You Are a Bird

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a caged bird? In You Are a Bird you will experience the longing, hope and frustration of a bird that desires more than its metal confines. This is a thought-provoking novella with a unique concept. It is written in the second person and the writing transports you into a world we think little about, despite being surprisingly similar to our own in many ways. Throughout the book, the reader feels what the bird feels as it observes its unnatural environment and fights to live as it was intended- to spread its wings and be free.

What seems like a simple book at first, contains so many different angles. First of all, it is an eye-opener for anyone considering owning a pet bird. As humans, we often think we are caring for our pets when, in fact, we are doing the exact opposite. We laugh at our pets’ funny habits, not knowing the real message they are trying to convey.

You Are a Bird also serves as a metaphor for our lives and as inspiration to never give up hope of realizing our dreams. No matter how low or out of touch with reality we feel, we must maintain optimism. Author Breezy Van Lit cleverly ties everything into a simple, yet highly emotional book. Some parts of the story are upsetting, but these are also stark reminders of the damage we are capable of inflicting upon others.

You Are a Bird is unlike any other book I have read before. This evocative novella had so many different layers to it, that I wouldn’t hesitate to heartily recommend it. The ending of the book is beautiful and left me with a strong motivational feeling. I would urge readers to overlook any initial doubts about the unconventionality of the story, as this is certainly worth the read.

Pages: 159 | ASIN: B0B5PHYY19

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