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Vengeful Strike

Vengeful Strike is an entertaining short story by author Jah-Femi Telewa. It is a tale of a soldier named Killsmani and how he struggles to serve his king. One day the fictional northern lands of Nottally receive visitors from their southern neighbors. Bearing gifts and riches for the king, they are welcomed with open arms. Killsmani then has a peculiar dream where his sword becomes enchanted with what may be a blessing or a curse. He goes on to fight many successful battles for his king until some unrest comes to the land. Killsmani’s decisions will impact Nottally for the years to come.

Vengeful Strike reads like a fable or fairy tale, with a moral lesson of choosing between right and wrong. The setting is medieval/fantasy, the characters are mysterious, and the feats are mighty. There are the bones of a good fairy tale here, but as it is laid out, the consequences are more matter-of-fact than cautionary, as one traditionally expects in a fable or fairy tale. Killsmani’s choices are thrust upon him, and he reactively responds to certain situations rather than thinking about the consequences. The other characters are there merely to prop up the tale of Killsmani and his plight.

The audiobook version of Vengeful Strike was quite entertaining. The production value was extremely high quality, included some pretty good sound effects, and the narration was lively. In addition, I thought the story, while predictable at times, was a pleasant tale.

Vengeful Strike will captivate fantasy readers and draw them into the kingdom of Nottaly. Readers who enjoy fables and folktales will really enjoy this short story. I also feel like this is an excellent outline of what could be a compelling full-length novel about Killsmani and his enchanted sword. I would also like to see more adventures in the kingdom of Notttally and the surrounding lands.

Pages: 26 | ASIN : B0BH36DRRJ

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Enthusiasm To Imagine Stories

Lee Ching Kai Author Interview

The Red Eyes & The Curse is a fascinating collection of supernatural stories for middle-grade readers. What was the inspiration for the setup of your stories?

I got the inspiration from having the enthusiasm to imagine stories which belong to the supernatural genre. I have always wanted to write stories which can intrigue middle-grade readers by letting them feel immersed in the fiction of supernatural world where things are mystical. I like to keep young readers continuously enthralled by the things that cannot be explained by natural causes or the sciences, and also by the suspense at the very end of each chapters that hook them to go on to the next chapter.

The characters in both stories were interesting. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

The characters in the stories are both very young, and yet, they possess the boldness of soaring eagles and the determination of charging bulls. In these stories, the characters start off by being pure and innocent, and it is not until the strange things have happened as the stories flow that the characters begin to challenge their limits. I intend to let the readers savour the radical transition of the development of such characters as the stories unfold, and to let middle-grade readers feel inspired by the courage of such characters.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in these stories?

The plot twists and the captivating ending of every chapters in the stories are the uniqueness of the book. The stories are laid upon the foundation that there are myriads of suspense and mysteries that make the readers want to explore more as the stories unfold. The themes of the story revolve around the supernatural happenings that transpire in every chapter, and they let the readers continuously wonder what is going to happen next. Other things that revolve around the themes are freshness, creativity, and dynamism.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Currently, I am not yet working on the next book, but I have already published 7 books. All these books can be found in my social media such as Facebook, Website, Instagram, and Amazon Author Central Page.

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Daring. Will and his brothers are brave, very brave. But that is before their pet dog, Chester, comes into their house. Before Will finds the red eyes. Before he starts to explore things he should not have.Things start getting weird, and they seem so strange, and even so unpredictable. Will should not have explored the abandoned house, because he is now encountering something awful. Something hungry. Something eerie.Have Will and his brothers encountered ghosts? Or are they controlled by death? Death might be coming, and everything is just a little too weird, a little too creepy…

You Are a Bird

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a caged bird? In You Are a Bird you will experience the longing, hope and frustration of a bird that desires more than its metal confines. This is a thought-provoking novella with a unique concept. It is written in the second person and the writing transports you into a world we think little about, despite being surprisingly similar to our own in many ways. Throughout the book, the reader feels what the bird feels as it observes its unnatural environment and fights to live as it was intended- to spread its wings and be free.

What seems like a simple book at first, contains so many different angles. First of all, it is an eye-opener for anyone considering owning a pet bird. As humans, we often think we are caring for our pets when, in fact, we are doing the exact opposite. We laugh at our pets’ funny habits, not knowing the real message they are trying to convey.

You Are a Bird also serves as a metaphor for our lives and as inspiration to never give up hope of realizing our dreams. No matter how low or out of touch with reality we feel, we must maintain optimism. Author Breezy Van Lit cleverly ties everything into a simple, yet highly emotional book. Some parts of the story are upsetting, but these are also stark reminders of the damage we are capable of inflicting upon others.

You Are a Bird is unlike any other book I have read before. This evocative novella had so many different layers to it, that I wouldn’t hesitate to heartily recommend it. The ending of the book is beautiful and left me with a strong motivational feeling. I would urge readers to overlook any initial doubts about the unconventionality of the story, as this is certainly worth the read.

