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Coyote: Pursuit and Terror Across the Border 

Coyote: Pursuit and Terror Across the Border is the fourth book in Ana Manwaring’s thrilling crime series. It follows the events in book three, where JadeAnne is attempting to bring Lily, a young, trafficked girl to safety. Senator Aguirre is dead and her nemesis, Anabel, is trying to re-kidnap her and Lily to complete the sale to Los Zetas, forcing JadeAnne and Lily to flee to the U.S. border. When they find no help from the U.S. government, JadeAnne calls on the help of her new friends Rosi and Dafne along with her boyfriend, Dylan and her father, Quint. But every move they make puts her and those around her in danger.

The author has sent her characters on a heart-pounding mission in the fourth installment in her series. The ensemble cast and suspenseful story remind me of the consistently entertaining Fast and Furious series. Because this story picks up right where book three ended it was not hard to follow along, so longtime fans will enjoy the blazing speed of this story. For newcomers to the series, I would recommend reading the series in order since the author drops us into the fray without a preamble.

JadeAnne felt very fleshed out as everything is coming from her perspective. While I enjoyed the deep dive into her character I didn’t get to know the other characters as well. Ana Manwaring has a strong narrative voice in her novel which helps guide the reader through some high-octane scenes. I always enjoy Manwaring’s novels because of the detailed scenes. I could clearly imagine it all and there were some fantastically cinematic scenes to read through. There is palpable tension throughout the story which always had me wondering what was going to happen next. Manwaring does an excellent job of keeping the reader on their toes as action strikes at any moment in the story.

The author successfully brings together action and adventure in this explosive thriller set against the unique backdrop of Mexico in Coyote: Pursuit and Terror Across the Border.

Pages: 368 | ASIN: B0BJGZRTGP

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The Final Comeuppance

Amanda Conway is a successful author enjoying a good night’s sleep in her Brooklyn apartment when her phone goes off. On the other side of the call is her cousin, Detective Pablo Conway, requesting assistance in solving two homicides that strongly link with Amanda’s worst childhood memories. That time in her childhood which she had put entirely behind her. That time was horrible not just to her but to several of her friends and other kids. The headmaster and the most despicable teacher at Winslow-Kent have been murdered, and Amanda has to face her past to help her cousin and her hometown, the quiet town of Carlisle, and get the killer to justice. 

The Final Comeuppance by Carolyn Summer Quinn is a classic whodunnit mystery full of irresponsible adults, criminals thriving amid children, and innocent kids suffering from emotional and physical abuse. A private school hiding under the banner of prestige, Winslow-Kent houses some of the most nefarious characters who enjoy abusing children and money-minded misers who care less for the children and more about the fees they brought in.

Quinn has successfully built a playground of felonies and characters who have sold their humanity for a small amount of money. With a riveting plot of multiple suspects, Quinn creates enough doubt in the reader’s mind to consume the entire mystery in one sitting. The protagonist’s fear and hate towards the adults who failed her are conveyed powerfully.

The Final Comeuppance is a riveting police procedural novel with an amateur sleuth as the protagonist. Readers that enjoy reading about the bad guys getting what they deserve will be drawn into this compelling mystery while trying to figure out who the murderer is along with the characters.

Pages: 351 | ASIN : B0B7ZHYSQ2

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Cindy Smith is a young woman living in Washington, D.C., making a life of her own. Her present seems perfectly happy until her past hunts her down. Cindy has frequent suspicious encounters with Adan Jackson at her workplace. Adan Jackson is one of the three men who gang-raped her sixteen years before and got away with a misdemeanor assault charge. Cindy engages a private investigator, Nickey Arnold, to deal with her tormentor. But, as Nickey investigates further, a harrowing set of events lead all three men to make their way back into Cindy’s life, and she has to reopen chapters she never wished to read.

Demented by Joe Clark is a crime thriller novel that begins like a mystery and ends like an action movie. As stated by the author, it is genuinely a “story of crime, punishment and getting away with it.” Though being a crime drama, the author successfully maintains the characters’ compassionate nature. The story revolves around events that would help bring the plot forward and dwells in the great depths of its real-life characters.

The writing style is simple yet gripping. The story progresses with multiple episodic scenes, which could be translated well into a screenplay. The plot may feel like a train where we keep adding carriages to reach the end. Though this might be interesting for readers who love the suspense as a genre, it might be mind-boggling for others. The numerous characters and their names could be hard to keep in line with the story. However, the multifold narrative, strong roles, and quick pacing story wouldn’t let readers put down the book. The author effectively covers a realistic description of how law and justice play out in society.

Demented is a mystery thriller that will leave readers wondering if it is right to believe everything is either black or white or if it has been a grey area all along. It is a reviving tale of right or wrong and everything in between.

Pages: 412 | ASIN : B0872HRL57

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Charleston Conundrum – Book Trailer

A Cozy Mystery With a Twist…

Liz Adams never imagined when she moved to Charleston with her truth sniffing Labrador retriever, Duke, that she would use her skills as a private investigator to avoid winding up on Death Row.

Liz’s life is upended when her best friend, Peg, is murdered and she becomes a suspect. Liz’s gun was the murder weapon. Tensions flare between Liz and the cops as she rises to the top of their suspect list.

