God – Life Is About The Soul 

God – Life Is About The Soul by Author Alan Gill is the third book featured in a collection of six books by the author. The book shares the message that life is to be lived with the sole purpose of the redemption of the soul and the only way to achieve this is through an authentic relationship with God. The author states that the Bible is the true message of God. He offers a critique of organized religions who he asserts do not offer people the correct guidance to achieve salvation through God and admittance to Heaven as they misrepresent the word of God in some cases by focusing on material life rather than the soul and people’s ultimate relationship with God and Christ.  

The assertion that the world is a temporary stage of our soul’s life where we are given the opportunity to prove our devotion to God and his purpose for humanity is laid out by the author throughout the book and features as a central message.  

Life is serious business and needs to be lived day by day considering its ultimate purpose, namely your soul.

The writing is clear and the arguments are set out in a logical manner with direct references from the scripture. The author is clearly passionate in his belief and desire to educate readers on the importance of living a spiritual life in order to achieve success in one’s life. Success is defined by the writer as living life in a manner pleasing God and in turn being granted eternal life in the kingdom of God.  

A wise person can see that life is about the soul. Essentially everything that has meaning is about the soul. All the hundreds of things that a person may consider important in their lives are not important. Ultimately, at death (or Christ’s return), there is only one issue of importance, and it is do you have a relationship with God – are you in the body of Christ. That will be the determining criteria for success or failure. Life is about the soul and absolutely about nothing else, but there are some equivalent ways of stating this that can bring added clarity. Life is about the battle between good and evil and very personally about the struggle between you and sin. This correct understanding of life emphasizes life is about the spiritual.

I enjoyed reading this enlightening book as it lays out an intelligent discussion about the nature of the soul and the personal relationship one must cultivate with God. The author makes good points about the dilution of the word of God through a misunderstanding or bending of the meaning of the Bible to accommodate human desires and material wants. He effectively highlights the way organized religion has, in some cases, appropriated material wealth under the name of religion and are misleading followers to the true nature of living a spiritual life. God – Life Is About The Soul is a thought-provoking and illuminating read that I highly recommend to readers looking to develop a better understanding of the soul.

Pages: 252 | ASIN: B0B11SP3PF

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