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On the run from Cosmin, Ellinor Rask teams up with an old friend and some acquaintances on a treacherous journey to unlock her magical powers sealed away by the collar stuck on her neck by her former employer. As the ragtag team attempts to flee to Amardeep where they hope to get help in taking the collar off of Ellinor, they soon realize that a pursuing mob boss is the least of their worries. Apparently, if not dealt with, the collar could kill Ellinor and corrupt Fiss, a pure magical being she is connected with. Desperate to save Ellinor and Fiss, the group’s search for help leads them into even more dangerous territories.

C.E Clayton’s Deadlock is the second book following the main character, Ellinor Rask. Set in an expertly developed fictional world, Deadlock is fantasy heaven as it blends magic and technology. Clayton’s writing, for me, is high-end. She locks down the basics like clarity and aptness pretty easily but really flexes her descriptive writing muscles as she evokes mental images wherever she can. I also love how it seems like the stakes are set at first, but they suddenly go up a notch, and everything becomes a frantic race against time.

Clayton also doesn’t disappoint with her character development. Each character has a memorable and distinctive voice and personality. Plus, Clayton’s protagonist goes through a resonating evolution depicting how outward circumstances can cause inward change in people and vice versa. Deadlock is a sequel so readers who have not read the first novel may have questions that go unanswered, however the novel’s main plot will still make sense.

Deadlock by C.E. Clayton is a unique fantasy novel combining science fiction technology with magic. Readers will experience gripping suspense, extraordinary scenery and page-turning action.

Pages: 383 | ASIN : B09HC3NXYL

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Ellinor Olysha Rask is a feisty warrior on a mission to avenge the murder of her beloved husband, Misho. She holds two parties responsible for the tragedy; the real perpetrators, a bunch of rogue androids, and her former employer, Cosmin, a powerful mafia boss. Her pursuit of vengeance hits a snag when Cosmin abducts her and forces her to take on one last task. She must deliver a coveted magical creature to another mob boss or lose her magical powers forever. Now having to work with her former team she walked away from years ago, Ellinor’s mission is turned on its head when mutiny erupts within the squad. She soon finds herself having to make a difficult decision. Should she complete the task and inch closer to getting her pound of flesh or walk away and learn to live again?

Resistor by C.E Clayton draws its essence from both sci-fi and fantasy genres, but it leans more towards fantasy. Tantalizing fantasy, I must say. The fast-paced, action-packed story is set in Eerden, a fantastic world with intriguing features. The planet’s weird creatures, alongside the fusion of magical and techy stuff, add a burst of color to the story.

The story is one of those “kick ass now, ask questions later” types, and the action is just gripping. At the end of the book, Clayton talks about getting some help from a video game designer, and the book reflects it. From the weapons the characters wield to their combat skills and battle maneuvers, you could tell a true initiate had a hand in creating them. These features are only rivaled by the banter some of the characters often engaged in.

Speaking of characters, I really liked Ellinor, but Kai was the one who simply stole my heart. He’s this big, sweet giant with a tender heart. Think of Hagrid in Harry Potter but with a bigger funny bone. You’d love him.

You could really tell that a lot of effort went into making this book as vivid as possible. While Clayton pays almost obsessive attention to detail, you still only get to know what’s necessary. And her choice of words pulls you in. It brings you closer to the action as she tells a tale of love, betrayal, revenge, loyalty, and heartwarming camaraderie.

Resistor is a well-told story for me. I’d recommend it in a jiffy to lovers of action-packed fantasy, and I genuinely look forward to the sequels.

Pages: 298 | ASIN: B08FBMXP29

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