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An Encouraging Angel

Sam Rawlins Author Interview

Naomi’s Journey Into The Light follows a young woman, Naomi Larson, on a journey into faith and how it not only affects her life, but the lives of others.  What was the inspiration for this story? 

Actual events out of my own life provided the spark that led to this book.  One such event occurred when I was only seven years old.  Being diagnosed with polio, a deadly disease in the 1950s, the doctors delivered their dire prediction: I would only live two to three more years.  While in the hospital I met my very own Sister Mary, just as in my book, who became an encouraging angel for me.  Through prayer and faith, I’m still alive almost seventy years later.  That ordeal in 1953 changed my life and later led to me to writing inspirational novels. 

What is one piece of advice someone gave you that you will never forget? 

My deeply religious grandmother advised me to never lose your faith in God and follow the path He lays out for you.  I took that to heart.  Something I’ve discovered on that path is that good books are truly mirrors of the soul of the authors. 

How did writing Naomi’s Journey Into The Light affect you? 

It’s been a humbling experience.  Every day as I wrote this book, I felt connected to God on several levels as the story just flowed out of me.  All through this process I was fully aware of the spiritual energy guiding me. 

What do you hope readers will take away from your book? 

To be open to the inspirational message that reaches into the heart throughout this story.  To come to know how much God can be beautifully involved in our lives if we let Him in. 

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Naomi’s Journey Into the Light is a book that could change the way you think about death. It sheds light on how one can live a better life to a better beyond, as well. As you read it, you will be profoundly moved.
Naomi Larson is about to enter the year that changed her life. Returning to her home town after many years, she encounters an old building that turns out to be a place of miracles. She is drawn into a world of meaningful dreams, life-changing visions and a guardian angel.
Reminiscent of the story of Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol and elements of It’s a Wonderful Life, Naomi’s journey becomes a soul stirring account as she discovers the Light of the World and just how much God is involved in our lives, if we let Him. Within the pages of this visionary novel you will discover an inspiring narrative that reaches into your heart.


I Am A Survivor by Janice E Holliman is a powerful memoir that details the author’s struggles with chronic Crohn’s disease and multiple other health concerns. In her pursuit of adequate healthcare despite various complex medical issues, she encounters many setbacks and learns how to identify the changes in her own body. Learning to identify the changes in herself and explain them to medical personnel was a key part of her story. Holliman shares her deeply personal poems throughout her journey, which serve as a window into her emotional experiences. In addition, her faith is a strong presence throughout the book, providing a source of strength and inspiration as she battles her illness.

The book’s central theme of survival highlights the indomitable human spirit’s ability to persevere in the face of adversity. Holliman’s writing beautifully captures the powerful connection between the mind and body, showcasing the importance of self-awareness and self-care in managing chronic illness. In addition, the author’s poetry featured in the book adds a layer of depth to the writing. This inspirational book is a moving testament to the resilience, strength, and unwavering determination of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable challenges.

Readers will be encouraged by Holliman’s incredible resilience and willingness to help others. This insightful book offers a unique perspective on the unexpected gifts that sickness and misfortune can bestow upon a person. I Am A Survivor is an essential read that captures a unique voice and lived experience that will undoubtedly benefit others facing similar challenges. Those who enjoy biographies and survival stories will find Holliman’s book memorable and inspirational.

Pages: 306 | ISBN : 1648583830

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Godly Riddims

Godly Riddims by Dianne Lindsay is an uplifting and inspiring book that portrays God’s love and devotion through riddims and melody. The author excellently weaves faith, praise, and worship with the musicality of riddims to create a one-of-a-kind and captivating reading experience. The idea of the book is the show God’s nature and character, emphasizing his love, mercy, and grace toward us. It also encourages readers to consider their relationship with God and to seek a deeper understanding of his will and purpose for their lives.

The book takes a poetic approach, encouraging readers to incorporate praise and worship into their lives. Lindsay intersperses personal anecdotes and testimonies of God’s greatness in her life throughout the book. She uses these rich illustrations to share her views of how God can work in people’s lives and hopefully bring hope and healing. While the book is written for a faith-based audience, it is also beautifully written and aims to inspire readers.

