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What Is Truth?

The reader notices the first Carol Byers’s writing is meticulous. While writing, the author writes about even the most minute differences between the two religions. She takes pride in her knowledge of the Bible and makes biblical references on every page. In What is Truth?: The Bible Vs. the Koran, the author draws comparisons between the two religions’ differences observed, analyzing the Bible and the Koran and breaking down the various practices. The author goes above and beyond when explaining every detail. I love Carol Byers’s writing because she is passionate about religion. This is displayed in her in-depth research and how she states her points.

This educational book starts by giving the most essential comparisons between the Bible and the Koran. I like that the author simplified this part of the book for the reader, as it made comprehension easy. Next, the author discusses Prophet Muhammad, examines his character, and shares their beliefs about him. Carol Byers uses the ideal language and phrases when discussing the Muslim deity and also helps the reader get a true reflection of him. The book uses simplified language, a deep and insightful analysis of Christians, Muslims, and other religions, and closing remarks for the questions readers may ask.

Carol Byers’ writing will appeal to fundamental Christians and believers that recognize that the Christian God is supreme. The author uses multiple scripture passages throughout the book. By giving direct bible verses, she gives the reader a better reference point for where she is developing her analysis from. In addition, the author is conversant with the Bible, Christianity, and even Islam. This is evident in how she writes about the history of both religions, the steps Christians have taken over the years, and why religion is crucial in human existence.

Reading What is Truth?: The Bible Vs. the Koran was an enjoyable experience. The book is divided into two parts, with part one mainly discussing the disparity between the Bible and the Koran, while part two focuses on Islamic practices like marriage, faith, war, and peace. Each of the two parts had weighty topics that would motivate Christians, Muslims, and believers of other religions. Some of the most insightful chapters that I read over and again discussed subjects like the Muslim messiah, how Muslims fight for the cause of god in the name of Jihad, and the last day, salvation through Christ, and truth in Islam and Christianity.

As you read on, you realize that despite Christians and Muslims have a few similarities in how they worship, believers of the two religions have diverse ways of practicing religion. I also love that the author touched on Jews and their common beliefs.

What is Truth?: The Bible Vs. the Koran is like a summarized theology class. The author writes in detail and tries to reach her message to both believers and nonbelievers in the gentlest way possible. I rate this practical book a 4 out of 5 stars because the information in this book is clear and provides perspective on the end of times.

Pages: 409 | ASIN : B08CY7ZC9V

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Some Mistakes of Darwin and a Programmer’s Theory of Life

Evolution theories have always sparked unending debates. Human beings have different beliefs about how life was created and how we have developed. In Some Mistakes of Darwin and a Programmer’s Theory of Life, author Daniel G. Vintner compares old and new evolution theories, alternative theories, and everything in between. Daniel G. Vintner starts by discussing Darwin and his original theory of evolution. As you keep reading, the author gets to more complex topics like how accurate the theory is and how Darwin came to his conclusions. The concepts may appear a bit puzzling for starters, but one soon catches up thanks to the author’s brilliant way of breaking down his points.

Following the author as he expounds on the theory of evolution over the centuries, was exciting. I like that Vintner is detailed and diverse in his discussions. The author combs through more than a dozen theories and explains the hard stuff to the reader’s satisfaction. Daniel G. Vintner may be a bit radical, but I like the author’s attitude and firm stand on his philosophies and views.

Some Mistakes of Darwin and a Programmer’s Theory of Life is a great read, not just because of how thorough the author is but also because of how convincing he is. He quotes renowned icons and supports his findings with facts and research. Reading this book made me elated and increased my curiosity about evolution. After reading this book, you will question life and concentrate on the creation story and the origin of species.

This informative book may have been about Darwin and the theory of life, but at no point was it monotonous. Daniel G. Vintner knows how to blend the various sub-topics and how to introduce a new topic even while still discussing the main subject. I enjoyed his personal tales of being a programmer. Learning about the various historical figures and their theories was eye-opening and exciting. I learned more about evolution and got to understand why some problems of evolution not solved by Darwin still have no answers even with the modern advancement.

This book is not for the close-minded; some views by the author may seem extreme, but that only improves the reading experience. The author is an excellent narrator and an even better interpreter. His strength in convincing skeptics to subscribe to specific theories and beliefs is admirable. The technical terminology was easy to understand as the author gives a clear definition and extra description when introducing complex terms. Some topics that were most touched on were Genesis of Genetics, Mutating Randomness, and the Story of Creation. The author leaves readers with an understanding that nature is a bit more complex than we may think and that most things do not happen by chance.

