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Barbara L. McCulloch Author Interview

The Unstoppable Artist: Discovering the Artist Inside Yourself is a step-bystep guide to help artists reconnect with their passion for art and create art that speaks to their souls. Why was this an important book for you to write? 

I was an art instructor for over 30 years. Students would ask me for specific ways that they thought I could help them, and to the best of my ability, I did. After a while, it became apparent to me that what many of them were really asking for, was to achieve the feeling inside that they really were an artist, not an imposter.

After looking at other art instruction books, I felt that the artist could be better served by empowering inspiration and motivation before expecting the student to spend the time required for skill development. 

My message is holistic and/or alchemical because achieving a high level of personal creativity is the result of a vision that their life is a weaving of many elements which combined contain the potentiality to empower their unique purpose.

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

I really believe that a fresh start with a new direction is possible for any artist who feels that they have reached their peak or have become frustrated with trying and failing to achieve a perceived success.

I am passionate about inspiring beginning artists to see themselves as potential super-heroes, using their talents to change the world.

I hope to encourage artists to explore the variety of ways which their myriad of talents can be combined, so that they can have alternate streams of income.

Fears and anxiety are normal for all people, but for the artist who has such potential beyond themselves, it is critically important to recognize that their creative blocks can be looked at honestly and then released.

I hope to encourage multiple skillset exploration because just like the inside matrix, artistic development benefits from thinking alchemically.

What is one piece of advice you wish someone had given you when you were younger?

That even if I didn’t go to college, I could still be an equally valuable and valid artist. I was handicapped by a messaging of traditional educational hierarchy, which was impossible for me to achieve. Even now, I notice and fight my tendency to compare myself less favorably than those artists with higher education and degrees. It’s the old excuses, the “Yah-But’s” that still occasionally make their presence felt, that prevented me from fully developing my artistic self much earlier in life.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

I would love to inspire readers to see and feel the depth of their creative potential; to recognize that their unique creative skills woven together with their highest aspirations can become an unstoppable empowering force to affect change in the world.

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Can you imagine feeling the joy of being a creative artist and exploring new ideas courageously? Would you appreciate the peace of knowing you are truly on the right path by creating colorful art so powerful that viewers crave it? Can you imagine feeling your spiritual connection and knowing your art has an important purpose?

In The Unstoppable Artist, author Barbara L. McCulloch guides you through step-by-step projects to empower you on your journey as an inspired, creative artist. Part one helps ignite your deepest passion and opens the door to growth through inspirational stories, exploring possibilities, releasing creative blocks, and projects to discover your higher purpose and empower your artistic journey.

Part two gives you an experience of creating unique art. It offers projects designed to guide you forward with confidence to develop drawing and painting skills, design strong engaging art, master color schemes to create a powerful mood, and explore techniques to develop your personal creative expression.

Through the contributions of ten artists, The Unstoppable Artist shows eight discovery projects, forty-seven skills projects, nineteen study examples, and forty-one illustrations to transform you from stuck to unstoppable, from dreaming to doing, and from craving to creating.

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  1. The book is GREAT! Barbara is an excelent teacher, who is kind and helpful!


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