Magic, Mystery & the Multiverse

Ana has always wondered why she has to wear lenses to conceal her eye color. She has violet eyes like Elizabeth Taylor’s, which is an idiosyncrasy in Hollywood. She soon starts to find answers to her strange eye color after she and her brother steal his uncle’s car and drive to the multiverse. Once in the multiverse, they crash land in the elevated earth and kill Emerald Censor. They soon encounter various interesting characters, such as the cook, Egor, and a wizard called Snapdragon, who can heal anyone. Ana wants to meet the wizard to help Zackary, who is immunocompromised, but she runs into problems as Crimson Censor searches for the murderer of the Emerald Censor. The Marvelous Multiverse App is the first book in the series Magic, Mystery, and the Multiverse by Aurora Winter, which sets the foundation for the coming books.

The first chapter, “Imprisoned,” sets up a mystery tone for the rest of the book. As its title suggests, this book offers a combination of magic, mystery, and adventure. It’s a fantastic book that will transport you to magical worlds, from magical cooks with Tear gifts to gold-hungry dwarfs and power-hungry censors to controlling Opus Die.

My favorite part of this book is the magic and mystery of Ana’s family. I am in complete awe of the Lokey, the elevated earth, and the Egors, with their genius minds and broken hearts. Winter does an excellent job writing clever one-liners and has a simple yet impressive writing style.

While the storyline is exciting and action-packed, the world-building is vague and does not give readers much of an idea of their cultures and histories, and I feel that could be captivating. For example, there was no specific mention of Avenir people besides censors and oxygen mining, aka stealing robots. However, because this was the first book in the series, we may learn more about them in subsequent books.

Magic, Mystery, and the Multiverse is an exciting new young adult fantasy series that will draw in readers of all ages. For those passionate about adventure and magic, Dr. Who and Harry Potter will enjoy this book and be waiting for the next novel in the series.

Pages: 224 | Available on Kindle Vella

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