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The Light Through The Pouring Rain – Book Trailer

A remarkable love story that pulls on your heartstrings and leaves you inspired. A page turner that gives a first hand look into the lives of a young couple madly in love and eager to start their lives together, only to have it all halted by a cancer diagnosis. With no clear road map on how to navigate their new normal, James and Anabel proceed into uncharted territory, hand-in-hand, with the love of their families and their faith in God to guide them.

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The Awesome, Fantastic Greatness of God

Allen Steely
Allen Steely Author Interview

A God-Centered View of Salvation helps readers understand why their motivation for salvation is essential to receiving forgiveness for their sins. Why was this an important book for you to write?

Protestant Christianity stresses the steps to salvation — what a person must believe in order to be saved. Our motivation for salvation is basically ignored as we witness to others. But since the Holy Bible teaches that God seeks out our motivation and desires correct motivation, which aligns with His will, then seekers must be warned of this and taught about this as they approach God for the forgiveness of their sins. In fact, since God is Holy and cannot condone sin, a selfish motivation for salvation such as seeking to be saved in order to avoid eternal suffering in Hell for our sins leads to God rejecting that person and their remaining unsaved.

What do you feel is a common misconception people have about their relationship with God?

I believe that since we are the ones being saved most people look upon salvation as being for our sake. But God is primary and mankind is of lesser importance than our Creator. Therefore, everything must be first and foremost for His benefit — not ours. At the most basic level our Salvation is primarily for God’s sake so He can defeat Satan in spiritual warfare.

What were some ideas that were important for you to explore in this book?

The awesome, fantastic greatness of God (His preeminence).

The insignificance of mankind who is a created being that belongs to his Creator.

What God expects of us is willing submission to His will even in the act of our salvation. Selfish motivation is idolatry with “self” as the idol. We must humble ourselves before the awesome, almighty God.

That since there are many benefits for God in mankind’s salvation, just as there are benefits for us in our salvation — God’s are primary! We should seek salvation so God gets His rightful due and just trust that He, being a loving God, will bless us with our lesser, secondary benefits in our salvation.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

That God is sovereign, supreme, and preeminent! To be correctly understood, everything must be theocentric (have God at the core) including our motivation for our salvation. God is primary and everything exists for His sake! Even our salvation is primarily for God’s sake and only secondarily for us to receive our benefits.

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This book will tell you why our motivation for salvation is essential, is all important, to our receiving forgiveness for our sins. Even though it is mankind that is being saved, at a deeper level salvation is intrinsically about God receiving His benefits from our salvation. God is primary, man is secondary. Therefore, God receiving His benefits from our salvation is of primary importance, is foundational, and must occur before any of the benefits for mankind in our salvation even exist for us to receive. Because justice is an intrinsic part of God’s character, we cannot selfishly seek salvation for the benefits we will experience such as to escape eternal punishment in Hell, or to gain the pleasures of Heaven… and be accepted by God and saved. Selfishly seeking after salvation for our benefits is idolatry with “self” as the “idol”. You cannot be committing the new sins of greed, selfishness, and idolatry in the very act of asking for forgiveness of your sins! We must submit to God’s preeminence, His rightful lordship, and come submissively to God with our motivation being for Him to receive His benefits and then, and only then, can He forgive our sins and bless us with the side benefits for us in salvation.

Hypnotherapy Assertions and Affirmations for Christians

Hypnotherapy Assertions and Affirmations for Christians: Overcoming Our Many Health Issues & Expanding Our Minds by [Dr. Lauren J. Ball]

Hypnotherapy Assertions and Affirmations for Christians: Overcoming Our Many Health Issues & Expanding Our Minds is a valuable book for any adult that has ever experienced physical pain or any form of agony. The author talks to people from different backgrounds, giving advice on life and sharing his wisdom gained throughout the years. Dr. Lauren J. Ball is raw, authentic, and one can feel his words directly have an impact immediately after reading. This book is a special kind of self help book. The author does not just give words of encouragement, but also shares tips on how to navigate the treacherous paths in life.

As a reader, you get to connect with the author on a deeper level even before completing the book. Hypnotherapy Assertions and Affirmations for Christians: Overcoming Our Many Health Issues & Expanding Our Minds is your go-to book when you have no one to talk to. When starting the book, the author gives a little introduction of himself, briefly talks about the content in the book and shares with readers how to use the book.

Ever thought of how much power the words you use carry? There is power in what comes from your mouth. One of the major lessons in the book was about affirmations and assertions. Whatever you affirm will come to pass. It is advised that as a human being who is growing and facing challenges, you train your mind to think positive. Make it a habit to have good and positive thoughts. Even as you engage with others, be the one that brings brightness to dark rooms. Whatever you confess will happen. The chapters in Hypnotherapy Assertions and Affirmations for Christians are short and easy to read, but no less impactful.

One thing I appreciate Dr. Lauren J. Ball in his writing is how he reiterates points. The author could talk about a particular subject; explain the topic in detail and still keeps highlighting the important message as you read on. This is important because by repeating what he thinks is crucial, the message gets stuck in the reader’s mind. The author is also practical in his book. He not only talks about surviving the hard times and being closer to God, but also deeply discusses health.

