Scrumptious Tasting Plant-based Food

Elvira Rodriguez Alonso Author Interview

Irresistibly Vegan: Gourmet Dining is a beautifully presented cook book filled with vegan and plant-based recipes that will appeal to a wide variety of cooks. What was the inspiration for this collection of recipes?

Being a vegetarian and vegan chef for over 35 years on three countries, I wanted to share the best plant-based recipes from around the world for vegans and non-vegans alike that are a joy to prepare, beautiful to behold, yummy and nutritious after experiencing the lack of these dishes in most kitchens and definitely in restaurants, cafes and other eateries.

This collection of recipes was inspired from a vision that healthy and scrumptious tasting plant-based food nourishes the body and soul while supporting a more humane lifestyle and sustainable planet.

How did you get started with plant-based cooking and the vegan lifestyle?

While I have been vegetarian for most of my life, I moved to a vegan diet 6 years ago when seeing the way animals were treated in our food chain and it’s significant contribution to climate change, along with the increasing intolerances and allergies to dairy. Then, I started to cook my vegetarian recipes entirely plant-based and created new exciting additions to the repertoire.

If someone is new to vegan cooking, what is the number one recipe in your cookbook that you recommend they start with and why?

As most people are missing out on the delicious flavours and protein packed legumes, I would recommend to make the Lentil-Walnut Mousse and leaf over all other protein recipes in the Appetizers and Main Courses (Pinto Beans with Refrito, Lentil Loaf, Chana Masala, Lentil Balls, Cilantro-Lemon Hummus, Gigante-Bean Bruschetta, Veggie and Bean Chili…).

Then, I will recommend to choose a Main Course to experience the satisfaction of a complete plant-based meal like the Chana Masala Stuffed Yams and finally, you must try a dessert, like the Spiced Apple Cranberry Cake…because life is sweet!!!

Do you have more cookbooks planned? If so, when will they be available?

I am planning to write an Irresistibly Vegan Cookbook on Stews, Soups and Creams. It will be another 2 years as I am busy reaching as many people as possible with this book including cooking classes/events.

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Winner of the Gourmand World Awards in the category of Vegan for Canada” and recipient of a 5-star review by the accredited Readers’ Favorite

What makes this Gourmet Vegan Cookbook Irresistible?
•It’s ideal for entertaining and special occasions.
These unique culinary masterpieces, made with wholesome and simple ingredients, are packed with flavor and protein and sure to delight many palates.
•It will surprise even the toughest vegan critics—really!
People will discover that vegan food can be delicious and so satisfying.
Serve these meals with confidence and pride.
•All the hard menu-planning work is done.
Gourmet main courses are paired with complementary appetizers and desserts. The guesswork of creating complete menus is a thing of the past! Plus, any dish can be served on its own.

Elvira shares the knowledge, experience, and joy she gained while cooking professionally in three countries for over thirty years.

The book features:
•135 unique and delicious international recipes.
A fun, inspirational, and extraordinary culinary repertoire.
•Imperial and metric measurements in each recipe.
Cook these recipes anywhere in the world.
•Food that nourishes the body, soul, and our planet.
Finally, food that is healthy and scrumptious and supports a more humane, healthier lifestyle and a sustainable planet.

Plant-based and soy free, and 125 out of 135 recipes are gluten free!

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