Inspiration From a Masterpiece

Inspiration from a Masterpiece: A Work of Art is a thought-provoking book that asks many of the questions a lot of Christians would like answers to but are either too afraid to even think of them or ask them. Questions bordering on the ultimate purpose of ma, and questions on why the righteous suffer or meet with unfortunate circumstances.

Mankind has always grappled with the thought of what their purpose on earth is. For Christians, these questions come in layers wrapped around the question – how does my purpose align with God’s will? If God is all-knowing, why does he let the faithful like Job experience great trials?

This inspirational book written by D.C. Schorno opens a window into the vortex of this reality with this introductory question, “What would be your first reaction to the notion that from the point of conception, you knew exactly what you were created for?” This is then backed by stories and scripture as well as anecdotes from his life experiences. Schorno draws the reader in and and allows them to reflect on how they can live a life free of worries about how they fit into the bigger picture and also why the faithful experience mishaps.

“We cannot and we should not challenge God when we don’t fully understand what comes to pass around us, when circumstances don’t align with our hopes, and dreams, and visions.”

One of the recurring admonishments in the Christian faith is ‘to not question God’. However, there is a clear distinction between questioning God and asking God questions. This book thoughtfully demonstrates how apt it can be to have these questions on existence and purpose and to also seek answers to them.

While expressing the futility of his search for answers, Schorno, in almost a journalistic style details where his search for this grand purpose led him. The anecdotes contained herein are insightful and instructional. Schorno ends with a particularly powerful story and offers hope and comfort to the reader on what to make of one’s purpose.

Pages: 234 | ASIN: B09M84WDPQ

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