Music of the World

Sophia woke up one morning and decided it was the perfect day to walk outside. She gets ready and puts in her favorite headphones to listen to her music as she heads out for her walk. Dancing away to the music in her ears, she can not hear her mom or friends talking to her and dances right on by them all. On her walk, she trips and drops her music machine breaking it. At first, she is saddened that she can no longer listen to her music, but soon she realizes there are unique sounds and music all around her.

Music of the World by Elizabeth Despres is an inspiring children’s book about all the beautiful sounds that can be found around us each day. When technology is put away for a bit, and you listen to the world around you, you find music and rhythm in all things. Sophia learns that she loves the sounds of nature that she had never noticed before. In addition, she could connect with people she hadn’t heard when listening to her headphones. It is a wonderful message about being present in your world and seeing and hearing all that is around you. With so much technology available to children, it is an excellent reminder of the simple things in life that can still provide joy and entertainment.

The whimsical artwork by Rae West is colorful and engaging. Children will love following Sophia on her walk, pointing out all the exciting sounds she hears, and seeing everything she experiences. The illustrations perfectly express Sophia’s joy and wonder as she discovers the music around her in everyday activities.

Music of the World is a beautifully written picture book that will teach children about the amazing sounds and music in life. It teaches them to look for nature’s beautiful sounds and be present in life and the world around them. This exceptional children’s book would be a wonderful addition to a preschool, elementary school, or home library.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B0BKTSWHNG

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