Pages: 276 | ASIN : B0B29G9CY9

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Not The Story They Taught Us In Sunday School

Patrick Andersen Author Interview

Acts of the Women follows the women of the New Testament telling their story in the days after Jesus’s resurrection. What was the inspiration for telling this story?

When I published my first book, Second Born, reimagining the life of Jesus as he grew up with his brothers and sisters in a wealthy family in the capital city of Galilee, I realized I had given voice to his forgotten brothers but neglected his sisters and the countless other dynamic women who played crucial roles in the birth of Christianity. So, Acts of the Women starts right where Second Born left off. But this time it is narrated by the women, and it is not the story they taught us in Sunday School.

What drew you to the genera of historical or biblical fiction?

It’s odd, I usually write humor and satire. But I have a strong faith based in Christianity and have studied it for years, including biblical studies courses at Stanford University and other sources scattered around the country. I have always been bothered by some of the central notions held either consciously or unconsciously by so many Christians. For instance, that this exceptional man was not human but a god, THE God, for that matter. Or that he already knew everything that was going to happen, so he didn’t need to have the faith that we are expected to have, because he already knew the end result. Or that we humans are powerless to correct the wrongs we see in the world, that we must ask Jesus to wave his magic wand like Harry Potter to repair the evil around us. I am convinced that Jesus was a man, and that he had the same fears, joys, worries and victories that fill all our lives. I think he found a way to become one with God, and he was showing the rest of us that we can too.

So, this contradiction that faced me every Sunday when I went to church bothered me. What do I do when I get hot and bothered? I’m a writer. So, I started writing about it. Second Born and Acts of the Women are the results so far.

Was there anything that surprised you in your research for this novel?

As much as the male-dominated church has tried to suppress the history of women’s enrichment of the faith, a lot of evidence can still be found right out in the open. For instance, in the gospels you will find Jesus’ brothers identified by name, but his sisters are barely mentioned in passing. But in other places women are mentioned briefly for traveling with Jesus’ group and providing financial support. Well, it would be a scandal in that culture for a woman to travel with a group of men unless she was close kin or married to one of them. Read through the gospels from beginning to end and start identifying some of these women. And examine Acts of the Apostles and all of Paul’s letters. Watch for references to the women. You will find some real gems that you may have missed before.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

In this genre, I will complete the trilogy with a mystery surrounding the First Council of Nicaea, which occurred in 325. The council was called by Emperor Constantine to determine a universal (i.e., catholic in its non-capitalized definition) view of the nature of Christ. People with alternate views to those adopted at the Council were branded as heretics and, in many cases, excommunicated. I will treat the subject with my usual reverence for orthodoxy. That is, there will be little or none in evidence.

But I have an itch to get back to humor, so I am simultaneously working on a modern-day tale of love and romance on the Internet. When will these two books be available? (Glances at wristwatch while stroking his beard.) Hmm, it’s already 10am and I have an appointment at 1:30, so I won’t be able to finish them today. Maybe by November? And then there’s the lengthy publication process. (Comes out of his musings with an upward snap of his head and suddenly widening eyes.) I hope to have them out in 2023. And before you ask, no, I am not accepting pre-orders currently. But thank you for thinking of offering, as I am sure you were about to do.

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“Patrick W. Andersen’s thrilling new novel, Acts of the Women, is a celebration of the women of the New Testament. Beautifully written in a humorous tone, the author seamlessly weaves together vivid prose with intelligent but surprising conclusions based on years of biblical studies. His women are wise, courageous leaders who rule the men as the risen Jesus and his disciples spread out across the world: France, India, and beyond. This excellent novel is a must-read for anyone interested in exploring the non-traditional stories around Jesus. It is an ode to women and a spiritual gift that should be savored with an open mind.”— Kristi Saare Duarte, Author, Holy Conspiracy, and The Transmigrant
“A fascinating, refreshing, well-crafted, and unique interpretation (or perhaps a new telling) of those women in the Bible who were not only instrumental in the development of early Christianity, but powerful in their roles of protecting—and influencing—the man known as Jesus. …This compelling tale is a must-read for Biblical scholars, theologians, open-minded and open-hearted Christians, and open-minded, open-hearted non-Christians alike. Acts of the Women is extraordinary. I consider this book a must-read.”— Peggy A. Wheeler, Author, The Raven’s Daughter, and The Desert Raven
“Andersen once again gives a fresh, plausible life to the greatest story ever told, the story of Christ and the young church. Rather than unraveling and spinning the same story, we get a new look at the disciples, the women, who played a large role in the beginning of Christianity, and the faith that sustained them.”— Ellen L. Ekstrom, Author, Tallis’ Third Tune, and Scarborough

