A Home for Sally

A Home for Sally is a heartwarming picture book about one little puppy that is born missing one of her paws. She spends months and months in a kennel because no one wants to adopt her with her missing paw. She watches as all her siblings and friends find new homes, and she is left waiting alone. One day a family comes in and finally notices her, but will they have it in their hearts to take home the puppy with a missing paw?

Adopting a pet is a big decision and one that requires an even bigger heart if the animal has a disability or medical issue. Author Stenetta Anthony shows children in this amazing story that it is important to wait for the right situation and not rush into things. Lots of people adopted the other dogs, but it took patience for Sally to find the right family for her. Teaching children to be patient and wait for the right time in life is hard, and this story will help them understand the value of being patient.

While I enjoyed most of this story, one line stood out that did not feel right to me. When Sally was looking in the mirror and saying negative things about herself, she said that her friends had said those things to her. If they were really her friends, they would not be telling her that she was unloveable or unwanted. However, Sally showed grace and the depth of her golden heart when she was worried about them not being adopted when she found her forever home. Showing kindness to those that are not always kind to you is a great message for children to see in action.

A Home for Sally is a well-written children’s book that will teach children about patience, being kind, and never giving up on their dreams. It is a wonderful book for families and classrooms and would be a great book to read to children who are looking to get their first pet.

Pages: 30 | ASIN : B09515GN7G

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