At the request of Peg’s father, Liz agrees to take on the investigation. Riding a roller coaster of emotions, Liz uncovers many secrets Peg kept from her despite their being best friends. The suspects include a cast of characters: the ex-husband, the boyfriend, a coworker, several neighbors, and family members.

Charleston Conundrum takes the reader from Charleston, South Carolina, to Paris and back in the emotional unraveling of Peg’s life and death to a killer ending.

The Gray Line

The Gray Line is a captivating character study that explores the protagonists critical thinking, which characterizes her worldview and beliefs about the world and its inhabitants. Author B.J. Cyprian’s work is colored with suspense, depravity, and a critical sensibility. The author leads us through tortuous paths between right and wrong and shows readers how the lines blur with each new situation, and makes us question what our perception will be when facing such delicate situations?

This complex book also explores loss and how we deal with it and move on. It is a heavy theme that allows for much deliberation, especially for the character Angel Lamb. Besides the painful loss of her wife in a tragic car accident, we are given many other details that define her personal growth and ensures readers will be empathetic.

The plot of The Gray Line unfolds through easy flowing dialogue between characters. Its primary focus is on the torrid and complicated experiences of each of them, while the development of the setting is almost an afterthought. In addition to all the previously mentioned themes, the book also deals with issues such as sexual gender and black intolerance – even though they are not the most striking factors in this work, I felt that they were discussed in authentic ways.

The events that unfold lures the reader into a story that seems prosaic at first, due to its casual conversations and uncomplicated language, but this only makes it easier for readers to become close to the characters, and because of that their hardships are felt deeply. This also made it easy for me to visualize the problems and allowed me to form my own judgements about certain scenarios.

The Gray Line is an emotionally charged novel that will appeal to readers looking for a dramatic mystery story that is as thrilling as it is thought-provoking. This is a book that will stay with you long after you have put it down.

Pages: 282 | ASIN : B09FW9ZPF9

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The Friday Edition – Trailer

Snow isn’t all that’s falling in Denver, Colorado on Christmas Eve.

A beautiful, young district attorney tumbles from her balcony to her death.

Police suspect suicide, but the DA’s sister, newspaper reporter Samantha Church, isn’t buying it.
Samantha discovers evidence linking her sister to a drug smuggling case and quickly learns she has stumbled onto a major news story. She must summon the courage to not only face a cartel of criminals, but her own fears and shortcomings when she is confronted by the inescapable specter of a far greater enemy—her addiction to alcohol. Samantha’s dependency has not only cost her job at a major metropolitan daily, but, worse, custody of her daughter, April.

Samantha pursues her sister’s killers, maneuvering through a minefield of intrigue deliberately set out to divert her from the truth. Despite being betrayed, physically beaten and facing the possibility of sharing her sister’s fate, Samantha refuses to stop her investigation. However, when the killers threaten to harm April, Samantha realizes that, for her daughter’s sake, she can no longer continue the investigation on her own. She knows she must swallow her pride and turn to her ex-husband and police detective, Jonathan Church, for help.

Can Samantha ultimately prevail—find her sister’s killer, write the story of her career, confront her drinking problem, and finally begin to change her life, or will she and April become the killer’s next victims?

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The TVC Project

The TVC Project4 Stars

The TVC Project is the story of a pre-med student Buck and detective Allyson Mancuso as they find themselves thrust into a dark murder mystery, rife with political intrigue. Despite the dangerous world, they have found themselves involved in a seductive romance. At the beginning of the book, Buck is a normal college student focused on his studies and his friends. But a normal night of studying turns his life upside down when his two best friends fail to meet up with him. When Buck discovers that they have been murdered he cannot let go of the investigation until he learns what happened to his friends.

The TVC Project was written by Tom Bridges published in 2013. He is from Dallas Texas and works within the medical field. Bridges background is perhaps the reason behind the realism of Buck’s medical knowledge in the book. Buck and Allyson are both intriguing characters that are given interesting backgrounds that fill out their character and make them feel real. Buck’s history in the navy, making him an older college student at 27, gives his character depth and makes his relationship with detective Mancuso believable. His flaw might be that while we are in his head we see that he perceives himself as an overall “nice guy” despite being sexually aroused in the middle of dealing with the murder of his best friends and memorial services. Allyson herself is given depth in her side hobby of rebuilding her house. The unrealistic part of these characters perhaps comes from how easily Allyson lets Buck in on the case and allows him to partake in the investigation.

One of the most interesting parts of the book is Bridge’s use of character perspective. While much of the book is written from Buck’s perspective; we also get to go into the heads of Allyson and some of the characters behind the murder itself. This writing choice is sure to keep readers captivated as answers coming flying in from different directions along with more questions. I liked that none of the characters had all the answers because this leaves the reader in a perfect position to piece the mystery together.

The story is a fascinating murder mystery and an exciting political thriller all tied up in a passionate romance. It successfully weaves these genres into a thought-provoking story. While the book does come to an end in a satisfying and unique way, it still leaves questions open and possibilities for more to come, which creates a desire to continue reading the second book Bridges wrote as a sequel, Surviving Ghosts. Overall the book was interesting and unpredictable, a necessity for an enjoyable mystery.

Pages: 295 | ASIN: B00FEN4RVG

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