Patrick W. Andersen enjoyed an award-winning career as a journalist and editor, earning special recognition from the San Francisco Human Rights Commission for bringing ethnic minority concerns to the attention of the general public. Turning his writing skills to fiction, he published short stories in a number of journals, some of which are collected in his anthology, Moments to Contemplate (In Bite-Sized Servings). His debut novel, Second Born, garnered critical acclaim for its reimagining of the early life of Jesus. He and his wife Marina live in San Francisco, California.

Brutal, Beautiful Neglected Christian Theology – Book Trailer

Featuring three pastoral interviews, “Brutal, Beautiful Neglected Christian Theology” does not shy away from the more brutal truths of the Bible. It is the author’s goal to showcase for her readers both the beauty and brutality of difficult, uncomfortable topics forsaken by most modern churches today. The author steps back in time and passionately brings back to life neglected areas of Christian theology that are dear to her heart, including regeneration, the depravity of man, the fear of God, the person of the Holy Spirit, and God’s divine discipline, just to name a few, while also exploring issues in our modern culture and providing her readers with biblical evidence for the pre-tribulation rapture of the church. We may be living in an ever-changing global world, but isn’t it refreshing to know that these precious, neglected biblical truths are still taught HERE?

The author wishes to inform her readers that a portion of all book proceeds will be going to benefit the Hope For the World Foundation, a missionary organization which has been helping orphan children and the elderly of Albania for over 30 years, and has taken what was once a communist country and transformed it unto the glory of Jesus Christ. The author also wishes to express that no one individual associated with Hope For the World has asked her to use this book for fundraising purposes in any way, shape, or form, and that this is simply the author’s personal desire to see her theological work benefit a ministry she believes in unto the glory of Jesus Christ. The author does not seek endorsement from Hope For the World in any manner, and the views contained in this book are those of the author.

Powerless But Not Helpless

Powerless But Not Helpless by Buddy C. is a self-help book about taking steps to overcome addictive behaviors and alcoholism.  This exceptional book is written with inspiration from Tao Te Ching, a highly regarded work of Chinese classic literature addressing how to live a virtuous life, from the wisdom of Lao Tzu. The author addresses how to live a life free of addiction and alcoholism while pulling from the wisdom of Lao Tzu and applying life virtues to the recovery journey. 

Readers will discover a book that is rich with practical tips and wisdom to help those struggling with a life of addiction, ensuring that the recovery journey is holistic and spiritually sound. Buddy C. takes a well-rounded approach to address recovery with virtues, personal affirmations, and spiritual fruit. He addresses 81 verses of Lao Tzu and applies them to the recovery process. With statements from Living To Give and Surrendering Expectations to Love Is The Bridge and My Loss Is My Gain, there are many calls to action throughout this book to provide help and support for anyone who reads it. 

There is much wisdom in the pages of this influential book for anyone struggling with substance abuse, addiction, and even low self-esteem. The author provides readers with the tools needed at any stage of their recovery. I really appreciated that the author shared his personal experience with readers, which made me feel confident in the advice he provided.

Powerless But Not Helpless can help readers develop a positive mindset and overcome obstacles they might face during their lifetime. Readers who enjoy self-help books, and words of wisdom, will find this an enlightening read. For those looking to better themselves, this is an excellent place to start that journey to become a more well-rounded person with a broader mindset. I feel this could be a challenging read, filled with self-reflection, but the outcome is worth it. 

Pages: 191 | ASIN : B09HMPHY7V

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What do you see when you look through biblical stories and the relationship between God and man? Do you see a judgmental God eager to bring down the hammer on erring men, or do you see a loving father painfully wading through the errors of man and their inevitable consequences as he works on his master plan to save humanity and once again be reunited with his children?

A Tear of Joy A Tear of Sorrow is an attempted expository look at the scriptures from God’s perspective using evidence from the same scriptures. The author traces the display of God’s love and his experience of sorrow through the defining moments in the scriptures, right from Adam and Eve’s fall. This shows that God wasn’t a passive bystander and he was involved all along, demonstrating his love while persevering through the pangs of pain man’s actions and their consequences caused him. The author takes biblical accounts and examines them based on their immediate context and in the context of the entire scriptures, peeling open the layers to reveal insights about God’s consistent character throughout history.

