Princess Hope & Snowflake The Quest

Princess Hope lives on beautiful Rainbow Island alongside her beloved father, White Eagle, and the members of her tribe. When threatened by a band of bloodthirsty pirates, Princess Hope uses her abilities to ask her animal friends for aid in protecting her home. However, after clashing with the pirates, Hope’s world is suddenly turned even further upside down as she stands on the brink of losing her beloved father forever. Embarking on an epic quest alongside Snowflake, the white grizzly cub with blue eyes, Spirit the eagle, Lobo the wolf, and Thor the cougar, Princess Hope must learn the true meaning of selflessness and sacrifice as she fights for her father’s life.

Princess Hope and Snowflake: The Quest by Clark W. Colepaugh is a unique adventure that takes place in the Pacific. Hope and the people of Rainbow Island have many elements of Native American culture, with neighboring islands infused with the myths and legends of the Pacific Islands. Young Hope is a stalwart girl who is willing to risk everything to protect those she loves, and she and her animal companions learn many valuable lessons about heroism along the way. The story is fast-paced and kept my interest throughout its pages, which feature gorgeous full-color photographs. Hope’s journey spoke to my heart as the quest full of twists and turns swiftly progressed to a satisfying conclusion.

There were a few places in the story where the action slowed for explanatory purposes but remained interesting nonetheless. In addition, numerous type errors were distracting; however, the plot is so intriguing that it overcomes these minor difficulties with ease as Hope continues her quest.

One unique addition to this extraordinary novel is the inclusion of songs and poetry. These additions allow readers to feel a deeper connection with the characters and story. Music can touch people’s souls in a way that prose does not always do; thus, the inclusion of these allows readers to become fully emersed in the journey of characters.

Princess Hope and Snowflake: The Quest is a one-of-a-kind narrative about family, courage, and sacrifice. Its originality and highly compelling story make this novel stand out in children’s fiction. Recommended for ages 12 and up due to violence and blood, this unique tale is an out-of-the-box adventure that pulls the reader into a rich world of mythology and the value of friendship. An unforgettable journey to save a father’s life, the story of Princess Hope and Snowflake is a tale of courage and wisdom in the face of danger.

Pages: 109 | ASIN : B0BGMMWHFS

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