The author uses poetic and evocative language to capture the reader’s attention. I noticed it also contains some inspirational verses from the Bible that are meant to help boost the overall impact of the book’s message. It was a motivational book, and I couldn’t help being wowed at the author’s level of creativity in writing these powerful riddims.

I believe readers looking for faith-based inspiration and encouragement to explore their faith and devotion to God will enjoy this book and consider it a must-read. It’s a book I would highly recommend, Godly Riddims by Dianne Lindsay, to Christians who want to deepen their relationship with God and motivate them to give praise to God every day.

Pages: 215 | ASIN : B0BTFKZNZT

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A Fresh Look At Living Forever

A Fresh Look At Living Forever by Donald L. Thomas is a book he put together after decades of restless research, first and foremost, to give himself answers to some of the world’s most asked and never answered questions.

Thomas was a college student when he was faced with Darwin’s theory of evolution; this led him to his decades-long quest to answer the biggest question out there: Are we here by chance or by plan? In other terms, are we here thanks to billions of years of evolution, or were we created by a creator? Thomas mentions that the probability of life existing merely by chance is 1. A planet with water, just the right amount away from the sun, with oxygen, and simple organisms that have evolved into what they are today. How does nature know that we need a nose to breathe or eyes to see? How does nature know that feet are for walking and fins are for swimming? These are just a few of the questions Thomas asks.

A huge focus in this book is indeed God or a Creator, whatever that might be for the reader. Thomas does not hide that he was raised in a religious family, which impacted him and his beliefs. He also mentions that we believe in the existence of God primarily because we believe our existence has a purpose and that he has found that many people will believe in their religion no matter what.

What I really appreciate about this book as a reader is that even though the author clearly has a viewpoint that he firmly believes in, he does not in any way say anything that would dismiss other people’s beliefs. Rather it is about if we are here thanks to evolution or a creator. Furthermore, he mentions different religions and historical figures such as Jesus, Moises, and Mohamed, official religious texts, and more to support his theory.

In addition to that, even though the book tackles subjects that are extremely abstract and muddled in day-to-day life, the tone in which it is written is remarkably friendly and luring. As a result, you will find yourself reading and feeling like you are having an intense and meaningful chat with a friend.

The great thing about A Fresh Look At Living Forever is that it doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with the author’s beliefs. They are presented in a manner that is nonconfrontational and will leave the reader with much to think about. It is really interesting to read about all of these topics and see these questions answered and backed up by science and history. I recommend this book to any curious soul out there who has a few hours to spare for a genuinely good book. 

Pages: 102 | ISBN : 1949813231

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Faith, Hope, and Other Verse

Faith, Hope, and Other Verse is author Thomas Frackenpohl’s interpretation of the wonders the world has bestowed around his life, bound across several dozen short poems in this thought-provoking book.

Frackenpohl’s writing is reflective. An obvious theme across the numerous pieces is the somber opening tone. It generally brings with it a degree of melancholy that provokes the reader to evaluate their own personal circumstances and to uptake the lessons on the page that correlate with the theme of each verse. These, however, end on an uplifting note with an overall message that life is difficult at the best of times – all we owe to ourselves is to serve our souls kindly. Schoolings on the purpose of life, values, and morals alongside virtues are the foundations of this piece of work.

Overall, the structure of these verses results in scenic, quick reads that achieve the claims in the author’s note. Frackenpohl’s writing could have benefitted from being divided into sections with sub-themes for a greater reading experience and optimal impact.

The imagery has been achieved by showing the progressive aspect of the poem’s topic through a series of repeated verbs.  The verse Possibilities is structured in such a way that forces the reader to acknowledge that opportunities will not be created without exploring or thinking outside the box. It fashions an urgency that something is happening that will leave the reader behind if they do not act immediately. The push for mental action encourages a revaluation of the reader’s present way of living towards a revolutionized purpose with capabilities ripe for the taking.

Faith, Hope, and Other Verse by Thomas Frackenpohl is the perfect read for those who are dabbling into introspection. With an overall well-rounded summary of life experiences, it is not overly heavy or complex and will suit a broad audience.

Pages: 116 | ASIN : B096T3J7BS

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Inspiration From a Masterpiece

Inspiration from a Masterpiece: A Work of Art is a thought-provoking book that asks many of the questions a lot of Christians would like answers to but are either too afraid to even think of them or ask them. Questions bordering on the ultimate purpose of ma, and questions on why the righteous suffer or meet with unfortunate circumstances.