What’s interesting is how the book points out the often-overlooked personal sacrifices God had to make in defining moments such as the expelling of man from Eden, the flood, and the disbandment of the congregation at the Tower of Babel. It also looks at how these events worked together to keep man on the path to true redemption. Overall, it’s a thought-provoking interpretation of Bible stories people may have gotten too familiar with to properly appreciate. The narrative structure of the book makes it easy to read and keeps you engaged. It also reflects thoughts that are very well put together and, given the topic, digestible.

If you want answers to some pressing questions like how God could allow tragedies like the flood to happen or why he’d even allow Adam and Eve to be tested in the first place, or just why he allows anything untoward to happen to those he claims he loves, this book may give you some. It provides a different way to look at the stories beyond their superficial details.

Works like this are generally considered to be highly opinionated but some opinions are worthy of attention. A Tear of Joy A Tear of Sorrow is an enlightening read that I would recommend to readers looking for a refreshing look at scripture.

Pages: 283 | ASIN : B089HWK493

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Did Jesus Die For Dogs?

Did Jesus Die For Dogs?: What does the Bible say? by [Steven Boint]

Rev Steven J. Boint helps readers understand the Supreme Being that is God and how humans relate to him in his book, Did Jesus Die For Dogs? In the book the author analyzes different theological narratives and how they have shaped the lives of Christians around the world. The tone of the text is neutral and the author is objective with the points  that he shares. Along the way the reverend uses bible scriptures to help the reader comprehend the creation story, sin and how Christ loves his people.

As a follower of Christ, one is assured of God’s unending love and mercy. The author writes about God’s love and why every creature on earth exists because of his grace. There are multiple lessons on salvation and how broad Christianity is. Did Jesus Die For Dogs? is a a surprisingly thought-provoking book, considering the title. This book enlightens the reader on the role of Christianity and living righteously. The discussions are sober and the author is impartial in his analysis. Rev. Steven Boint has written a short but deep book that explores Christian salvation, and if it applies to dogs.

Pages: 29 | ASIN: B0867FSZY5

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Between the Ticks of the Clock

Between the Ticks of the Clock by [Barnes, J.H. Carpenter]

Between the Ticks of the Clock by J.H. Barnes is a spiritual novel that evokes the senses of mystery and redemption. It’s an introspective story that helps frame theological and societal questions within a framework particular to the dredges and monotony faced in daily life. This is accomplished through the perspective of the novel’s main character, Jamison Haro

ld Donovan, an executive working for a business known as Omni Cron Corp. Donovan is placed within the confines of a failing marriage and a dreary workplace. However, it becomes clear that these factors are minute points in a grander tale. This banal existence is quickly juxtaposed by a spiritual experience, where Donovan comes to grips with forces higher than himself and where he leaves the event a changed and more enlightened individual. From there, the novel examines Donovan’s growth and his spiritual enlightenment while at the same time highlighting the challenges and responsibilities that come with such an awakening. Between the Ticks of the Clock is unique in its pondering and musings, and as the novel progresses, it ascends to newer heights and different dimensions than one could have anticipated.

More importantly, Between the Ticks of the Clock is written in a literary style incredibly suited to its plot. The diction is easily digestible and the first-person narrative helps place the reader within the shoes of Jamison Harold Donavon, allowing us to experience some of the spiritual revelations he faces. This is coupled with emotive word choices that help paint clear imagery and scenes for the reader. J.H. Barnes does a wonderful job in setting the scene. All of this is framed within a writing style that is introspective, ethereal, and lithe. When taken as a whole, one is left with strong themes and feelings of wonder, of spirituality, and of internal pondering once the book is put down. However, there are moments where this style of writing can lead to some confusion. Points of discussion within the novel are often interjected with additional ideas or flashbacks that might hinder some comprehension of the overall idea. Yet, this stylistic choice helps remind us that the story is based around the perspective of Donavon, and this free-form stream of consciousness helps remind the reader that these experiences are still derived from a human perspective and thus creates a sense of immersion.

Overall, Between the Ticks of the Clock by J.H. Barnes is a lucidly written novel that provides readers with hard-hitting questions about life, religion, and their place in the modern world. It is an incredibly deep story, filled with important ideas and concepts.

Pages: 288 | ASIN: B07GC8GSZK

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