The Good News According to Jesus

The Good News According to Jesus: The Message and Resurrection of Jesus for the Mission of the Church is a book that can be used as excellent reference material for Jesus’ teachings. The author analyzes the bible extensively and writes about the word of God perfectly for the average reader to understand. The author discusses a variety of topics that give clarity to significant spiritual issues and are helpful in the Christian life. One of the most notable things one will notice in this well-researched book is the author’s inclusion of bible scriptures. Every topic discussed has a reference to its bible verse, which is an ideal way of getting one to read the bible. The author has relevant verses for every chapter and also discusses in depth the significance of the word of God.

After the introduction, the author starts by discussing new testament books. What do you know about the life of Jesus when he was on earth? Do religious books write enough about Jesus’ time, his purpose, and why he died? The author broadly covers the life of Jesus and his relations and writes about his work. I appreciate that the author poses questions as he writes and answers them satisfactorily. I was enlightened as I read about the death of Jesus, the challenges he faced, and the opposition he had to deal with. The author is thorough. One of his strengths is knowing how to break down a single event in the bible to share multiple lessons about Christianity and contemporary life.

The author, Donald Blosser, is unpretentious in his writing and emphasizes truths. In his thought-provoking book, the reader is introduced to fresh topics as the author discusses insightfully the role of religion. As a Christian, one gets the fulfillment of learning about the bible and following God’s teachings. The author’s use of simple terms and a friendly attitude make this book intriguing. He uses words that are easy to comprehend and engages the reader through the question and biblical references he has. He is also inspirational and uses an encouraging tone. This makes the book accessible to a wider range of readers, and not just religious scholars.

The Good News According to Jesus, is the ultimate guide to leading a Christian life. The author is open-minded and discusses issues that affect Christians in the modern world. He compares times in the bible and speaks of today’s ills as he shares what the Lord wants his people to do.  I recommend this book to Christian believers and individuals who want to renew their hope.

Pages: 84 | ISBN : 1645509761

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