The Gift in Gratitude

K P Weaver’s The Gift in Gratitude will make you find new meaning in life and appreciate the little things the universe offers. The author has extensively written about gratitude as a virtue, dealing with successes and failures, and how human beings process thankfulness. Does gratitude have a formula? The author writes about the formula of gratitude, which may appear simple but, in reality, has its complexities. K P Weaver describes a winning gratitude formula as gratitude plus emotion bundled together with focused intentions and aligned action. The tone applied by the author throughout the book is affirmative and encouraging. K P Weaver uses moving words that get the reader in the moment and makes one reflect on how they show gratitude to themselves, others, and the universe in general.

K P Weaver is an excellent author and does not complicate the text in the book; rather, she uses words and phrases that are easy to digest.  K P weaver also discusses finding joy, which was one of my favorite parts of the book. The author encourages readers to prioritize joy as much as possible. The world we are living in can be depressing, and as an individual, it is your duty to look for ways of making yourself happy without external input. K P Weaver will get you to focus on the constructive aspects of your life and be contented with what you have. The text in the book is simply transformational.

The use of diagrams in the book is praiseworthy. The author uses charts and figures when she wants to explain a difficult subject in the most simple of ways. K P Weaver’s diction and sentence structure are other astounding elements of her writing. The various topics tackled in the book are helpful to the reader as an individual and valuable to society.  The author is making everyone ponder on ways of showing gratitude and the impact it has on souls. 

Some of the most remarkable topics in the book for me were gratitude and money, the science of gratitude, grateful parenting and relationships, gratitude in business, being grateful even when you are not feeling it, and finding gratitude in procrastination. Each of these chapters was exceptionally written, with life-changing content.  I like how the author ended the book with gratitude through moving stories. This section of the book is significant and even more intriguing as she tells personal stories from different people to make the point home. 

The major takeaway from ‘The Gift in Gratitude’ is that showing gratitude and being appreciative will bring you joy, happiness, and fulfillment.  To summarize, the book, The Gift in Gratitude, can be described as perceptive and heartwarming. The stellar writing displayed by the author is one of the many excellent things about this book.

Pages: 154 | ISBN : 978-0-6455205-8-3

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