Coyote: Pursuit and Terror Across the Border 

Coyote: Pursuit and Terror Across the Border is the fourth book in Ana Manwaring’s thrilling crime series. It follows the events in book three, where JadeAnne is attempting to bring Lily, a young, trafficked girl to safety. Senator Aguirre is dead and her nemesis, Anabel, is trying to re-kidnap her and Lily to complete the sale to Los Zetas, forcing JadeAnne and Lily to flee to the U.S. border. When they find no help from the U.S. government, JadeAnne calls on the help of her new friends Rosi and Dafne along with her boyfriend, Dylan and her father, Quint. But every move they make puts her and those around her in danger.

The author has sent her characters on a heart-pounding mission in the fourth installment in her series. The ensemble cast and suspenseful story remind me of the consistently entertaining Fast and Furious series. Because this story picks up right where book three ended it was not hard to follow along, so longtime fans will enjoy the blazing speed of this story. For newcomers to the series, I would recommend reading the series in order since the author drops us into the fray without a preamble.

JadeAnne felt very fleshed out as everything is coming from her perspective. While I enjoyed the deep dive into her character I didn’t get to know the other characters as well. Ana Manwaring has a strong narrative voice in her novel which helps guide the reader through some high-octane scenes. I always enjoy Manwaring’s novels because of the detailed scenes. I could clearly imagine it all and there were some fantastically cinematic scenes to read through. There is palpable tension throughout the story which always had me wondering what was going to happen next. Manwaring does an excellent job of keeping the reader on their toes as action strikes at any moment in the story.

The author successfully brings together action and adventure in this explosive thriller set against the unique backdrop of Mexico in Coyote: Pursuit and Terror Across the Border.

Pages: 368 | ASIN: B0BJGZRTGP

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