How Amazing Farming Is

Lauren Lovejoy Author Interview

The Little Regenerative Farmer and The Dairy Farm follows a little girl and a farmer who, together, share their love of animals, educate one another, and implement a regenerative agricultural practice. What were some sources that informed the development of this book?

We were inspired by Alexandre Family Farm. They are the first certified Regenerative Dairy farm in the US. The dairy industry is a very very hard area and even harder to develop change in. We were so inspired by their journey, we wanted to share just a tiny look into their world.

How can children in an urban environment support regenerative farming?

We hope our story will inspire parents to help connect their kids to whatever their local farm systems are. If that’s community gardens, trips to local farms, whatever is closest to them, we hope they can reach out and experience how amazing farming is. For those who do not have local farms, we are working with others to try to make farm experiences virtual so all children can experience it on some level.

What was a key life skill that was important for you to include in this children’s book?

There’s a few! The first one was to not just accept what others say is bad or good. Most issues in life are somewhere in between and we love showing how Lina showed the other kids at school that dairy wasn’t bad. It could be! but it also could be wonderful.
The second was to look for the good in people. Her unlikely friendship with the older farmer could have been immediately dismissed because of age or because he didnt farm the way she did. Being open to shared experiences with others, even unlikely candidates, we feel is so important.

What can readers expect in the next book in The Little Regenerative Farmer series?

We are very excited to be working with 3 other amazing farms to continue Lina’s stories. Each farm has barriers and challenges and we are excited to tell their stories through Lina. You can expect a garden focused story, goats, and maybe even an underwater adventure in Lina’s future!

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Empowering kids to be the next generation of ethical, hardworking, stewards with a story about standing out & overcoming challenges. We can’t afford NOT to teach our kids a better way for agriculture!
The story of one little girl’s move to the midwest where she meets an old farmer and they connect through their love of animals. This book is a perfect story of working with others and overcoming adversity to do what you love while helping improve the world.

A must have for those who love the planet and support the regenerative agriculture movement!

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