the Breedline species and a group of highly trained soldiers, whose special skills go beyond the norm, the human race finds hope of surviving the dangers that are fast closing in. But will the combined efforts be powerful enough to save them?

While war wages on, Sebastian Crow continues to suffer Lucifer’s curse—trapped in a coma and forced to face the forgotten trauma of his childhood. And the only way to awaken from his hellish nightmare, Sebastian must hand over his son Arius to the dark side.

Sins of Chaos

Sins of Chaos is another suspenseful entry in Shana Congrove’s Breedline Series. In this book, the reader follows Abbey as she tries to find and protect her beloved Steven, who is being tracked by Valkin Steele. He wants to use Steven’s unique healing abilities to heal his wife. Though he has backed scientists who have run ruthless tests on the Breedline species. While Valkin Steele is a man who deals in drugs and human sex-trafficking, he is not the worst thing the Breedlines have to deal with. Three supernatural beings of dark powers known as the Fury are terrorizing Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay area with a wave of brutal murders.

The first thing that struck me about Congrove’s writing style is how easy it is to read, which helps ensure readers are completely engrossed in this fantasy world rather than trying to make sense of it.

Congrove has built a world that is believable and has given it rules that make sense, which is odd to say about a supernatural thriller that leans heavy into paranormal activities is ‘believable’, but nothing is ever over the top and when it is it’s simply entertaining.

As I expected, the characters in the story are uniquely intriguing and fun to follow because of their fascinating quirks. Congrove has a large cast of characters, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it definitely gives this story more of an epic fantasy feel where a large world is being explored. The story follows multiple characters perspectives, taking readers through various angles of the story, which is helpful to tell a story that has depth but borders on being overwhelming at times. Even with a wide cast of characters I was still able to connect to some of the characters in the story. In their fight with Valkin Steele, I was worried that they were going to lose (I nearly bit my fingernails off) and I was invested in the outcome of the fight. Then near the end when the Breedline Covenant attacks the Furies… ah I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that I like seeing the good guys on the verge of losing to the bad guys because it makes the story more believable and suspenseful at the same time.

Sins of Chaos is a wildly entertaining shifter fantasy novel that reminds me of season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but with a much bigger world and more characters that are easily compelling and fun to follow.

Pages: 336 | ASIN: B093TJ1VDR

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