The Celeste Experiment

Get ready for a journey of science, religion, spirituality, and emotion. The Celeste Experiment almost feels like an experience rather than a story. Omar Imady takes the reader on a trip across the globe and leaves them wondering about some of the greatest unknowns, much like Michael’s experiment in the book. After losing his wife and his faith, he dedicates his life to a unique project. Hamida finds herself as the test subject, and the reader joins her as she endures each arduous stage. The unpredictability of the storyline and one last shocking twist leave the reader in a state of awe long after finishing the book. 

The Celeste Experiment was unlike any book I have ever read. I felt like I was peeling back the layers of the story with every page. Every discovery I made brought another question. Omar Imady keeps the reader in the dark, like Hamida during the experiment. I loved the suspense and the feeling of connecting the dots.

Omar Imady writes in such a beautiful way, and I was captivated from the very first moment. From his descriptions of the lush, lonely English countryside to the flavors and aromas of the rich Indian dishes, his words have the ability to immerse the reader into any setting.

The Celeste Experiment holds many secrets, and I feel as though I would have discovered more if I had a better knowledge of Islam. I enjoyed the way in which Omar Imady made the reader uncover the story for themselves, but I was left with a couple of loose ends when I finished. However, the uncertainty of the story is balanced by the constant calmness of Hamida’s character. She had such a warmth about her, and the reader cannot help but be inspired, regardless of their beliefs.


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