Pages: 159 | ASIN: B0B5PHYY19

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A Deep Personal Journey

Jerry J.C. Veit Author Interview

Capricorn, Utopia & Days Gone By is a collection of novellas that incorporates philosophical meaning into three different but highly entertaining stories. Was it intentional to write stories with a moral message or did it happen organically?

I had a good idea how each story was going to end before I started writing, but the roadmap was fluid, and not set in stone.

The main characters are flawed in various ways. Their shortcomings had to carry a lot of weight and their triumphs had to be powerful. My goal was to show hopelessness in such a way that it brought hope to my audience. Yes, things are bad, but in the end, there is something to take away. Sometimes tragedy is capable of bringing the best out of people.

Utopia stood out as my favorite story from this volume. Do you have a story that you personally enjoy more out of the three?

I think Capricorn resonates with me the most. This isn’t just a story to save a loved one, but one that contains a deep personal journey into one’s own salvation. Montague is surrounded by evil, and he believes the only way to combat it is to become it. He becomes lost to it while admitting his views in dark, poetic soliloquies. In his mind everyone is guilty, and humanity is not worth saving until finding one who was never part of it. This pure innocence begins to shift the way he thinks.

Did you write these stories for this collection or did you write them over time and then combined them?

Each story was written years apart as separate screenplays before being published individually. After rewriting and extending these stories I decided to combine them into a 2-volume novella set to make the books cost effective.

Do you have plans to write more novellas through other outlets, like Kindle Vella?

I had considered using Kindle Vella for Apocalypsia, but now that I have all my titles published, I’ll continue working on promoting my books over trying to break into another area where I will either need a new story or try to market to a different audience. Although, I hope to one day have my stories reach more people, so I’m not closed to the concept just yet.

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The City is a Cancer. They are the Cure .
In the aftermath of a civil war the city is in ruins and without order. Montague administers his idea of justice with his black steel sword until he discovers Capricorn. He becomes drawn to her and vows to protect her, but this is challenged when a group of thugs kidnap her.
Montague is sent on a determined rescue mission, but in order to succeed he must battle the thugs of the city and their leader. Montague then finds himself on a path of seven trials in order to gain entry into Mammon’s domain to save the one he loves.

Sometimes perfect comes with fine print.
Brian Troth is a defense attorney, who after being shot in the head, awakes from a coma thirty years later. He is told that the world is now perfect where everything is provided. He is given a new job, a posh apartment and, to his surprise, the perfect romantic match.
However, when he questions the sudden disappearance of a colleague and stumbles upon a concealed government secret; he and his loved one become targeted for a swift removal.

Three days after Christmas an auto accident left Caleb partially disabled and took the life of his five-year-old nephew. Now on the anniversary, four years later, Caleb is afraid to leave his house; even to attend his brother’s upcoming wedding.
Soon past friends and deceased relatives mysteriously begin showing up in his home to deliver their messages and help him through his phobia by showing him glimpses of his past, present and possible future.

Capricorn, Utopia & Days Gone By

Capricorn, Utopia and Days Gone By is a collection of novellas with very different stories from author Jerry. J. C. Veit. The only thing that really ties these stories together is the author’s superb writing.

Capricorn is a tragic love story between Capricorn, an abandoned young woman that was brought up in isolation, and Montague, a man following his mission of retribution. Montague made it his life’s mission to destroy demons in the cities around him. He finds Capricorn underground and she reminds him of the power of human connection and love. I felt very moved by the story and I felt that it was reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet, but with more of a dark fantasy tone. I enjoyed the atmospheric writing and reveled in the bittersweet love story.

Utopia is another tragic story following a young lawyer that doesn’t really learn his lesson; that the truth of life is caring about other people. He is offered freedom for silence and finds that the world that he enters into is anything but a utopia, even though everything is set up to be so. I felt sorry for the protagonist because I felt connected to the character due to the authors sharp writing. I felt like the whole story was cathartic and revealed a lot of truths about life. The author weaves into all of his stories a great moral lesson which gives the story a lot of depth.

Days Gone By is a poignant drama that follows a newlywed couple through various changes and traumatic events but mainly focuses on Caleb. He struggles with depression and is overcome by his own negativity and inability to stay uplifted. He is forever changed by tragic events of family members, but through this trauma he manages to come to an understanding of himself. Days Gone By for me was a deep look into the human psychological condition and I found it be an emotionally-resonant read.

Overall, the three stories couldn’t be more different in setting and plot, but all three will leave readers with an important message. Jerry J.C. Veit incorporates philosophical meaning and truths into his stories, which I personally enjoyed. This is a worthwhile collection of novellas that will leave you pondering.