I recommend this book because it contains everything you need to improve your life in practical ways. You will get answers on how to improve your physical health, get closer to God, and how to improve your personal life. This a personal development book that has the potential to change readers lives in more ways than one.

Pages: 148 | ASIN: B07BT3WXZH

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A GOD-CENTERED VIEW OF SALVATION: A Theocentric Perspective of the Gospel by [Allen Steely]

Author Allen M. Steely explains to Christians what it means to be saved in his thought-provoking book A God-Centered View of Salvation. Everyone has their own definition of salvation, depending on how they relate with God and the church. In his book, Allen Steely lays it all out and explains how to do Christianity right, live righteously and get to be God’s chosen child. I like how the author starts the book by asking simple questions which he gives answers to. The author writes extensively and in detail, talking about faith and being a believer. Whether talking about God, human beings or whichever subject, the author uses a unique way of presenting facts and stories that help one relate to the topic being discussed.

A God Centered View of Salvation is a book that will trigger your interest in history. The author talks of different churches in the middle ages, and how change in the church had an impact in today’s ministry. The author talks of the missteps made by old churches and advises Christians today on which path to take. Reading this book was a wonderful experience and makes one have a sense of fulfillment in being a believer. While reading the book, I notice that the author does not move away from the main topic even when he introduces a new subject. This helps the reader focus on the main subject and gets one to fully understand the text being discussed.

The bible is an important book for every Christian. Allen Steely explains the significance of reading the bible often and understanding God’s word. The author also gives tips on how to interpret the teachings in the bible, which was helpful as not many people know how to interpret the scriptures. While talking about salvation and religion as a whole, the author added bible scriptures in between the paragraphs. This was a brilliant idea, by including the bible verses he encourages readers to read the bible more by having the verses as references. Each verse Allen Steely added had a lesson that would assist believers in their journey to salvation.

Apart from the exceptional work the author did with breaking down verses, history lessons and excellent narration, something else stood out in his writing; how honest and rational he was. Allen Steely freely unabashedly lays out his thoughts and is honest with his opinions on different things in life. The author does not sugar coat his opinions and tells it how it is. He also appears to be reasonable and someone whom every believer would want to have a sober discussion with. A God-Centered View of Salvation is enlightening and is useful to both Christians and non-Christians.

Pages: 278 | ASIN: B07PXVZWKS

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Ten Keys to Effective Leadership

Ten Keys to Effective Leadership: A Guidebook for Women of Faith by [Marilyn Donnellan, David Condon, Wayne Elsey, Andy Gilliam, Linda Lysakowski, Margaux Pagán, Donna Poppendieck, Michael Sand, Joel Zimmerman]

Ten Keys to Effective Leadership: A Guidebook for Women of Faith will help readers understand the fundamentals and essentials to effective leadership. Marilyn L. Donnellan MS expounds qualities of a great leader in a straightforward but illuminating manner. To be in charge of a group of people; whether big or small, means that they trust you and believe in your views. To be a leader means that you have to take every challenge as it comes and be strong for your people, something not many people are built to do. Marilyn L. Donnellan MS’s notes on effective leadership will help you understand that being the head of anything requires skills, dedication, patience, a forgiving heart and kindness among other virtues.

Marilyn L. Donnellan MS explains why female leadership is important in society. The author compares women in power in the 60s to women in power today. I enjoyed reading her thoughts on feminism as it gives one an understanding of why female empowerment has been a crucial process throughout the years. Reading the author’s opinion on women in leadership and why they deserve more spaces was eye opening.

This book is most beneficial to women of faith that are looking for way to increase their leadership skills and encourages more women to get into power and challenge men that have been raised in misogynistic settings. What I liked most was that the book goes beyond leadership and educates readers on how to become better people, live righteously, and improve your relationship with God to become a better Christian. Marilyn L. Donnellan MS goes on to explains how these traits go hand in hand and improves your leadership abilities.

The book explores the different myths of female leadership that have been passed on through the years and challenges her readers to seek the truth by providing facts. Though she bases her teachings on religion and the bible, the author also considers non-religious folks and readers from different backgrounds. She uses a modest and friendly language which encourages one to keep reading.

The title of the book had me assume we would only learn about leadership, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the book teaches readers so much more. Leadership and having faith are the main discussions but the author also teaches the reader on how to live with people, correcting mistakes and being a wholesome person.

Ten Keys to Effective Leadership: A Guidebook for Women of Faith is an enlightening and inspirational book that will encourage women, and men, to lead and provide them with the tools be successful when they do.