Mankind has always grappled with the thought of what their purpose on earth is. For Christians, these questions come in layers wrapped around the question – how does my purpose align with God’s will? If God is all-knowing, why does he let the faithful like Job experience great trials?

This inspirational book written by D.C. Schorno opens a window into the vortex of this reality with this introductory question, “What would be your first reaction to the notion that from the point of conception, you knew exactly what you were created for?” This is then backed by stories and scripture as well as anecdotes from his life experiences. Schorno draws the reader in and and allows them to reflect on how they can live a life free of worries about how they fit into the bigger picture and also why the faithful experience mishaps.

“We cannot and we should not challenge God when we don’t fully understand what comes to pass around us, when circumstances don’t align with our hopes, and dreams, and visions.”

One of the recurring admonishments in the Christian faith is ‘to not question God’. However, there is a clear distinction between questioning God and asking God questions. This book thoughtfully demonstrates how apt it can be to have these questions on existence and purpose and to also seek answers to them.

While expressing the futility of his search for answers, Schorno, in almost a journalistic style details where his search for this grand purpose led him. The anecdotes contained herein are insightful and instructional. Schorno ends with a particularly powerful story and offers hope and comfort to the reader on what to make of one’s purpose.

Pages: 234 | ASIN: B09M84WDPQ

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Embracing God In The Right Perspective With The Right Foundation Of Faith In Him

Embracing God In The Right Perspective With The Right Foundation Of Faith In Him, by Chris Tham, is a thought provoking book that takes a deep dive into the Christian faith. The author has created an enlightening guide for people that want to study religion and gain a better insight into it. The author poses questions on multiple aspects of Christianity and answers them, explaining point by point his reasons and his beliefs, guiding the reader through his thoughts.

Tham writes in a descriptive and direct way, ranging from talking about the existence of the devil to the meaning of life, all while analyzing different characters present in the sacred scriptures and taking quotes directly from the Bible. The tone of the book is conversational and I felt like I was having a discussion with a professor.

Inspirational quotes are present throughout this book and I found all of them to be uplifting. The author provides the reader with great insight into the Bible and God. I appreciated both the summaries at the end of each chapter and the questions, which I think will keep readers engaged. This is an insightful book that will help the reader gain more information about their faith and also test their knowledge of what they’ve learned to help them retain the information. The author doesn’t try to convince readers to turn to Christianity, instead he aims to inform the reader about Christianity so that we are able to make our own choice.

Embracing God In The Right Perspective With The Right Foundation Of Faith In Him by Chris Tham carries and helps bring a greater understanding of faith and inspires unity and peace. This is the perfect read for anyone who wants to learn more about Christianity.

Pages: 523 | ASIN: B08M3Q2Y2N

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He Chose the Glory

He Chose the Glory: The Life and Legacy of Obed-Edom by Louis McCall is a beautifully written book depicting stories told in the Bible. The book details the conditions and storylines surrounding the building of the Ark and how many townspeople were eager to look inside it or treat it as a trophy, only to receive retribution for their actions. As many kings aimed to take the Ark as evidence of their triumph, the book details the many times the Ark was protected against those attempts.

The book closely follows the Ark of the Covenant, as it is well known to many people of different religions and faiths. The golden Ark contained laws on stone tablets given to Moses by God. This story closely follows the family of Obed-Edom, and the lineage connected with the Ark, which is written in a lively and colorful way that can spark a new or renewed interest in these stories and their histories.

The author follows the descendants of Obed-Edom, and how they believed that a newer covenant would take the place of the Ark, teaching future generations about God and his laws. The story also personalizes the experience through its characters. They wonder about their fate and grapple with many realities in their world, including life, death, abundance, wealth, murder, sins, and destruction. It’s a book that discusses the birth of new beginnings, including what led to the New Testament. The author does a great job of articulating many of these stories to a broader audience, creating more intriguing developments and an opportunity to debate or discuss topics associated with faith and religion.

I recommend this book for its clear narration and the author’s ability to reignite interest in a topic that may not come alive in other discussions or books. I recommend He Chose the Glory: The Life and Legacy of Obed-Edom for its excellent ability to portray Biblical stories in a new and exciting way.

Pages: 67 | ASIN: B091G4TTNT

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