Pages: 290 | ASIN: B0BKLPTWZZ

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Liberator: The People’s Guard: Vol. 1

When duty calls, Tovarich Revanov answers. The zealous young man is a member of the Ruthenian secret police tasked with fishing out enemies of the communist state and clamping down on any anti-government uprising. This time, Tovarich has a peculiar mission: consenting to become a genetically enhanced state-sponsored hero. He approaches his new mission with his trademark commitment and gives his all to protect what he believes to be a just cause. But Tovarich soon begins to wonder if he is indeed on the right side.

Craig Weidhuner’s Liberator: The People’s Guard (Volume 1) is a fast-paced, action-packed novella that pits a totalitarian government against local rebels. It takes an interesting approach by featuring not just the regular tactics that totalitarian states adopt such as media propaganda but also unconventional tools like superheroes — quite imaginative, if you ask me. Weidhuner’s writing is direct and clear and reads almost like an action adventure comic that you can read to young kids at bedtime. This takes nothing away from the immersive experience the story offers, though. Weidhuner definitely has compelling ideas and I reveled in them. He excels at using his work to mirror the hypocrisy that dominates global politics and focuses on two superpowers which he doesn’t name but alludes to (you’d easily figure them out). He also does well at vividly presenting his characters. You can put a face to each key character and understand their personality.

Although Weidhuner got a lot right, and I enjoy the brevity of the story, I would have loved to have seen more depth in the plot and more time given to flesh out the fantastic ending. If you are down for some light reading featuring a good story you can blitz through in a few hours, you might want to check out Liberator: The People’s Guard: Vol. 1 because it is entertaining.

Pages: 98 | ASIN: B0BCPPDRPJ

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The Christmas Keepsake

It’s a few days to Christmas, and Janelle Young finds herself uncharacteristically visiting her grandmother. With a job offer to move to California and an ultimatum from her boyfriend hanging over her head, Janelle seeks advice from Gram on her choices. Their conversations and reminiscing about Christmas lead to Gram narrating her story as a teenager, including how she met her husband in 1938. In 1938, toward the end of the Great Depression, Peggy Norwood is a brilliant chorister who dreams of taking center stage. When her mother’s illness worsens, Peggy has to choose between fulfilling her dreams and her dying mother’s wishes.

The Christmas Keepsake by Pat Wahler is a simple story of love, family, dreams, and choices. Although short, it is a holiday-themed story enjoyable for all ages. The author uses a simple style and symbolism in telling the tale of two generations and alternating between two timelines. The author explores the themes of faith, spirituality, and the magic of Christmas with mementos like the Christmas Ornament.  The book also features a heartwarming love story and evokes deep feelings of nostalgia, especially during the Christmas season. It is exciting how a marriage of convenience morphed into a meeting of soulmates.

In the end, it is clear that Janelle has made her choice after spending a day listening to her Gram. And although they walk different paths, Gram’s story has many lessons to be learned. The Christmas Keepsake by Pat Wahler is a reminder to follow one’s heart and be courageous in doing so. The characters also stress the importance of domestic family and the aftermaths of grief.

The Christmas Keepsake is a beautiful holiday short story. It gives readers that warm feeling of the season and emphasizes the importance of family and connections. This is the perfect book to curl up with on a cold winter day as you wait for the magic of Christmas.

Pages: 73 | ASIN : B0BFJKCPC1

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MINDBLOWN, a novella written by Win$ome, is a story about a woman named Soule who discovers that everything she knows about her family is wrong. Readers follow her through her turmoil with her mother, A-lia, who is a pathological liar, and her father, who has not been present in Soule’s life. Out of curiosity, Soule takes an ancestry/DNA test so she can explain to her children where their family originated. Meant to be a wholesome endeavor, but this turned very sour. She finds out through the test that she is not related to anyone on her father’s side. Upon asking A-lia, Soule discovers that she is the product of adultery. She finds her biological father’s side of the family and subsequently becomes very close with them. This novella is about a lost family, and the relief one gets from discovering exactly where they came from.

MINDBLOWN is a short but powerful novella that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. The author perfectly captures Soule’s anger and disappointment, and I empathized with her. Soule is strong and full of personality, and I admired her for continuing to push forward to find her real father.

The author’s writing comes off like reading a diary, as I was able to clearly see what Soule was thinking. The reader gets an up-close look inside her intimate thoughts and emotions, allowing the reader to understand her motives. Soule’s uncle Ned is another character I liked because he was there for his niece no matter the outcome of the DNA test.

The story moved quickly, so I found that I would stop to reflect on what I had just read. Throughout the story, there is tension and anger, and the pace of my reading quickened because I wanted to know more about Soule and how she would handle her discovery. I was shocked by Soule’s mother’s lack of empathy for her daughter.

MINDBLOWN is an emotional novella about heritage, family, and self-discovery. I highly recommend this short thrilling read to those who enjoy a good drama.

Pages: 49 | ASIN : B09X9BKRP5

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