Pages: 205 | ASIN: B07SQ3ZPBF

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Praying Wife Healed Husband – Book Trailer

Praying Wife, Healed Husband is a riveting account of Marcy Myles-Clark’s spiritual fight on behalf of her husband, Theirrien “Tee” Clark, as the clock was ticking on his life. His was one of the worst COVID-19 cases known to one of America’s top hospitals in the early stages of the 2020 Pandemic. Hear how Marcy’s remarkable and relentless faith stirred up a bounty of prayer warriors to breathe hope into a hopeless situation. As the entire world has been challenged by varying degrees of virus upheaval and panic, resulting in ever-increasing death toll statistics, this book reminds us that there is a human element to this crisis that supersedes numbers. It reminds us to take inventory of our spiritual life while we still can. It reminds us that with every trial in life, we have the opportunity to respond with faith or with fear. When Marcy chose faith, miracles happened. Before March of 2020, Tee & Marcy were your typical, fun loving, empty-nester couple, living their lives to the fullest. Then, in the blink of an eye, life as they knew it drastically changed. During March 2020, COVID-19 struck their household forcing them to endure the ultimate test of faith to not only sustain their marriage and finances but life itself! Tee spent 46 days isolated, for the most part, from his beloved wife and family as Johns Hopkins Hospital’s worst COVID-19 case at that point in time. With 28 of those 46 days in a medically induced coma, it wasn’t looking good for Tee from a physical and medical standpoint. This book will have you devouring every page consisting of Marcy’s journal entries, progress notes from Tee’s medical team, and inspiring text messages to and from her friends, family, and spiritual leaders. You’ll be intrigued by Tee’s personal account of matters as he fought to defy death several times while intubated. Fortunately for Tee & Marcy, they had excellent health insurance and other affairs in place to overcome this major curveball life threw their way. As a bonus, enjoy their self-help section full of expert advice and resources to assist you in getting your own house in order regarding your health, wealth, and relationship wellbeing. Now, more than ever, you must protect yourself in these times of crisis.

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Indelibly Inscribed: Collected Musings on Christian Spirituality

Indelibly Inscribed: Collected Musings on Christian Spirituality explains and expounds on both simple and deep subjects in religion. Reading this book gets one to understand not just where the author comes from, but also why many believers choose religion and salvation. Readers learn about the love of God and how faithful he has been to his servants. Anthony Maranise explores various religious topics and even goes the extra mile to discuss what many call earthly matters. I like Anthony Maranise as an author because he does not force one to subscribe to his beliefs. All he does is write about God, the Holy Spirit and religion as he understands them, and leaves the reader to make a decision on what to believe. Not many authors in this genre can write like Anthony Maranise. The author starts from the basics and progresses to weighty subjects that require both attention and assessment.

One of the best things about this book was the historical tales that the author squeezed in between chapters. The addition of the stories breaks up the monotony of explanation about God and spirituality. Anthony Maranise takes the reader back in the day, narrating accounts of religious icons and historical figures that young readers may not have known of. I also enjoyed reading about the author’s personal stories. Anthony Maranise’s life has been nothing short of a miracle. Not many people get to experience the grace of God the way the author did. By telling his story, the author gave many Christians hope of emerging triumphant in whatever battles they are fighting.

Indelibly Inscribed gives hope gets one to have a different perspective about religion and about spirituality, and life in general. Anthony Maranise also gets the reader to reflect on their loves. The text causes you to reflect on your actions, responsibilities and how you lead your life. When talking about an event, activity, idea or the word of god, Anthony Maranise looks for the most relatable things that the reader can find practical.

There are several topics in the book that spoke to me on a personal level. Some of them include the chapters on Supernatural CPR, sacramentality and sport, and tattoos and the transmission of faith. In all my favorite topics, the author uses familiar wording and uses relevant examples in his descriptions. By the end of the reading, the reader gets to be more enlightened on spirituality, the bible, denominations like Catholicism, living righteously and being a wholesome and kind human being.

Pages: 138 | ISBN: 0578843757

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Trials and Tribulations Being Born Again

Trials and Tribulations of Being Born Again, documents the journey of being a born again Christian and finding a true relationship with God. I found this to be a very truthful and relatable account of one’s relationship with God but also with the church. I think something this story does successfully is warn others about pastors that might not actually have other’s best interest at heart. The author details how at a low point in his marriage with his wife, they went to their pastor but found the pastor to be unhelpful and rather contradicting the word of God. These few chapters in which he discusses how his pastor was trying to tear him down and how it made the situation with his wife worse, really broke my heart. In my experience, and personal belief, pastors are meant to guide the congregation closer to God and provide help and wisdom. That being said, they themselves are not above any other human because of their status within the church. Reading Brown’s experience with his pastor really brought to light how not every person in that position means well, but rather they see it as a position where one can take advantage.

I really appreciated the honesty that Dionne Brown provided with this heartfelt memoir as I think others would shy from the truth. Our faith isn’t always linear but we must always trust the direction He is taking us in, and I think Brown perfectly exemplifies that in his memoir. I really enjoyed reading Dionne Brown’s own experience with becoming a born-again Christian but also his insights on how he views a relationship between a person and the Lord. I definitely think that Brown provided some useful tips on what to be aware of when talking to those in the congregation.

I would recommend Trials and Tribulations of Being Born Again to anyone who enjoys reading about a motivational journey into becoming a born-again Christian but especially to readers who are looking for an inspirational story that follows an uplifting spiritual journey.

Pages: 68 | ISBN: 1977227937

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